Below you’ll find feedback from some of our students regarding our home inspection course.  You can also view our Better Business Bureau ICA Reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.  You’ll see that we have an A+ rating and zero complaints.  That’s because we put out a high-quality course, for an affordable price, and we’re always here to help if our students have an issue.







“I called the other day when I was on an inspection and Steve helped me out personally with a wood stove question I had.  I just wanted to thank him for being there.” – Sarah from Falls Church, VA


“With your school being located in the Midwest and I’m in Southern California I was afraid your course wouldn’t cover the type of construction we have out here.  Even after talking to you guys and being reassured that it would, I was still a little unsure.  You guys did exactly what you said you were going to and for that I thank you.  There’s a lot of crap out there online these days and sometimes you never know, but I’m more than happy!”  – Aaron from North Hollywood, CA


“The last time I was in school was 25 years ago so maybe I don’t have much to compare it to but I thought your class was good.  I learned a lot and can’t wait to get out there and do some inspections.”  – Marcus from Flint, MI


“Hi, I wanted to let you know that I passed the national home inspection test on my first attempt! This program has been great and the additional study material for the exam was very beneficial… Thanks again and thanks for all of your help answering my previous questions” – Andy from Fort Wayne, IN


“Excellent course, well explained, great content. Very nice job in compiling and formatting all material.” – Acie from Davenport, IA


“I was honestly concerned when my wife suggested this to me. I’m not real handy. Then I went through the courses while I was working overseas since I had a lot of free time and minimal stressors. I’m going home as a self-employed man, complete with an LLC and hoodies. My biggest concern was the quizzes and exams. I tried taking notes and wanting to print up the quizzes for the exams. Knowing that I could go back, see my mistakes and utilize the old results to help pass my exams was awesome. I saved them all in case I need to reference something quickly as well. The next step is getting my wife to get her home inspection license and then building up our customer base.” – Adam from Akron, OH


I liked being able to learn at my own pace and on my own time. – Adam from Homedale, ID


The course was a pleasure to take. It’s amazing how much knowledge I was able to pick up in such a short amount of time. The instructor did fantastic and it was a pleasure listening and learning. I do have to add that having an online course is fantastic and the price/value was on point! The fact that the student will always have access to the material is even better. Thank you. – Adam from Clinton, MO


Very detail oriented online home inspection class! – Adrien from Tampa, FL


Great information throughout this course. Starting from not knowing about home inspections to feeling confident about home inspections speaks for this course. – Agustin from Questa, NM


Much more info than I expected. I have over 35 years in remodels and new construction so I have just a little experience also. I enjoyed all the lessons of the home inspector trades. Very well done with your lessons! – Alan from Nixa, MO


This taught me things that I did not know before.  Thanks for a great online home inspection class. – Alex from Amelia, OH


Very informative and easy to navigate platform! Loved the self-paced modules and overall format of this course! – Alexander from North Port, FL


Very informative and well put together. Home Inspector Intern – Alfonso from Stamford, CT


I really enjoyed the Program. I’ve recommended ICA to several family members. Thanks ICA. – Alfredo from Orlando, FL


Great course. Very informative and thorough, really appreciate the time and effort you put into this course. Thank you! – Allen from Northport, AL


I am very happy that I took this home inspection course.  Everything was beyond my expectations.  – Andre from Campbell, OH



I feel the course was very informative and was able to describe all the different ASHI SOP areas in pictures to better understand. – Andrew from Auburndale, FL


Every aspect of this training was explained in simple and easy examples and photos. I have learned many things I thought I already knew and confirmed even more that I have been using. This is a top-notch program and I look forward to putting the completed education to money making use soon. – Andrew from Caledonia, MI


I have been in the construction business for over 20 years. while the content was very familiar, the way it was presented helped me to see how I should approach the industry from the inspector’s point of view. This was so incredibly helpful and a valuable course. – Andrew from Longwood, FL


Very informative, thorough, and well presented. Highly recommend. – Andrew from Brooklyn, MI


Thank you for all your help! You guys are great! – Anthony from Chicago, IL


I was surprised with the amount of valuable detailed information, Congrats!!!  – Antonio from Springfield, VA


This course was very detail oriented.  As a building inspector for municipalities I have learned more during these modules than I learned in two years in the field. I can differentiate clearly between code inspections and home inspections now. Thank you for the insight and I look forward to a great career as a residential and light commercial inspector. – Achie from Calumet Park, IL


The course gave me confidence and key insights on being a Home inspector.  It was remarkably insightful and easy to comprehend with each module.  I left with the tools to be very successful and awareness of how things can go wrong. I highly recommend this course… Thanks ICA – Art from Duluth, GA


Thank you for putting the time and effort to teach people how to become a Home Inspector. My journey starts here! – Austin from Bethlehem, GA


I found the course to be VERY educational and a huge help in preparing me for the national home inspectors exam required by my state … money well spent in my opinion – Ben from Spence, WI


Great program that I was able to include around my already busy schedule. – Benjamin from Waynesboro, IN


Great course! Very thorough and detailed. What a great product to offer – Blayther from Capitol Heights, MD


Years back I took a different Home Inspection course, But I have to say by far ICA has taught me more than that course ever did. I feel that I have a better step forward in my career now. Thank you – Brad from Homosassa Springs, FL


Great job taking the time to point out all the do and don’ts.  Loads of pictures to kinda make it fool proof.  Happy that I have taken you course. – Brad F. from Springboro, OH


