Home Inspection Training When the Power Goes Out

Home inspection training

At least in certain parts of the country, wintertime can mean ice and snows storms, which sometimes lead to power outages. Although ICA School home inspection training is self-paced so you can take courses anytime and as fast or slow as you like, an outage can put a damper on your schedule.

Fortunately, every home inspection course in this program is designed to give you freedom. Even if the power is out for a day or longer, there’s no risk of missing anything at all, much less something important. In the meantime, here are a few ideas for staying in the study groove.

Keep Emergency Backup Batteries on Hand for Mobile Devices

Do you own a smartphone, tablet, or both? Most people do. Rechargeable backup batteries could save the day if you want to keep studying.

Many devices have mobile hotspot capabilities, which turn your phone or tablet into a personal Internet connection. You can connect your computer to the Internet through your mobile device and keep on working, at least as long as your batteries are in good shape.

CNet says you can use any of these devices to get more juice into your phone or tablet:

  • Your vehicle’s charger or adapter
  • Battery-operated USB charger
  • Solar charger
  • Hand-crank style charger
Home inspection training

Portable, battery-operated chargers or power banks are available at most electronics stores.

Skip the Computer and Use Your Phone or Tablet

ICA School home inspector training lets you access all of your course material from any device. That’s true whether it’s a desktop or laptop computer or your phone or tablet computer.

The screen might be a bit small to work through all of the material. Testing, for example, might be easier on a larger device. But you can easily access instructor-led video lessons and maintain whatever pace you’ve set for your progress.

The same battery life ideas apply.

Download Additional Course Materials in Advance

Knowing that winter is about to shift into full swing, you could plan ahead and spend some offline study time. ICA School home inspector training reference materials are available for download, so they’ll be available on any device as long as you’ve got enough battery life. You won’t access them on a desktop unless you also have a home generator, but you could use a laptop and keep working.

Whether you’re offline for a day or several days, you can stay busy by downloading any or all of these ebooks and other materials early:

  • Mold inspections: over 800 pages
  • Radon inspections: over 600 pages
  • Indoor air quality inspections: over 200 pages
  • International Building Code: over 5,000 pages

If you still want more, ICA School includes 20 downloadable ebooks on energy audits, septic inspections, termite inspections, and more.

Wintertime can bring a lot of hassles when a power outage hits, but your home inspector training doesn’t have to stall. As long as you can access either the Internet using a mobile device or downloaded materials on any device, you can keep on studying.

There’s one more way ICA School home inspector training makes education convenient. There’s no need to drive to campus, not for a class or a test. Study from home at your own pace and earn your certification when you’re ready.

If that sounds like a great way to spend this winter, now’s the time to jump in. Enroll now and have your home inspector certification in hand by the time the busy real estate season rolls around again this spring.

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