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How Does a Certified Home Inspector Handle Manufactured Homes?

Stick-built homes have a lot of things in common, even if the architectural styles are quite different. When comparing stick built to a manufactured or mobile home, some differences go much deeper than cosmetics or architectural preferences. According to StateMaster, about 8 percent of American homes on average are manufactured. South Carolina has more than […]

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Commercial Inspections Could Supplement Your Work Until Spring

What would you rather do all winter? Try to drum up home inspection business, or move into a different seasonal job phase? Spring and summer are the classic high-volume seasons for all aspects of the residential real estate industry, from listing and buying homes to inspections and home improvements. But commercial properties need inspections year-round. […]

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Is PEX Tubing a Home Inspection Defect?

Crosslinked polyethylene tubing (PEX) is an acceptable water supply piping material according to most building codes. Certain states and small towns, however, might frown on it. What if your area doesn’t allow PEX? Is it an automatic home inspection defect? Probably not, as defects and code violations aren’t the same. Whether or not you caution […]

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