It was great.  – Brandon from Hixson, TN


Nice course! learned alot. – Brandon from Decatur, MI


The repetition in the course and resources are great! The resources to study and practice are very helpful for the National Home Inspectors Exam for total preparation! – Brant from Hartford, CT


Spoke with Chuck already…..thanks – Brett from Meredith, CO


Thank you for making the material concise and to the point – Brian from Pomona, CA


This was a very well laid out course and learned all the details needed to feel confident about starting my home inspection business. The reference materials are always available and use them if I have any questions about a home inspection. So worth the money and time! – Brian from Pittsburg, KS


This course was extremely informative and helpful. I am anxious to use the knowledge I obtained to begin my home inspection business! – Bryan from Corryton, TN


The course was very thorough. I had no experience in home inspection when starting this course but now I felt like I have a good working knowledge in order to begin inspections. I will continue to learn and grow as I continue in this field but this was a great foundation. – Bryan from Simpsonville, SC


I have been a contractor for several years.  I learned a lot during this course. – Caleb from Gulfport, MS


Yes I thought the course was great the instructor did it in a way to where it was fun and knowledgeable and it was put in a way for you to not just stop at one course.  I did 2 a day and did 3 on one day, I learned a lot.  I would definitely recommend this course to others and also the price was nice to thank you I C A – Carl from Grass Valley, CA


The instructor is very knowledgeable in the construction industry and you can tell, has a lot of experience. I would highly recommend this course is anyone interested in becoming an inspector. – Cesar from Indianapolis, IN


I thought the course was excellent!  As one who was not familiar with this field, other than doing odd jobs on my own houses that I have owned over the years, I certainly learned a lot and have confidence in starting my own home inspection company. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to start their own inspection business. money very well spent. – Chad Centerville, OH


Great course I am looking forward to putting this knowledge to use in my new career. – Chad from Stevensville, MT


I would like to thank you. I am a licensed engineer this was the best course I ever took. Great support Thanks again – Chris from Spotswood, NJ


One of the best and interesting online courses I have ever taken thanks. – Chris from Woodstock, GA


The instructor made me laugh out loud a few times. I like his advice on wanting to choke someone “Don’t do it” and I also like the “electricity doesn’t stop for beer on the way home analogy”; He did a great job. How many times do you think he said “Recommend further evaluation by a …………” Christopher from Traverse City, MI


Everything was good and very helpful, for a future career, and also to keep my own home protected and in top shape and safe. Thank you for your time and training. – Christopher from Sunrise, FL


The course structure was wonderful. The arrangement of modules is perfectly aligned with the proper home inspection route so that you learn the material in the same manner you would conduct an inspection. The course goes into great detail of the materials used and the methods of which they are used and more importantly their safety features. Thank you for providing a wonderful product that can be used for educational purposes, not only in people pursuing a home inspector career, but also in other markets and industries related to the real estate sector in general. – Connor from Greenwood, IN


The course was excellent.  I feel confident enough to start my inspection business today. At the very least, the information I have learned will open up more avenues of employment, I will be doing two practice inspections within the next couple of weeks, just to get down the speed that I will have to move during the inspection, as well as the speed of my reports. Thank you. – Craig from Massilon, OH


The class provided me a few more things overall especially the boiler module. By trade I’m a master electrician and have been in the trades for 30 years so I have a lot of knowledge in general. Your class is definitely a lot to take in for a beginner, but if you pay attention like anything else, you will succeed. Thanks again for the knowledge you have shared. I will tell you that I learned a lot from this course. – Dale from Flint, MI


This course was awesome and overwhelming at the same time for me. I have absolutely no background in any of what I learned. It opened up my mind and I’m appreciative of that. Loved all that I’ve learned and look forward to exceling and learning more, eventually I want to open my own business and make myself a one stop shop, with all the tools I’ve gained this is now a reality and look forward to all the future challenges. Thank you! ICA!! – Damon from Gorham, ME


Very educational and very well presented. Instructor was clear and was able to keep it simple so the student could easily follow along. Thank you for knowledge and education to hopefully succeed in my new business. – Daniel from Coconut Creek, FL


I think ICA provides an exceptional value for the price of the course. First the course was very informative and instructive but the addition of the memberships to ASHI and NAHI along with the business listing with, the free reporting software and exam prep app makes a deal that should not be overlooked. Thank you for preparing me for my next career. Sincerely – Dan from Lynn Haven, FL


The course was very well done. Everything was explained very thoroughly and very easy to understand. Thank You. – Daniel from Naperville, IL


This course is full of a lot of great information, the instructor seems very knowledgeable. I look forward into getting my business started. Thanks again – Danny from Bakersfield, CA


I real enjoyed the course and am excited for the future it offers me and my family. – Danny from Rosholt, SD


The team at ICA was great. – David from Sauk Village, IL


This course is very comprehensive, I honestly thought I knew more than I did being I have done many trades over the years. I feel like I should have taken this year’s ago to help me with other trades. A lot of great info! Can’t wait to start my new business in Home Inspection! Thanks! – David from Susanville, CA


I found the course very informative. There is a lot of material to cover but I feel confident I am ready to start looking at houses.  I liked the straight forward approach to the lessons and clear descriptions – David from State College, PA


The course was very well planned out – David from Clarksville, TN


Great Course. I enjoyed it from start to finish. I highly recommend this course for any one who wants to become a home inspector. – David from Murrells Inlet, SC


I found the course to be exceptionally detailed, it covers items in a manner that if one does not have a construction background they will still benefit a great deal from the course. – Dennis from Medina, OH


