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6 Tips to Get More Home Inspection Customers

While relying on real estate agents has always been a great way to obtain referrals, you may come to a point where your home inspection business requires other opportunities for business growth. Exploring new avenues of business could be the key to bringing in new leads. Inbound marketing paves the way for new growth. Could […]

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How Angie’s List Can be Your Best Marketing Asset

Home inspectors need every possible marketing avenue that they can find. That’s especially true in the beginning when newly certified inspectors are just starting out, but it’s good advice for anyone. As long as you get noticed by people who need your services and it doesn’t cost a fortune, exposure is a good thing. Angie’s […]

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How to Handle Shady Home Inspection Competitors

Maybe they swoop in and steal away your best referring agents. Or maybe they’re a detriment to the industry, not to mention their customers, with poor or unethical home inspection practices. Shady home inspectors do no one any favors, not even themselves in the long run. In areas with professional regulation plus licensing and continuing […]

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How Hurricane Harvey Gave Validity to Drones for Home Inspections

Hurricane Harvey caused widespread destruction and left many homes borderline, unsafe, or completely destroyed. Then a team of drone pilot experts offered their services, making damage maps and insurance claim information more accurate and improving safety for rescue and insurance workers on the ground. Drones are becoming the norm for home inspections. Before long, they […]

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4 Reasons an Old Air Conditioner Should be Replaced

With fall in the air, many homeowners are preparing to cover window-mount air conditioners and central units until warm weather comes around again. But is the AC really worth saving? Just because it cycles on and off doesn’t mean it does its job. An outdated air conditioning system costs homeowners in efficiency, function and hard-earned […]

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Back to Home Inspection Basics: Customer Service Matters

All of the tools, skills, and gadgets in the world can’t take the place of good old-fashioned customer service. Unfortunately, it seems like taking care of customers is a dying concept in the 21st Century. A few businesses get it, but many don’t. That leaves customers feeling underappreciated and worse, taken advantage of. Neither of […]

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Get Your Home Inspection Business in Order Before 2018

When you’re just starting out as a newly certified home inspector, managing the business side of things isn’t terribly complicated. As your business grows, organization becomes increasingly more important. The clock is ticking toward the end of 2017 and the New Year will be here before you know it. Get your business in order now […]

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