Writing More Professional Inspection Reports – NC CE


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Course Number: CEC463
CE Hours: 4

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Course Details
The purpose of this 4 hour continuing education session is to provide tangible suggestions for home inspectors to conduct more complete and concise inspections according to the expectations of the North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Board. The core focus is teaching how to present findings in a professional, easy to understand format. In addition, improving communication with homeowner’s regarding inspection findings is equally important and discussed at length. Ultimately, students will learn how to strengthen their position professionally through findings and comments in their reports.

This course emphasizes how important it is to:

  1. Accurately and clearly report findings to the homeowner using appropriate knowledge and terminology – not just providing a set of statements without direction.
  2. Understand that it is not your responsibility to provide repair processes or procedures, but it is your responsibility to state facts and findings while avoiding opinions or dangerous conclusions.

Course Outline

  1. Part One
    1. Introduction
    2. Accuracy in Reporting Part I
      1. Definitions (DDID)
        1. Describe
        2. Determine
        3. Implication
        4. Direction
      2. Being Accurate, Succinct and Terse
      3. Telephotography
    3. Directing Problems
      1. Avoiding Repair Procedures
    4. Standards of Practice
      1. Overview
      2. Duties of a Licensed Home Inspector
    5. Accuracy in Reporting Part II
      1. Structural Findings
      2. Exterior Findings
      3. Roofing Findings
    6. Next Steps
    7. Part One Quiz
  2. Part Two
    1. Plumbing
    2. Electrical
    3. Heating
    4. Air Conditioning
    5. Interior
    6. Insulation and Ventilation
    7. Built-In Kitchen Appliances
    8. Let’s Analyze Statement
      1. DDID Examples
    9. Recommended Language from NCHILB
    10. Part Two Quiz
  3. Part Three
    1. DDID Examples/Case Studies
      1. Floor Joists/Crawl Space
      2. Electrical
      3. Attic Insulation
      4. Water Filtration
      5. Fire Damage
    2. Part Three Quiz
  4. Part Four
    1. Structural and Exterior
      1. Water Intrusion
      2. Wall Cracks and Damage
    2. Summary Page
      1. DDID Remiders
    3. Part Four Quiz