Can GI Bill or VA Benefits Pay for a Home Inspection Course?

Can GI Bill or VA Benefits Pay for a Home Inspection Course?

Military servicemen and women work hard to protect the freedoms of American citizens. This hard work demands sacrifice; military personnel are often required to travel for significant lengths of time, putting their personal safety at risk for their fellow countrymen. In return for these sacrifices, the government offers a number of benefits for those who serve, such as the opportunity to pursue education without going into debt.

The post-9/11 GI bill and the Montogomery GI bill provide education benefits to servicemembers hoping to pursue a degree. Designed to support two- and four-year degree programs, these benefits lead to significant savings on the part of the student. The GI bill has motivated countless individuals to serve their country while getting an education. It’s a popular benefit for anyone who has joined the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard or the Reserves.

GI Bill Limitations

For those not interested in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, the educational benefits offered by the GI bill or the Department of Veterans Affairs may not appeal. In fact, those hoping to pursue a career in home inspection may find themselves asking, “Can I use my benefits to pay for a home inspection course?”

Unfortunately, these benefits were designed with traditional education tracks in mind. Universities and colleges work with servicemembers to ensure their degree program aligns with the requirements set out by the government. Certification programs do not typically apply. While this may be frustrating to learn, it doesn’t need to end a person’s dreams of becoming a home inspector.

Military Discounts

Inspection Certification Associates is proud to offer a discount to any veterans and current military servicemembers hoping to pursue a home inspector certification. While the discount may not be as all-encompassing as the GI bill, there are no hoops to jump through to take advantage of this benefit. No additional steps or documentation are required to receive our military discount. When compared to the amount of red tape your peers pursuing an undergraduate degree face, this process is a breeze.

The perks of pursuing a home inspector certification don’t end there. Unlike a two- or four-year degree program, our course is only $695. Even without a GI bill to fund your home inspector education, the price is affordable. The pace of the program is also appealing. Because the course is available online, you’ll be able to work through the materials on your own time. Whether you’re an early bird who prefers to sit with a coffee while you learn or you’re a night owl who wants to cram in lessons before bed, the course is completely flexible.

Education at Your Own Pace

Because of this flexibility, the path to becoming a professional home inspector might not be as long or winding as you might expect. While your peers may have several years of classes, tests and internships ahead of them before they begin their dream job, your career can begin as soon as you’d like. There are no time limits on the training and certification program, so you’ll work at your own pace.

This kind of training allows students to continue working their current jobs rather than quit and give their entire focus over to education. If part-time learning on your own schedule appeals to you, this course is a good option. Regardless of your current lifestyle, training from Inspection Certification Associates can fit in easily. On average, students complete the course within three to four weeks. Others opt to do a deep dive, quickly completing the material in less than two weeks.

Begin Your Home Inspection Career Today

The beauty of an asynchronous home inspector training course is how quickly you can begin your new career. After completing our course, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to pursue licensure. In some states, a license is not required, making it even easier to begin working in the field.

Contrary to popular belief, those hoping to become home inspectors do not need a background in construction to begin their careers. While experience in the fields of engineering, architecture, construction and other related areas can indeed be helpful, it’s not required to launch your career. Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and education levels have found success as home inspectors.

If you’re a military servicemember hoping to become a home inspector, call or contact us via our contact form today to take advantage of our discount. While your peers are heading to campus, making calls to the financial aid and sitting in class hour after hour, you’ll be launching your career.

After a short chat with our team, you’ll gain access to our course material. By learning at your own pace and on your own schedule, you’ll find success in the field in no time!

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