Very informative – Denzel from Davenport, IA


I work a full-time job so this course took a few months for me to be able to finish. I’m glad I stuck with it! Now having done some inspections I know how valuable this course really is. Thank you for how detailed these modules are and not cutting any corners. – Donovan from Pensacola, FL


I found the class to be very interesting with plenty of information. It was easy to follow, and to understand. – Doug from Charlotte, NC


The course was convenient to complete on my own time since I needed to continue to work full time while I start my inspection business.  Overall I really thought the course was a great online certification process. – Doug from St. Peters, MO


I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of residential construction for my entire adult life (full-time since 1985). As a matter of fact, my father was a general contractor so I have many experiences as a child being on job-sites. That being said, despite all of the time I’ve spent in the construction field, I haven’t really put much time into really looking at individual components or systems but more of my attention has been put into getting things done. This course of study has really helped me to look critically at not only the work others have done but probably more importantly, at my own work.  I have found this study to be very beneficial in bringing together my knowledge base with the correct direction to help future clients to be confident in whatever choices they may make concerning buying a property. This course is very, very informative and I am sure I will be referring back to it from time to time in order to keep fresh in my mind what I have learned. Thanks – Erik from Odessa, MO


This was a great course!!! The customer service was top notch and I will recommend ICA to everyone. – Eugenio from Paris, TN


Excellent course easy to navigate and hopefully full of useful info – Fabian from Virginia Gardens, FL


Great classes!  I’ve been in construction for 8 years and I thought I knew everything, wow I have learned so much more to add to my experience in these fields – Francisco from Perris, CA


This course was extremely resourceful and well laid out. The combination of narrative along with photo samples as it went along helped with my understanding with many of the terms I was not familiar with. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a certified home inspector. – Glen from Marietta, GA


A wealth of knowledge. – Greg from North Huntingdon, PA


The course was excellent, the instructor was a great communicator, and the content was invaluable. Thank you! – Gregory from Humboldt, TN


Great teaching technique! – Gregory from Bellevue, IA


Excellent, would highly recommend it – Humberto Clermont, FL


The course was up to date and very informative, I’d most certainly recommend the course to others. the course has a lot of features with the online library. The course offers a drone module and that was a nice addition.  All in all, the was worth the money and I achieved my goal of starting my own business. – Jared from Maui, HI


I enjoyed taking the ICA course and found it to be comprehensive in scope. I look forward to a long association with you. I would find it a pleasure to recommend this course to others and will do so. – James from Seven Valleys, PA


Overall a good course. I enjoy how it gives input on what types of businesses there are to start, how to start them, marketing, and the liabilities associated with each type. The course is more than just prepping you for the test but helping in the startup of your business. – James from Fort Myers, FL


I found the material and presentation of same very useful. Although I have been a licensed electrician for 35 years and have been exposed and worked in the construction industry beyond that, the course opened my eyes on areas I have seen but did not fully understand. Thank you so much. – James Caseville, MI


Great information and very easy to use platform – James Zanesville, OH


I consider myself fairly well versed on all phases of residential construction, or so I thought. This course showed just how little I actually knew. It was well thought out and presented. I enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking in to Residential Home Inspection as a career or as a second job. Thank you ICA! – James from Idaho Falls, ID


Great course, I appreciated the ability to download the individual modules for review. – James from Parker, CO


Modules were presented very well and easy to follow. – James from Apopka, FL


Really thorough course with a lot of information. Glad I still have access to this information after completion to review for my state exam! – James from Myrtle Beach, SC


The course was easy and quickly accessible. I truly enjoyed all the modules and what a great learning experience. I had only minimum experience as a homeowner and was asked by my realtor to take a course as inspectors in this area are limited. I can’t wait to start my business in my hometown. Thanks for the great attention to details. Very much appreciated. – James from Cody, WY


Thank you for your super professional training. The visuals added so much to the understanding of the material, and the voice-over narrator was insightful and humorous! He really kept my attention. GREAT JOB!! – James from Park City, UT


The course was great and went into great detail. I utilized an iPhone mobile device to do all of the modules.  My brother has taken this course it is told me that he did all of his online through a computer.  I recommend this online home inspection training program to all future inspectors. Overall great course!  – Jaden from New Orleans, LA


Great course, easy to use and really informative. Would recommend. Thanks 🙂 – Jason from Deltona, FL


It really helped to have a background in construction. Although I completed the course successfully in 14 days, I recommend taking your time. There is a lot of important knowledge to unpack and synthesize. It is more important to retain the knowledge than to speed through the course work.  It was invaluable to have the expertise and seasoned instruction from Steve. I feel like I could sit with and have a beer, as though I know him somewhat. Great instructor. – Jay from Burlington, VT


Very pleased with this course. – Jeff from Moreland, GA


I feel that I made the right decision for me while seeking out a top-quality home inspection program. I will also recommend ICA School without hesitation.  – Jeff from Grand Junction, CO


Excellent course, all modules were well presented with pictures and or easily understood diagrams. Instructor was clear and very understandable, absolutely knowledgeable in presentation. – Jeffrey from Valrico, FL


The ICA course is very informative, covering all basics for home inspections. No prior education of construction is needed in order to understand and keep up with the course. Much of the content was new for me and I am now comfortable with my understanding of the entire inspection process. – Jeffrey from Newark, DE


This course provided good learning experience for the trade subjects that I wasn’t as knowledgeable in. The instructor went into great detail talking about the theory of how things work, providing a solid foundation for teaching the electrical/plumbing/HVAC modules.  Although a bit overwhelming at times, I feel confident the information will provide the necessary tools to be successful in this business. – Jeremy from Panama City Beach, FL


