6 Smart Home Tech Gadgets Home Inspectors Need to Know

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Homes are getting smarter each year, and even professionals have trouble getting up with tech advancements. Each of these items could become part of your daily routine as a home inspector, especially as technology allows for more convenience. Whether you are dealing with homeowners who use these gadgets or you carry some for yourself when you are inspecting homes, it is smart to understand what the home tech world has to offer.

These items are up and coming now, but they could very well be the standard in the near future. How much do you know about these gadgets?

Light Dimmers

With a light dimming kit, you can easily control the lights in a home. In addition to having a remote or having access to the lighting controls via smartphone, the unit will come with an in-wall dimmer. When paired with other devices, you can use voice control to turn up and down the lights.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks don’t require that homeowners keep a key under the mat. Anybody can have keyless access to the home via a smartphone if they have the access code. This means that you might be receiving a code to open a door for inspection rather than a key.

Fan and HVAC Control

Today, even ceiling fans can be controlled with Wi-Fi. If you need a homeowner to turn on or off a system, you can communicate this to them. Even if they are miles away, they can turn systems on and off to let you provide a thorough inspection and develop an understanding of how the setup works.

Leak & Mold Sensors

With the help of your email account or smartphone, homeowners and inspectors can be easily informed of water leaks. Sensors can detect changes in humidity and temperature, pushing alerts directly to your phone so that you can determine whether or not a home has water damage. This can even help you find dangerous mold.

Home inspector

Even if you are dealing with a homeowner who lives far away, they may have smart access to the home you are inspecting.

Security Cameras

Home security cameras are smaller and less noticeable than ever. They also provide for excellent audio clarity. Even those who don’t want full-time recording benefit from motion sensors that can detect movement 10 feet away. Of course, cameras can be used in other ways too. Home inspectors can use infrared cameras to look for “hot” switches, for example. This makes it easy to spot potential issues.

Smart Watering System

Being able to water the lawn based on the upcoming weather forecast makes life simpler. If you need to check out a sprinkling system, you can communicate with a homeowner who is far away from the system. They can turn sprinklers on and off from their smartphones.

Home inspectors have a lot to learn, and education is always a smart investment on its own. Smart home training and education is included for free for all who enroll in our live class or online courses. Complete the classes to learn more about developing your skills as a home inspector so that you can put your knowledge about these gadgets to good use.


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