Classroom Instruction Options for Your Home Inspection Training

Home inspection training

Some students find learning in a classroom easier than learning online.

Many home inspection training classes are offered online. This is an excellent option for people who find it more convenient to learn at home versus in the classroom. But it doesn’t work well for everyone.

A highly advanced student wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times outlining how poorly he did in his first online course because the lack of a physical teacher and other students severely restricted his motivation. Similar to any other classroom experience — let’s say a spinning class — you don’t want to look bad in front of the other students or disappoint your friends who are expecting to see you there, so you show up and work harder.

A professor weighed in the same topic, expounding on how useful and enriching classroom discussion is, and how the opportunity to ask questions in real time is invaluable.

Time Management

The interaction that classroom learning facilitates is one positive aspect of this teaching method, but it’s helpful in other ways too. For instance, not everyone has the discipline to manage their coursework, meet deadlines and maintain focus. Having live support in this area can make the difference for some people between success and failure.

Some studies show that students do worse with online learning than classroom learning. But could it be because they can’t seem to organize their time efficiently enough to prepare properly by reading the material and listening to the lectures?

It’s easy to notice an empty chair in class. When a student fails an online course, you can scratch your head and wonder why, but you may never know.

3 Styles of Learning 

You may be familiar with the concept that there are three basic learning styles, and each student is better at one than the other two. They are:

  • Visual: Learns best by seeing educational materials such as slide shows, charts, graphs or demonstrations.
  • Auditory: Learns best by listening to educational materials, such as lectures, podcasts, etc.
  • Kinesthetic (tactile): Learns best by touching and via hands-on learning.

In the real world, we often don’t get to choose which way we learn. But at ICA, you have a choice.

Home inspection training

Being in a classroom with others can make learning easier.

We have traditionally offered our home inspection training classes online for the convenience of our students, many of whom work day jobs and need to avail themselves of the ability to learn on their own time and at their own pace.

But now, you can take our home inspection training course in a physical classroom. We’re offering the course outside of Chicago in Downers Grove, Illinois, on the following dates:

  • May 14-18
  • August 13-17
  • December 3-7

There will be more dates and locations forthcoming, so keep an eye on our website for updates. The price for the class is $995, and even though you will not be taking the class online, you will still have access to all the online materials such as e-books and free inspection software.

Of course, there will still be many students who prefer — and even do better — with online classes, and these will be available as they always have been.

Are you ready to get started with home inspection training? Enroll now in an online class, or attend one in person.

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