I am excited for my future in real estate inspection and can’t wait to get started. Thanks for making this program easy to use, very informative, and affordable. – Jesse from Jefferson Twp, PA


Just want to say thanks and take your time and study. – Jim from West Mifflin, PA


This was very easy and very precise in the instruction as long as you give it your full attention. I would suggest doing this when you are fresh and not tired at the end of the day, pay attention you will learn everything you will need to know. I have many (40+) years in construction experience, and I learned so much by taking this course. I would highly recommend this course, and the ASHI SOP. – Jimmy from Hixson, TN


This course taught me a lot that I didn’t know about home inspections. – Joey from Newnan, GA


Really good course lots of photos are good – John from Meridian, ID


Excellent program. Very informative and well laid out. – John from Newport Richey, FL


Feel free to call, if you need any testimonial information great course. – John from McMurray, PA


Great learning tool. – John from Sikeston, MO


Instructor was quite good.  Good steady pace and pleasant voice. Was like having an instructor in class without having class to stop for stupid student questions. Best Online Certification course I have taken. Thorough and well explained. Johnny – ICA Certified Home and Light Commercial Inspector from Woodstock, GA


Honestly a wonderful course. The number of photos, the way the narrator explains each slide, and overall quality of the course was far better than I had imagined going into this – Joseph from Dalton, GA


This course has truly given me a lot of confidence in doing a proper home inspection. Thank you very much. – Joseph from Camarillo, CA


It was a great course. I actually learned a lot and have been in the industry for 20 years! Thanks! – Joshua from Gainsville, FL


Great support staff. Great class presentations! – Joshua from Chilhowie, VA


I think it was a very knowledgeable course. Glad I didn’t wait any longer to take it – Joshua from Wichita, KS


Lengthy videos with a lot of dialogue, and details. Grateful for all the material I will be able to reference in the future. – Jude from Lagrange Park, IL


The in-depth wealth of knowledge in the course was great. I look forward to working with ICA to get my state required field training set up and start my journey as a Home Inspector. – Justin from Roanoke, VA


I am very satisfied with the course. Every aspect of the house was covered very well and I learned a lot about some of the areas that I wasn’t as familiar with. I have been in construction for 12 years and a lot of childhood experience as well. This course helped me understand why plumbing and electrical are installed the way they are. Each section of the house was covered very well including the history of materials, causes of changes and dangers that may or may not be present in a residence or commercial property. This is a great course and am very pleased with the time and effort put in to making it very easy to follow and explained very clearly. All I can say is thank you ICA, proud to be a part of this! – Justin from Oakley, MI


I will be recommending this course to my son, who is not as mechanical as I am, because I think that this is a good home inspection certification program – Kenny from Kansas City, MO


A lot of valuable information. Sometimes overwhelming, but great stuff! Looking forward to using what I have learned. – Kevin from Leavenworth, KS


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to be a home inspector.  You will not be disappointed; and this course is the most informative one out there, and the best value….keep up the great work…God Bless ICA –  Kevin from Watervliet, MI


Thank you for what you do and how you have laid out the path on this program for everyone to succeed – Kisha from Suffolk, VA


I’ve been building and re-modeling houses for around 15 years and thought that I knew everything I needed to know to start a home inspection business, I was terribly mistaken! I highly recommend this course! very well put together and no time limit, also has the option to go back and reference if need be.  thank you! – Kody from Zanesville, OH


Great course. I really learned a lot. – Kyle from Carlisle, PA


Had a great time. I felt like the teacher was right in front of me. I hope he will be the teacher in the other classes I will be taking. I learned a lot thanks – Lenny from Farmington, CT


Perfectly worded and perfectly centered on the job we need to perform. Thank you. – Leonard from Manistee, MI


Very informative and well written. Lots of good insights on how to properly inspect homes. Thank you.– LeRoy from Overland Park, KS


Well it took me about 6 weeks to complete the course. I have been in construction and a Maint. supervisor for a 100,000 sq.ft. science Lab. for 25 years and I thought I knew everything. Well I didn’t. I found this course to be very interesting. I am 58 yrs old and was thinking about retireing and possibly becoming a Home Inspector part time. That is why I took this course. It has been great. I studied the material you provided me and yesterday took the National Home Inspector Exam and passed with a 600 score. I am very pleased. Thank you.   Lowell M. up North from North Dakota


The course was very user friendly, self explanatory and very easy to follow. If there were any questions at all, the office was more than happy to answer any questions or assist with any problems. Looking forward to getting to the State Testing to move forward. I must say, alot of information that was very interesting and learned alot. Pretty sure i can build my own home (soon) Thank you all so much – Lynette from Everest, KS


I have taken other classes and this by far is the best. As a former HVAC Tech, overall, it was good. I wanted to thank you for all that you do and ask that you keep doing you.  Lynelle from Richmond, VA


The ICA course was a very informative course. The modules explained all the topics very well and the pictures helped put things together. – Mark from New Lenox, IL


Very well done easy to understand and very pleased wilth the program and best of all a good value. I’m ready to inspect! – Mark from Aurora, OH


My rating was based off the course being more than what I expected. that should have been the option 5 from the 1-5 rating. The course was very thorough and did exceed my expectations. Which is higher than Excellent. So I guess I should have given the course and narrator a 5 out of 5. – Marshall from Kissimmee, FL


Great course, i learned alot and i am ready to get started. thanks again – Marty from Mount Pleasant, UT


