Why Competitor Research Is the First Step in Your Home Inspection Marketing Playbook

Home inspection

An effective marketing plan starts with research.

A marketing strategy is a must-have for your new home inspection business. In fact, almost all businesses can benefit from a marketing plan, but where and how to put your time and effort into this realm can depend on what type of business you have.

You may want to invest your advertising dollars into printing brochures, buying space in your local newspaper or having your truck wrapped. Before you settle on any of these strategies, you must look and see what your competition is doing. Why?

It’s like reading the other team’s playbook; you get an advantage because you know what they are going to do. Entrepreneur says you should do this annually, not just when you start out.

Home Inspection Websites

Start by checking out their website. If they don’t have one, they won’t be serious competition for you. From their website, you will likely be able to learn what types of services they offer and how much they charge. If you can’t, call them and ask them.

Do this with at least the top three websites that come up when you search home inspections in your area. This will help you greatly in setting up a pricing structure. You don’t want to set your prices too high and risk losing business, but you also don’t want to set them too low and end up earning less than your services are worth.

Competitors’ websites will also likely give you an idea of what types of extra services they are offering and how much they are charging for them. For instance, if everyone else is offering lead or radon testing, you want to make sure you offer it too.

What Works and What Doesn’t

Don’t just make note of the things you want to do that are the same as your competitors; jot down the things you don’t like that you want to make sure you don’t do. For instance, does their website look like it was done by an amateur? Does it have spelling and grammatical errors? Are the pictures dark or blurry? Set the bar for yourself higher.

If you personally know the owner of any of the companies you’re researching, keep this in mind while looking at their website. If you know the person to be trustworthy and thorough, is this reflected in the site’s content? Maybe you know a sloppy and unreliable home inspector; can you spot anything on their website you want to avoid? Like making customers impossible promises like inspections that only take 15 minutes?

Hit the Streets

Once you’ve gleaned all you can online, it’s time to head outside. Surely you must know some people in your town selling their home or a real estate agent who could show you a report.

Home inspection

Home inspection reports can vary greatly in scope, form, and length.

Many home inspection report templates are available online, but they can differ drastically. Do most home inspectors fill out lengthy reports, or do shorter ones suffice? Does anyone use paper anymore, or are most reports done electronically?

You may get some good ideas about how you want to run your business, and you may notice some methods you specifically want to avoid. There is always something to be learned from your competitors. The home inspection courses you took for certification give you the framework that prepares you for your new career, but you still have work to do to ensure your business’s success.

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