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Septic Systems and How They Work

Home inspectors who work in rural areas often inspect houses that aren’t connected to municipal sewer lines; rather, the houses use septic systems. What Are Septic Systems? Septic systems are underground methods of treating wastewater used where public sewer connections aren’t available. Septic systems combine technology with nature to treat household wastewater, including sewage and […]

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Tools Used by Home Inspectors

Home inspection is an exciting and rewarding profession that provides virtually unlimited career opportunities to inspectors with the right credentials. The best way to receive the training needed to become a certified home inspector is through Inspection Certification Associates’ Home Inspector Online Training Course. To learn more about life as a professional home inspector, check […]

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5 Simple Ways to Stay Safe on the Job

There’s a Dr. Seuss story titled “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” For a home inspector, no truer words were ever spoken. You’ll probably find yourself in some interesting predicaments throughout your career, so job safety must be our top priority. Here are a few ways that you can enjoy a safer, healthier day on the […]

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3 Unbelievable Home Inspection Stories

From most unwelcome basement visitors to electrical issues that make your hair stand on end, home inspectors walk, climb and crawl into some pretty crazy situations. It’s all in a day’s work. You can count on very few things staying consistent, and that’s fodder for some interesting war stories. You know that when you arrive […]

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