Top 10 States for Home Inspectors Right Now In 2019

The home inspection business is inextricably linked to the success of the real estate market. When homes are selling, the demand for experienced home inspectors increases. Slow markets, on the other hand, may not see a huge demand for home inspections. While home inspector license requirements by state vary, it’s important to look beyond certifications when considering where to practice. You’ll want to take a look at a region’s real estate trends, economic forecast and the potential for business growth before deciding where to base your career.

U.S. News and World Report predicts a potentially volatile market for those selling their homes in the 2020s. With markets strong for now, homeowners are eager to get their houses sold. It’s good news for home inspectors hoping to build their business in 2019. The growth rate of a real estate market is highly dependent upon on where you live, but generally speaking, there’s never been a better time to pursue your home inspector license. Thanks to Inspection Certification Associates, it’s also never been easier.

Market Trends

The graying of America is happening in real time. As Baby Boomers age out of the workforce, many are flying south to enjoy retirement in the sun. Turnover can be high in the resort towns that are so appealing to seniors – as folks relocate, there’s always another retiree looking to move in! This is good news for anyone curious about how to become a licensed home inspector. Following snowbirds south to retiree hotspots like Florida is an easy way to ensure steady work for years to come.

Not sure Florida is your speed? Here are the ten best states for home inspectors:

North Carolina – The housing market in the Triangle – Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill – is booming. Tech startups have flocked to the region for its affordable real estate and healthy crop of recent college graduates. With both mountains and beaches attracting vacation home buyers, too, there’s regular turnover of homes on the market in the Old North State.

California – Cost of living might be high in California, but it hasn’t stopped home buyers from flocking to the Golden State. The appeal is obvious: gorgeous weather, stunning landscapes and a strong job market will continue to entice homebuyers for decades.

Iowa – While your idea of a thriving housing market might not include the cornfields of Iowa, the state is worth a second look. Des Moines is teeming with exciting new developments, and the job market is strong. Low cost-of-living makes Iowa incredibly appealing for homebuyers!

Texas – The second most populated state in the nation, Texas offers a wide range of lifestyles. Cities like Austin and Dallas will appeal to job hunters and families, while coastal areas like Galveston naturally attract retirees and vacationers.

Utah – Salt Lake City has got it all: affordability, quality of life, and jobs galore. It’s no wonder the housing market there is really heating up!

Maine – While Maine might not be the first state that springs to mind when considering hot housing markets, Portland residents rank among the happiest in the nation. As more people learn about the opportunities available in the Pine Tree State, houses are becoming more and more in demand.

Colorado – Home prices in this state have steadily risen for years. With no signs of a slowdown, the market there is in need of quality home inspectors.

Minnesota – In recent years, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have climbed the charts of most livable metropolitan areas – and for good reason. The low cost of living combined with the wide array of cultural opportunities make Minnesota a hotbed for real estate activity.

Arkansas – Fayetteville might not be the most glamorous city around, but it has routinely ranked high on lists of the best places to live. You’ll find a steady housing market with plenty of housing turnover, making it the perfect area for a new home inspector to get their start.

Oregon – Portland has gained quite the reputation as a haven for hipsters through the years, but don’t let the city’s notoriety fool you: Oregon is an incredibly diverse state. The strong job market and consistent growth in population have made it a real winner for home inspectors ready to enter the real estate market on the West Coast.

Relocating for your career can be a great way to ensure success. Whether you already live in one of these ten states or dream of making a move, they’re all in need of new home inspectors. Curious about the home inspector license requirements by state? You can find more information in our FAQ section.

ICA has the tools, resources and classes you need to get your home inspection career started. With no background in construction necessary, it’s an ideal profession for self-starters who want to be their own boss. If you’re eager to learn more about the field, our offerings and how to register, visit our why ICA page now.

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