Great course! Currently, I am serving active duty army. I have always enjoyed residential construction and technologies. Prior to my service in the army I was a residential roofer and framer. Since, I have continued with remodeling and side projects while serving. This course was a huge eye opener and provided me valuable insight to not only be a more proficient tradesmen but also more visually and technically aware of the residential home industry. – Matthew from Hudson, IL


I feel that this course exceeded my expectations and has definitely given me the confidence to start my home inspection career. The modules were very inciteful and detailed as they also gave photographic examples and explanations so that it was easy to follow along. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone of my friends. – Matthew from Bovey, MN


An absolute great course and learning tool. Steve Preins supplied much knowledge as well as entertaining! – Matthew from North Aurora, IL

Great course! Very in depth detail as to what to look for in reporting. – Michael from Byhalia, MS


Thought the course was great and very helpful.  – Michael from Columbus, NE


Very detailed and easy to understand! Learned alot of information and feel confident to proceed with my home and light commercial inspection business! – Michael from Spanish Fork, UT


Great knowledge foundation builder! – Michael form Chesapeake, VA


Really enjoyed the course. I have been working in homes for 20 years and realized I was evaluating a house every time I walked in.  Was able to easily re-watch or pause the modules as I took notes. A lot of info comes at you quick but is easy to go back and review. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting started in home inspection. Great points were made on things I hadn’t considered.  Hoping to build off this course and get started. Thanks – Michael from Mancos, CO


Very well done.I feel the presentation delivery and knowledge conveyed were among some of the best I’ve experienced in my educational endeavors; and that is saying alot, considering I’ve been through trade school, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs from major universities! You have an excellent program, and I feel well equipped to start my journey into my new career. – Michael from Ft Wayne, IN


I enjoyed the course very much. Very user friendly and informative. I think that everything has been very well thought out. I will highly recommend it to anyone interested in a home inspection career. Thanks very much! – Miguel from Miami, FL


Very informative in every part! I would recommend to everyone looking to start a home inspection career! – Mike from Concord, OH


I thought the course was very well organized and presented. It explained many complicated processes very thoroughly and simply. – Mike from Radford, VA




This course was easy to follow and provided the information needed to become a successful inspector with out overwhelming me with lots of technical facts. It will be a strong base for me to build on as I gain experience and further knowledge. – Nicholas from Brooklyn, MI


Excellent course! Very informative and easy to follow along. Totally worth every $$$, especially with the software that came with it and is integrated in an app for easier use on site. – Noah from Valrico, FL


This course was very instructional and easy to follow and understand. Thank you. – Pablo from Manchester, CT


Very informative and very well presented, thank you – Paul from Blountville, TN


Well done course. The real world explanations support and clarify the information presented within the powerpoint. The additional course material, inspection software and continuous access to the ICA web site makes for great reference and study material. – Paul from Stafford, VA


The course is very easy to understand and I did it in my spare time, I will recommend it to all those who want to work in this field. thanks for everything. – Pedro from Metaire, LA


This course really helped me feel confident in starting my own Home Inspector Business. It had all the information I needed. I love how I can go back through the modules as many times as I want if I have specific questions. I’m really happy I picked ICA School for my home inspection course. I feel ready to go out into the field. – Phillip from Saint George, UT


Great course I highly recommend, easy to follow I did it in 8 days – Rafael from Palm Springs, FL


Great class!! Easy to follow and keeps you interested. – Randall from Port Richey, FL


This course was fantastic and I didn’t get bored during a single moment! I truly enjoyed the teacher and his corkyness during each module. The information was great and Im thankful for the ica school! – Randy from Hendersonville, TN


 Very informative and I will be saving all of this material for a basis of what I do in the future. Thank you for all your help on and off line. – Raymond from Hanahan, SC


Even in areas where I have little experience, this program explained it to where I could have an understanding of what was being taught. great job ICA!! – Ric from Cheyenne, OK


I really think it was beneficial and the instructor was on point.  I passed the National Home Inspectors Exam and the ASHI SOP on my first attempt.  Thanks Joe for all your support, you were right, this was my first step! – Richard from Birmingham, AL


I’m going to miss this course and look forward to the continuing education options it provides. I will forever revisit the course and gain more and more knowledge with the combination of upcoming field work and having this resource accessible to me. I really loved the humor, the life and inspection experiences and the personality of the instructor, coupled with the visual point by point descriptions and photographs. I am excited to begin the next step in this new career path and I really couldn’t have picked a better school to have taken me here. I looked forward to studying, (honestly!) and I now look forward to confidently applying my newfound knowledge. Thank you, to everyone involved, for making this such an enriching and entertaining experience! – Rita from San Diego, CA


Very informative! Thought I knew more than I actually did! I also found mistakes on my own home inspection! – Robert from Cape Coral, FL


Great course.  I have a trades background so it all made sense to become a licensed home inspector. – Robert from Port Charlotte, FL


This course was very comprehensive and well put together. – Robert from Tampa, FL


All I can say is this is such an awesome course, wish I took it sooner. I am a former Construction Manager where I worked with NASA at Edwards Air Force base California for the prime contractor. I also was the Senior Project manager for the largest property management company in Atlanta, where I inspected large properties mainly apartment communities that we converted from boarded up ghetto to class B properties. We also converted Apartments to Condos. After this I went on to form my own General Contracting business. Where myself and 5 other crews did everything on the home except the freon side of A/C work. I have been blessed to work with some great folks in my life time mainly in construction of homes and Light Commercial. Started my Career working with Hovnanian when I was 16 with one of his contractors. Learned Carpentry there and became a punch list guy at a young age. Thank You all so much for a great course. When ever I had a question I reached out on the phone and Chuck and Joe were the to answer my questions – Ron from Port Saint Lucie, FL


