Catch the Latest ICA School Home Inspection Training Podcast

Podcasting is a fantastic educational tool. With current topics, you can ensure that you are getting the home inspection training you need to continue being a successful inspector.

Steve Preins hosts an informative podcast designed for everyone from ICA students to inspectors who are already working in the field. With so many different types of media available, there is every reason to leverage podcasts to learn new things about your work. Here are a few topics covered in recent podcasts for you to enjoy.

Home inspection training

A microphone and set of headphones could be one of your best connections to the world of home inspection.

Community Discussion

One of the advantages of working as a home inspector is becoming a valuable member of a community. In one episode of the podcast, Preins discusses the significance of becoming a member of ASHI. Not only can membership to a career-centered organization benefit you, but you might also have something to contribute to the world of home inspection yourself.

Resource Building

Every home inspector arrives on the scene with a unique toolkit. The physical resources are only the beginning. You have skills and perspective that no other home inspector offers. In this podcast, Preins describes how you can put your unique skills, both physical and intellectual, to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

This podcast covers much more than the home inspection training basics. Preins also addresses frequently asked questions about everything from the most common inspection-related issues to the more “weird” or complex ones. For instance, how can you appeal to clients in your region? How can you get referrals from local real estate agents?

Learning how to deal with competition in the field is not a common topic you cover in home inspection coursework. However, it is definitely a topic you can hear about in a candid discussion on a podcast.

 Forms, Checklists, and Reports

As a home inspector, you are required to fill out a ton of paperwork. None of it is fun, but understanding how to get through it all efficiently is vital. This podcast covers much of the information you need to know about being succinct yet thorough in your reports.

Regional Statistics

When you begin studying to become a home inspector, you might not yet realize how helpful it is to understand the local real estate market. In one episode, Preins discusses how you can interpret home sales in your region to boost your career.

Home inspection training

Spare time on your hands? Expand your mind with an educational podcast.

Can a Home Inspection Podcast Help You?

Home inspection training extends beyond the ideas you read in a textbook and the stories you hear from co-workers. In fact, this podcast should be considered required listening for any aspiring or current home inspector. You can’t beat learning from the experience of another inspector.

Of course, this is not to say that coursework is not essential as well. It is, and crucially so. Get a demo of our home inspection courses to see if this is a good fit for you, but don’t forget to check out the podcasts in the meantime.

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