Every Home Inspector Should Market to New Construction Home Buyers

Just because a house is newly constructed does not mean it is free of defect. Even brand new homes can show signs of bad workmanship or dangerous outfitting. Newly constructed houses might require an entirely new roof construction or have uninsulated sections of attic due to negligence or lack of knowledge.

While you might expect a brand new home to be move-in ready, no buyer should move into a house without a proper home inspection. Not convinced? This article will show you why inspections are so critical.

Home inspector

Think a brand new home is picture perfect? Think again. Even new construction can have flaws.

 Houses Are Complex Creations

The construction of any home is no easy feat. Thousands of parts come together to create the structure over your head. This presents many possibilities for problems. A house’s first buyers do not want to be guinea pigs for a new building. Buyers should feel confident about the home on which they are spending money.

 Houses Can Be Up to Code and Still Have Issues

A building code inspector is not the same as a home inspector. A house that is deemed “up to code” merely meets the requirements to be considered legal. Unfortunately, many houses that meet building codes still have issues. Fortunately, home inspectors can easily spot many of these problems.

 Home Inspectors Take More Time to Assess a Home

Construction and building inspectors may not have the same dedication to making clients happy and safe as home inspectors might. Those inspecting for code issues for the county may overlook essential issues with a home. On the other hand, home inspectors are thorough, providing a consistent assessment of an entire house, which typically takes several hours.

 Home Inspectors Catch Problems Early

Some clients opt to hire home inspectors to check out a home while it is in the process of being built. This tactic offers an advantage to the buyer, who can ensure that the problems are addressed before the home is completed.  Offering two inspections, one during and one after construction, may provide an incentive for discerning clients.

Home inspector

By the end of your home inspection, you can feel confident that the house is move-in ready.

 Home Inspectors Can Educate their Clients

Home inspection walkthroughs also benefit clients because they allow inspectors to show their clients the features of a home they might not yet understand. Buyers may want to know which parts of the home will require more maintenance, and you can provide a thorough overview.

 Home Inspectors Should Assess New Buildings

As a home inspector, working hard to demonstrate that buyers should consider your services to analyze new construction is difficult. Still, you could be the one to prevent buyers from making a dangerous or expensive bad decision. Focusing on the points listed here demonstrates why your services are so necessary.

In the end, hiring a professional home inspector to assess new construction is a critical factor many people overlook. Appealing to clients through marketing is only the start of growing your business.  To keep clients, you need to be skilled and knowledgeable. Continuing education helps you stay current. Get a demo of the coursework to see how education will benefit your career.

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