ICA has been by far the best choice I have done for myself. My name is Ruben and turning to ICA was a no brainer. I have been in construction since I was 14. I spent 14 years doing air conditioning and 5 years doing pre cast stone and 5 years doing foundation, block,layouts, glass block and remodeling and demolition. I have been giving my knowledge to someone else for lower prices working for someone if you know what I mean, but ICA has given me the chance to do it for myself, make it for myself while providing quality service. Thank you so much ICA – Ruben from Port Saint Lucie, FL


Very satisfied with the course. The instructor was very clear and explained the information in an easy to understand manner, making sure to thoroughly communicate the information in a way that everyone, regardless of background, can understand. – Russell from Tarpon Springs, FL


The course was great! Even with 20+ years in commercial and residential construction, there were still things to learn. Thanks for putting together a great curriculum. – Ryan from West Jordan, UT


This was excellent. Much more involved than I was expecting, and very well presented. The base of experience and the helpful tips, warnings, and reality of real world situations that are given and which are only gained through years of practical experience were most welcome and nearly invaluable! I’m sure I’ll be referring to course subjects for quite a while as there’s very much useful information, and knowledgeable where-with-all to be had! Very Much Recommended! Hats off to all involved. – Scott from Colorado Springs, CO


Excellent course –  Scott from New Orleans, LA


It is really helpful when you show something that is wrong and then back it up with a picture of the same thing that is correct. – Scott from Springfield, MO


Everything was very organized and detailed. This will adequately prepare someone for the state license test. – Scott from McCalla, AL


This course is EXCELLENT! 12 out of 10! The self paced educational modules along with the quizzes to follow allowed me to receive my training without any disruption to my everyday life/work. It also allowed me to prepare for the State Exam and pass on the first attempt. Furthermore, having unlimited access to the material for future reference has helped me tremendously. I have often went back and reviewed modules when I have encounter things on the job that I was uncertain of before completing my report. It’s like having a veteran expert home inspector at your fingertips. The customer support is outstanding as well. Very quick and accurate response to all of my inquiries. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you for a such a quality and valuable course! – Scott from Depauw, IN


Great course well set up explanation and pictures to detail what to look for. I’m glad that I chose this course. I will feel knowledge when I go to a client’s home to inspect. Thanks – Shaun from Centerburg, OH


I am a home repair service of 18 years, and I am blown away by all the things you found wrong that could happen to a house! I get a lot of calls for pre-sale prep by sellers, and the sellers rarely see what you have shown to repair. Thank you for an excellent job!  – Stephen from Spring Park, MN


I was very impressed with the course content and the instructor. The program was easy to follow and provided an excellent format to learning. I am looking forward to putting what I learned to work in establishing a successful business – Stephen from Sutter Creek, CA


Being licensed in multiple states. I have taken other courses and several continuing education classes. This is by far one of the best I have taken. The way the information in explained and narrated makes it easy to understand. – Steve from North Redding, MA


Course was easy to work through and very informative – Steve from Fairfield, OH


The format of the course was excellent. I have mostly home repair experiance and knew just enough to get myself in trouble. This course has taught me what I did wrong and how to spot it. The repetition in the format was also very helpful. – Steven from Ravenna, MI


I really liked the instructor. He seemed like one of the guys you would find in the field, not a pencil pusher reading from cue cards. – Steven from Roy, UT


Thank you for putting on an excellent course of instruction. The illustrations were very helpful and the instructor explained each and every situation in full detail. I went through this course in 6 days and I could not have done that if the class was not so well organized. Thank you – Sylvester from Linton, IN


The course material and narrative was well thought through. It has given me a better understanding of what to look for in an inspection. The pictures and explanation was very good. I am looking forward to more training in radon, mold, meth, and etc. Thanks for putting together a great training program. – Ted from Herriman, UT


As a maintenance technician/supervisor this course has enhanced my skills and awareness. I pay more attention to things i usually would neglect as being important, such as cracks lifted shingles, space between gutters even vent caps. This has been a exciting journey. ready to get started! Thanks ICA! – Terry from Smyrna, GA


ICA is an Outstanding Online Course in my opinion! It is very practical, informative and educational from start to finish! After completing all course I am still able to go back and access any course I choose! I am now a Certified Real Estate Inspector in the State of Idaho and I now have my own Inspection Business! The Reporting System that you also obtain after completing the ICA Course is very Instrumental in providing your clients with a Professional Report, as well! I give ICA 5 stars ***** T.C.Ross From Boise, ID


For the last 15yrs I have been employed as a project superintendent in the areas of commercial, multi-family and residential construction. I have worked in Colorado and Florida for these mentioned years. With all the experience that I already contained, I was impressed with all the new and valuable information that I learned through this course. It takes you into the inner workings of many of the products that I thought that I knew well to only find I knew a lot on the surface. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in home inspections as well think it should be used as a training tool for employers as a must watch for all superintendents hired. – Thomas from Panama City, FL


The course was very well presented and learned a lot of unexpected information. This course will greatly help me to be the best inspector I can be. – Timothy from Hillsboro, OR


I’m now one step closer in life to be me. Do what I want, be my own boss. The world seems endless now – Timothy from Murrieta, CA


The instructions were presented in a manner that was easy to understand. – Todd from Reynoldsburg, OH


