Great News for Certified Home Inspectors: Virginia Beach Housing Market Soars

Certified home inspectors

If you are a certified home inspector in Virginia, you should prepare yourself for good news. Not a certified home inspector yet? Now might be the time to consider getting your license. Many changes are taking place in the state, specifically in relation to Virginia’s beach houses.  When you take a look at the Housing Tides Index, you can really see how American markets compare to Virginia Beach as a whole.

What Is the Housing Tides Index?

The Housing Tides Index has its finger on the pulse of the housing market in America, providing comprehensive data that anybody can read and understand. In looking at the Housing Tides Index, you can easily see scores for 41 major markets in the country based on a number of factors.

Growth in Virginia Beach’s Housing Tides Index

There are a number of factors and local variations involved in Virginia Beach ranking so high with an index of 77.8, which is much higher than the rest of the country. One of the biggest factors involved is the abundance of construction in the area in addition to growth in employment opportunities. In spite of these factors, home and rent prices have remained relatively affordable.

Virginia Beach Home Sales & Inventory

Last year, the number of homes sold in the Hampton Roads area had increased from the previous year. At the same time, inventory has shrunk, effectively increasing the prices of desirable homes. Additionally, this means that homes are selling faster than in the past. Many of these homes are getting multiple offers and spending significantly less time on the market.

This also means that people may be more tempted to put their homes for sale because they see the prices climbing. Owners may be looking to make some changes to the home and put them on the market even if they would not have considered it just last year. Ultimately, Virginia Beach home inspectors may find themselves in higher demand as homes begin selling more quickly.

Certified home inspectors

Understanding how to appeal to Virginia Beach homeowners and buyers may be the key to success in the coming years.

What Does This Mean for Home Inspectors?

All of this is good news for anybody who works in a field linked to the real estate industry. Forecasts suggest that the near future has a positive outlook for Virginia Beach’s housing market. As houses pass through more hands, more inspectors see them. It is essential to focus on finding these pockets of success to thrive in any career path. Could this be the ticket to your future?

Focusing your marketing efforts on the houses in and near Virginia Beach is key in the coming months and possibly even years. The sooner you are able to market your home inspection business here, the more you can bank on this growth trend.

Are you interested in becoming a licensed home inspector? Virginia Beach and other communities have opportunities waiting for you. Enroll now to see where your career takes you.

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