Real ICA School Students Talk About Home Inspector Training

Training to become a home inspector is no easy feat. Educational courses are meant to facilitate the process, allowing you to become skilled at your craft. Building confidence through minor successes in training allows you to become an excellent inspector in the field.

Every student wants to know what he or she is getting into before beginning class. What could be a better way to learn about home inspector training than to read the reviews written by the students themselves?

Home inspector training

As a home inspector-in-training, staying focused is a critical component in learning more.

Home Inspector Training Offers Clear Focus

By offering several modules, home inspection coursework allows you to focus on the crucial details. You have time to learn, section by section. You move on when you fully grasp each module.

Plus, the information available in these modules is accessible in the future if you need to review material. You will find that this comes in handy if you need to take tests in the future or if you have questions about your work later. Angela from Hydro, OK notes: “I do like the fact I can refer back at any time, and every aspect needed to get to the job and complete the task is included.”

One way home inspector courses allow you to retain information is through the use of real-world scenarios. When you have the opportunity to apply your coursework to actual situations you might encounter at work, you retain this information more easily.

Home Inspector Training Offers a Personal Experience

Even though you are taking online courses, you will receive personal assistance if you request help. When you are preparing for tests, this help provides the perfect study aid, especially when you can ask your instructor questions. Christopher from Dunedin, FL observes: “I cannot say enough about ICA. They provide lots of real-world criteria within the course and have been consistently available to answer all my questions and concerns. Many thanks to ICA!”

Students report that home inspector education can become what you make it. When you step up and ask questions, you customize your learning experience.

Home Inspector Training Offers Diverse Information

No matter where you live, ICA home inspection coursework can help. Whether you live in California or Minnesota, our instructors have something to offer. Regional differences may actually help you understand a wider variety of home inspection issues.

Even students who have backgrounds in construction will have something to gain from training. Instructors of our courses have extensive backgrounds in the field so that they can provide their students with the best and most current information out there. Andrew from Mayfield, PA notes: “The course material was professionally presented and it was also very fun. The instructor made it very worthwhile due to his extensive background knowledge in the subject matter as well as his experience in the field. 

Home Inspector Training Allows You to Work at Your Own Pace

By taking a home inspection course online, you have the ability to engage in a self-paced education. While you do have deadlines to meet, you are not required to sit in a lecture hall with your peers or to get up early and trudge to classes.

Bryan from New Carlisle, OH says:  I truly like the move at your own pace in this. it has allowed me to do it when I get time. Thanks again.”

Home inspector training

Armed with a solid education, you can create a home inspection resume that works as hard as you do.

 Home Inspector Training Builds Skills

At the end of your training to work as a home inspector, you should feel fully capable of successfully inspecting a home or building. Alan from Bristow, VA states: “The course was very well presented with information and photos. Strongly satisfied with the ICA training course! Confidently moving forward with my inspection career.” 

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our students have to say and then, better yet, get a demo of a home inspector training course today to learn more about your educational options.

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