Thanks, for the knowledge you have provided me in my quest in being a home inspector. – Trent from Spencerville, OH


The course was very good, very thorough. I’ve been in the residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical business for 18 years, and I learned some new things in this course. It’s also nice to be able to go back to and review a session online. – Wes from Montezuma, IA


Excellent course, bypassed my expectations! I highly recommend it. I even recommend it to my older brother that I have been in business with since 2001 and he enrolled a few weeks ago. Thank you very much ICA! – West from Rio Rancho, NM


Very well narrated with excellent pictures to reinforce the content. – William from Myrtle Beach, SC


It was a great investment. I am glad I made the decision to take the ICA course.  I’ve used the report writing software Report Form Pro 2 for over 50 inspections in my first three months and the real estate agents I work with love the professional reports that I print right from my truck.  – William from St. Louis, MO


Really enjoyed the course and learned so much. – William from Modesto, CA


Has great tools to help you along the way, very easy to use! – William from Blanchard, OK


The online course was unbelievably great.  First time taking a course online so I did not know what to expect, but half way thru I called ICA and told them how impressed I was with their course and how much I enjoyed the instructor’s comments. – William from Minnetrista, MN


Great course! well put together and very informative. – Zachary from Girard, OH


“Great school, very easy to follow and stay interested.” – Adam from St. Helens, OR


 “Great class, lots of information and easy to understand!” – Adam from Belleville, IL


 “The course was very well presented with information and photos. Strongly satisfied with the ICA training course! Confidently moving forward with my inspection career.” – Alan from Bristow, VA


 “The course material was professionally presented and it was also very fun. The instructor made it very worthwhile due to his extensive background knowledge in the subject matter as well as his experience in the field. I found the style in which the instructor used was very favorable and the element of humor made the course all the much more enjoyable. For anyone contemplating on taking the course, I would highly recommend it, as I found it to be an extremely worthwhile endeavor. I found the representatives of the school and the instructor to very helpful and knowledgeable so I say thank you to them; much appreciated.” – Andrew from Mayfield, PA


“Hi, I wanted to let you know that I passed the national home inspection test on my first attempt! This program has been great and the additional study material for the exam was very beneficial… Thanks again and thanks for all of your help answering my previous questions” – Andy from Fort Wayne, IN


“I do like the fact I can refer back at any time, and every aspect needed to get to the job and complete the task is included!” – Angela from Hydro, OK


“Narrator kept me engaged and kept my attention with personal references to his Home Inspection experience. Nice Job Thank you.” – Annello from Holiday, FL


“This course was Great!!! I learned so much. The course was easy to follow, and the examples were real. Thanks.” – Avery from Spotsylvania, VA


 “Very comprehensive. I have a commercial real estate background and I have been in the construction/ facilities management industry for some time, so much of this material was a good refresher.” – Ben from West Des Moines, IA


 “Having taken several online classes in the past I found the ICA course to be one of the best.  The format, narration, pace, and information were all very good. I appreciated the amount of photos used to illustrate each point and the clarity of the narrator. Information loaded and operated easily.” – Brad from Glide, OR


 “Thank you for providing an easy to use home inspection course.” – Bradley from Chino Hills, CA


 I really liked the course. I thought many of the objectives and items discussed were common sense, but the teacher did a good job of conveying what is important and is pertinent to commercial and home inspections.” – Brandon from Deerfield, KS


“It was really great learning new things and seeing what I already know, having had a mechanical and construction background.  Very easily understood, with a great narrator.” – Brendon from Lincoln Park, MI


 I really enjoyed this course. Very informative and easy to use.” – Brett from Platte City, MO


 I truly like the move at your own pace in this. it has allowed me to do it when I get time. Thanks again” – Bryan from New Carlisle, OH


“Very detailed and presented at an excellent pace. Just like being in a classroom, only better.” – Charles from Pottstown, PA


“Great course…I feel more confident now that I did it, even though I am a contractor for General Construction. Keep up the good work!!!” – Charles from Kingston, TN


“As a guy who has spent a lifetime in construction, this course actually taught me things I didn’t know or never concerned myself with. This course was very thorough and comprehensive.” – Charles from Hilliard, OH


“The course seemed overwhelming at first. but the instructor really knew when to simplify things and also could explain the more complicated concepts to make you feel like; “Hey I could really see myself doing this and feeling technically competent enough as well as confident that I can do it correctly”. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of becoming a home inspector.” – Charles from Deltona, FL


“Excellent course. Very easy to comprehend. I would suggest ICA to anyone looking to get into the home inspection business.” – Christopher from Oak Park, IL


“Great course and great accessibility!!!!” – Christopher from St Charles, MO


“I cannot say enough about ICA. They provide lots of real world criteria with in the course and have been consistently available to answer all my questions and concerns. Many thanks to ICA!” – Christopher from Dunedin, FL


“Very thorough, full of great explanations, I loved these courses!!” – Chyvaughn from Philadelphia, PA


“I’m very new to the inspection scene and I absolutely found this course to be challenging and rewarding! There was so much great information passed along here and it was really easy to follow. The website layout was easy to navigate and structured in a way that made sense. Some of the material was a little “dry”, but the personal experience aspect kept it interesting! Thank you!” – Clayton from Virginia Beach, VA


“Great course, would definitely recommend it to others interested in this profession.” – Corey from Norman, OK


“This course was excellent and after completing all the modules, I feel I was given enough information to successfully run my own home inspection business. Thank you ICA. Keep up the great work!” – Dan from Littleton, CO


