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Bug-Proof Your Home in Five Easy Steps

Bugs spark different reactions in different people. Whether you’re frightened or fascinated by these critters, they’re always unwelcome indoors. Bugs are unsanitary, annoying intruders who bite, sting, and leave behind nasty waste in their wake. Exposure to some bugs can even result in serious health problems. Thankfully, there are some tried and true strategies you […]

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Window Safety: Tips for Making Your Home Safer

There are few places safer than your own home – that’s what most of us would like to believe, at least. Unfortunately, though, hazards lurking in our houses can be overlooked quite easily. A staircase, for instance, can cause life-threatening slips, trips and falls if its banister isn’t properly attached. Stairs are hardly the only […]

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New Additions: The Importance of Permits When Improving Your Home

The prospect of building an addition onto your home is an exciting one. Whether you’re dreaming of an extra bedroom, a screened-in porch or an extension of your living room, additions can provide much-needed space to a home you already love. Before you begin daydreaming of how you’ll decorate your new addition, though, it’s important […]

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Architects and engineers examine the interior of the home to create a successful building plan before delivering quality housing to the customer.

When Is a Home Inspection Required?

There are a lot of non-negotiables when it comes to homeownership. Property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and regular mortgage payments are all fairly mandatory. In many states, home inspections are another non-negotiable process that buyers and sellers must go through. There are other times, though, when home inspections are recommended but not required. If you’re confused […]

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Hand in glove with a burning match sets fire to the house model of matches, risk, property Insurance.  House And Fire. Playing With Fire.

Tips to Avoid House Fires

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: Waking in the night to the blaring fire alarm, panicking at the smell of smoke and scrambling to get everyone out of the house safely. Whether through cooking accidents, electrical shortages or malfunctioning heating sources, house fires can occur when we least expect them. Thankfully, there are some tips and […]

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