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Profitable Ancillary Home Inspection Services by Region

Some home defects and homeowner concerns are fairly universal. Whether you live in Oregon, Kentucky or South Carolina, termites could invade or your 20-year roof might not survive that long. But every region in the States has a few concerns that either aren’t covered in a general inspection or could use additional attention. If you’re […]

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Expert Interview Series: Allison Paul of California Homebuilding Foundation on the State of the Golden State’s Construction Industry

Allison directs the operations of CHF’s CIRB (Construction Industry Research Board) Report and facilitates all media and public relations for both CIRB and the foundation. We recently spoke with Allison to get a clearer picture of the construction industry right now in California. What precisely does CIRB do? CIRB is the industry’s most accurate and reliable […]

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These Electrical Defects Put Homeowners in Immediate Risk

You’ll find plenty of outdated 2-prong outlets and inoperable 3-way switches throughout your career as a certified home inspector. However, some wiring defects are cause for immediate concern and quick intervention. What merits an ASAP fix? Here are 5 electrical issues that shouldn’t wait. #1: Overlamping at Light Fixtures While not technically a wiring defect, […]

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2 Places to Find Red-Hot Home Inspection Leads

Leads are the bread and butter of the home inspection industry. They’re not always easy to find, though, and some wells dry up quickly. Maybe it’s time to get creative and snag red-hot leads in a couple of unexpected places. Some of the best home inspection leads are right under your nose. Here’s where to […]

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