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Experts Weigh in on Solar Roofing Inspections

Homeowners want their houses to be safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. For many modern homeowners, though, being eco-friendly is just as important as creating a beautiful, cozy home. As solar roofing options become more popular, home inspectors must evolve with the green trend. Understanding the standards, installation process and maintenance concerns associated with solar roofing […]

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Worth It: Certification Beyond Home Inspection Licensing Requirement

When it comes to buying a house, there are a million regulations to follow. Whether dictated by the lender extending the mortgage, the homeowner’s insurance company, or by the state, it seems there are countless hoops to jump through before closing. Of course, the requirements differ slightly for every home that is bought or sold […]

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Five Mistakes Homebuyers Make

There are a number of life lessons that aren’t taught in the classroom. While much of high school is spent on reading, writing, and arithmetic, there aren’t many classes dedicated to doing your taxes or negotiating a pay raise. Many homebuyers don’t realize they have serious gaps in their knowledge until they are faced with […]

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Do You Need a High School Diploma or GED to Become a Home Inspector?

In today’s day and age, finding a lucrative career that doesn’t require years of education can be a challenge. Looking through job listings online can be a lesson in futility when employers are seeking candidates with bachelor’s degrees for entry-level positions. While job hunting without a high school diploma or GED can indeed be frustrating, […]

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Which Career Backgrounds Make the Best Home Inspectors?

A home inspector’s job is to evaluate the soundness and safety of a house before it’s purchased or while it’s being built or remodeled. To be competent at their jobs, inspectors need to understand the basics of foundations, structures and a home’s plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems. Home inspection was an occupation once dominated […]

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Continuing Your Home Inspection Certification

You’ve completed your home inspector training and certification, received your license and are actively involved in marketing your services and conducting home inspections. That doesn’t mean that your home inspection education and training is over—far from it! Where Continuing Education is Required In most states where home inspectors need to be licensed, continuing education is […]

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How Much Do Home Inspectors Earn?

   You’ve been wanting to change jobs, and have been thinking seriously about starting a new and exciting career as a full-time certified home inspector. Or perhaps you’re looking for a second source of income to supplement the earnings from your present job. You’re bound to be curious about how much money you can expect […]

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