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How to Start a Home Inspection Business

  The decision to start your own home inspection business is an exciting one. Making the choice to strike out on your own and build a business from scratch takes serious courage. Getting started is half the battle, but knowing where to go next can be confusing for those new to the business world. Luckily, […]

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Experts Weigh in on Solar Roofing Inspections

Homeowners want their houses to be safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. For many modern homeowners, though, being eco-friendly is just as important as creating a beautiful, cozy home. As solar roofing options become more popular, home inspectors must evolve with the green trend. Understanding the standards, installation process and maintenance concerns associated with solar roofing […]

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Bug-Proof Your Home in Five Easy Steps

Bugs spark different reactions in different people. Whether you’re frightened or fascinated by these critters, they’re always unwelcome indoors. Bugs are unsanitary, annoying intruders who bite, sting, and leave behind nasty waste in their wake. Exposure to some bugs can even result in serious health problems. Thankfully, there are some tried and true strategies you […]

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Window Safety: Tips for Making Your Home Safer

There are few places safer than your own home – that’s what most of us would like to believe, at least. Unfortunately, though, hazards lurking in our houses can be overlooked quite easily. A staircase, for instance, can cause life-threatening slips, trips and falls if its banister isn’t properly attached. Stairs are hardly the only […]

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Finding the Right Tax Accountant as a Home Inspector

Success as a home inspector depends largely on the professionals with whom you surround yourself. While the task of inspecting homes might be a solo duty, the business management side of the industry requires serious collaboration. By finding smart, capable professionals to help you manage your organization, you’ll set your business up to run on […]

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Legal Tips for Home Inspectors

Inspecting the physical condition of a home is a critical part of the homebuying process. Given that the sale is first and foremost a legal transaction, it makes sense that home inspectors work with an eye toward the possible legal ramifications of their actions. While the vast majority of your work will likely not result […]

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