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How to Become a Home Inspector in Delaware

Delaware recently instituted new requirements that govern the home inspection industry. The path to licensure appears to be slightly different from the requirements in other states. The Division of Professional Regulation offers two primary options, including a type of on-the-job training and formal education. If you’re thinking about a career switch to home inspections, here’s […]

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Who is Best Suited for the Home Inspection Industry? (Trick Question!)

If you’re like many people, you probably think home inspectors need a background in construction or a related field. It does help, but it’s by no means necessary. Certified home inspectors come from many different backgrounds. Although the industry is rather male dominated, women are staking their claim and coming up quickly through the ranks. […]

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These Electrical Defects Put Homeowners in Immediate Risk

You’ll find plenty of outdated 2-prong outlets and inoperable 3-way switches throughout your career as a certified home inspector. However, some wiring defects are cause for immediate concern and quick intervention. What merits an ASAP fix? Here are 5 electrical issues that shouldn’t wait. #1: Overlamping at Light Fixtures While not technically a wiring defect, […]

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2 Places to Find Red-Hot Home Inspection Leads

Leads are the bread and butter of the home inspection industry. They’re not always easy to find, though, and some wells dry up quickly. Maybe it’s time to get creative and snag red-hot leads in a couple of unexpected places. Some of the best home inspection leads are right under your nose. Here’s where to […]

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