What Can You Learn From the ICA School Course Demo?

Home inspection

Home inspecting is such a hands-on job, it’s no wonder some folks raise an eyebrow about online training. How can you learn how to inspect a house without training in a brick-and-mortar classroom or on the job? If that’s what you’ve thought, think again. You might be surprised.

Online learning is so much more than reading text on a screen. ICA School’s method also includes instructor-led video lessons. Here’s what you can learn about our methods from the free course demo.

Program Guide in a Training Format

The course demo is set up just like one of our lessons. That helps familiarize you with the ICA School training method while it covers everything that’s included. The demo features slides with a breakdown of what you get with ICA School. Each slide is narrated by School Director of Education, Steve Preins.

The demo begins with an introduction to your narrator, an experienced home inspector with decades in the industry, and an explanation of what’s included with your tuition.

  • 28 educational material course modules
  • Home inspection computer report format
  • Reference material

All 500 pages of study material plus thousands of pages of reference material, such as mold and indoor air quality inspections, are downloadable and yours to keep.

Fully Updated and Compatible With Your Technology

If you’re concerned about getting the most recent educational materials, rest assured that our program is fully updated for 2017. The program keeps up with the times on an ongoing basis. Whether you enroll now or several months down the road, you’ll never lag behind the rest of the industry.

If you’ve got a brand new desktop computer or one that’s a few years old, you’re in the clear with technology. But what if you’ve only got a smartphone or tablet? That’s fine, too. Whether you use a PC, Mac, or Android mobile device, you can take advantage of everything the program offers.

In-Depth Discussions that Go Far Beyond the Basics

Your course demo also shows how deeply ICA School goes into the subject matter of each course module. For example, you won’t just learn how to perform an inspection on a residential heat pump. We break down information such as combustion air requirements and how they’re calculated. That helps you not just understand how to inspect, but how a system should function.

Because modules are regularly updated, you’ll learn how systems such a geothermal heating and cooling system operate and how to detect a defect. We even include a module on drones for home inspecting, which are fast becoming the next big thing for roof inspections.

Home inspection

Although you’ll work independently, you’re never really alone with ICA School.

 Access to Help Whenever You Need It

So the program is great and you won’t encounter any problems with technology, but what about help from an instructor? That’s a logical concern and one that’s plagued online education since its inception. Some people thrive when left to learn on their own schedule and at their own pace. But some people need a little more guidance, which ICA School is happy to provide.

If you have questions about a course module, have a tech problem or just need to reach out for more information, help is always available. You can contact us via email or pick up the phone and give us a call.

When you give our course module demo a try, you’ll gain both a better understanding of what’s covered and see firsthand how our lessons are organized. If you can navigate the demo, you can handle training with Inspection Certification Associates.

It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose. Check out our demo and see why so many ICA School students couldn’t be happier with their education.

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