Cities Worth Moving For: The Bay Area’s Not-So-Hidden Gems

People have been moving to the Bay Area for more than a century. The serene landscape, mild climate, and central location have appealed to newcomers since the days of the Gold Rush. Of course, the adjacent Silicon Valley region has brought both innovation and jobs galore to the area, too. It’s no wonder why so many people are opting to head west and start new lives in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area is incredibly diverse. So too are people’s reasons for moving there. The one thing they all have in common? The need for housing. Whether you’re an executive at Facebook or an artist showing work at Pier 24, you’ll need a comfortable place to return to at the end of the day. To find a house that’s safe to live in, Bay Area residents will need help from home inspectors.

Anyone hoping to become a home inspector would do well to move to this region – the housing market is incredibly competitive. While the cost of living is high, so too are the salaries. Even beginners can carve out a niche in the Bay Area, so long as they’ve got their home inspection certification. If San Francisco proper is too rich for your blood, though, you may want to consider other nearby cities that offer a more affordable lifestyle with most of the same perks as living in Frisco itself. This is especially true for anyone hoping to keep costs to a minimum as they start their own home inspection business.

As you ponder where you might like to relocate for your career, give these towns serious consideration:

Palo Alto

If you’ve ever owned an iPhone or iPad, you’re probably well aware of this charming town. The headquarters of Apple is indeed located in Palo Alto, but the city is so much more than just a haven for techies. Great public schools, safe neighborhoods, and historical sites make this one of the Bay Area’s most beloved suburbs. Because it’s such a fantastic place to raise a family, many opt to buy homes in Palo Alto and settle down for good. Competition can be fierce for home buyers looking for a deal, but anyone hoping to become a home inspector will appreciate just how much business there is for the taking in Palo Alto. Of course, those who prefer commercial property inspection would also do well in this town, as hundreds of startups call Palo Alto home, too. There’s always in need of someone to inspect a property in this busy market!

Mountain View

Another Bay Area suburb, another tech giant headquarters! Google is based in Mountain View, and the company’s influence on the town is definitely notable: the company offers free wifi for public use. Of course, Google has had a major impact on the housing market, much to the delight of local home inspectors. Once you receive your home inspection certification, it’s worth considering a move to Mountain View, where Google will continue to attract new talent and future homebuyers to town.

San Mateo

Anyone hoping to purchase a home with a decent sized yard in the Bay Area heads to San Mateo. This provincial town offers fabulous views, lush parks and a slightly more reasonable cost of living than most other San Francisco suburbs. Dog lovers will relish the chance to let Fido off-leash at the dog park, and foodies will appreciate the scene’s vast culinary scene. San Mateo is hip, which makes an already competitive housing market even more thrilling for aspiring home inspectors. The big city feel without the big city price tag is pretty irresistible!


Young professionals flock to this Bay Area city. With plenty of quirky cafes, cute boutiques, and delicious restaurants to dine in, Emeryville’s vibrancy is incredibly appealing. Though many of the residents opt to rent instead of buy in this town, home inspectors will find no shortage of opportunities locally. Its close proximity to San Francisco also adds to its allure – you can take the BART directly into the Golden City thanks to free shuttles from Emeryville. As this quiet town continues to grow, it will only get more and more popular among home buyers.

Whether you decide to head to the west coast to kickstart your career or prefer to stick closer to home, ICA has the resources you need to become a home inspector. Because we offer both classroom and virtual learning opportunities, there are no limits on how quickly you can begin working in the field. Because ICA students gain access to a number of free bonus courses, there’s always an opportunity to renew and refresh your professional skills.

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