“Solid course curriculum.” Daniel From – Old Saybrook, CT


“This is a well put together course. I really enjoyed it and I appreciate the professionalism.” – Darryl from Statesboro, GA


“I started in the construction industry in 1979 as a labor on a framing crew. I worked up through the ranks as a framer, framing Foreman, Construction job superintendent and Project Manager. In 1989 I started in the inspection industry. I’ve been actively involved in the inspection industry on the code side since then. I was a little apprehensive in taking the course. I thought what will I would gain if anything from the instruction. I was pleasantly surprised to find in all aspects of the inspection I was able to learn additional information to help me be a better inspector. Thank you for your professionalism and also the quality of training. Sincerely” – David from Enid, OK


“Outstanding guys, this class is all the facts and details we need to start our own business.” – David from Glenview, IL


“The course was very informative. It went into detail about the specifics of home inspections, and it was easy to understand.” – David from Miami, FL


“This was a great course, been in the construction field for 20 years and even though I though I was rather knowledgeable about the industry, this course definitely showed me a few things I was not familiar with and as I can say to anyone, you’re never too old to learn, always better yourself and strive to be the best. My son has watched me do this course and seen firsthand how many notes I was taking, I didn’t want to miss a thing, literally 20 pages of notes. I can honestly say I feel good about getting started on this new adventure and business. Thanks for the opportunity.” –  David From Cleveland, GA


 “Great course !!!” – David from Cranston, RI


“I thought the way the course was laid out made it easy to digest the material that was given. The visual slides of actual defects in the properties made processing the information extremely helpful in understanding the material.” – David from Chicago, IL


 “Upon my research, this is the most affordable class that is offered and for the same training through all the other classes. I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to become a home inspector” – David from Athens, IL


“All materials are very relevant to becoming an excellent home inspector and establishing a successful home inspection business. I personally enjoyed the course work and wished more home inspectors took advantage and practiced the techniques taught in the program.” – Dennis from Davenport, FL


“Outstanding, great for first-timers or an excellent refresher course. Very comprehensive.” – Dwayne from Carrollton, GA


“I thought the course was excellent. I definitely feel like I learned a lot. The extra resources will come in handy later also. Doing the course online was huge plus for the constraints of my time schedule. I felt that it had the feel of a standard in person class, but the convenience of being able to work at your own pace. The information presented was very good. I had read an older correspondence course with binders and training recently. The information in this online course was comparable, but as an extra benefit, the online course spent a lot of time going over real-world scenarios that would be encountered. Lots of pictures helped to illustrate the points made.” –  Edward from Radford, VA


“Curriculum is very well structured. All 16 divisions of contraction practices with all current new materials (Pex in plumbing and color codes applied to NM wiring). Modules were clear and concise. Yes electricity does not stop for beer on the trip home. I will finish the two Marketing and the Drone modules and be back in touch. Thanks again for all. FMC.” – Federico from Kila, MT


 “Excellent syllabus and well presented. Made me study and remember. It proves that we are never too old to learn ………………………great experience.” – Garry from Fayetteville, GA


 “Great course, I would highly recommend it.” – Gaspar from Winter Park, FL


 “I have been around construction for 40 years, but I learned a lot. I highly recommend this course.” – George from Mansfield, OH


 “Thank you for your great tool here. It was great to go through each module and learn from an expert. Very informative.” – Gil from Albuquerque, NM


 “Best value for the highest quality online school out there. The added benefits you receive after completion of the class alone are worth more than the cost of the class! If you were ever on the fence do yourself a favor and sign up.” – Glen from Debary FL


 “This course was extremely informative. I’ve been a contractor for years and was very surprised to learn how much I didn’t know. Fantastic course. I can’t recommend this enough. Very easy to navigate the material. Thank you so much for this course. It is worth every penny.” – Greg from Chillicothe, OH


“This was a great course. It takes you step by step and teaches the home inspection process in an easy to understand manner. I feel confident that I now have the skills I need to enter the home inspection field.” – Gregory from Chicago, IL


“I gained a lot knowledge from this course. I found it to be very helpful.” – Hamp from Mt Berry, GA


“The course is really excellent, very easy to handle and perfect to learn and study. The ICA school support is also very good, they really answered all questions, no matter how small they might be. Thank you very much!” – Ira from Cape Coral, FL


 “GREAT PROGRAM VERY HELPFUL” – Ivan from Centerville, UT


 “THIS IS AN EXCELLENT COURSE” – Jacob from Venice, FL


 “Very informative course, great resources available to ensure each new field inspector can be successful.” – Jacqueline from Chesapeake, VA


“The inspection images were excellent! That was definitely a value-added feature! Thank you!” – Janine from Norman, OK


 “I had previously taken a Home Inspection course through a college in Georgia but because of changes made in Virginia that course was not allowed for certification or licensing, which is now required in this state. I, then signed up to take the 70 hour course with ICA. By comparison, the ICA course made study much easier, faster and much more enjoyable. Thank you for simplifying the study process for me.” – Jerry from Manakin Sabot, VA


“With 35 years of construction experience, I thought this course would be a breeze. I was wrong. This course is very thorough and included information that I had never run across. Pertinent details that not only inspectors should know, but construction supervisors as well. After taking this course, I feel very well prepared to enter the home inspection industry. Thanks guys.” – Jim from Travelers Rest, SC


“It was informative and the teacher made it interesting and even fun.” – Jody from Montrose, CO


 “I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this course. Going through the modules, I gained valuable information that will guide me through my future as a Home Inspector. Having the information at my disposal in the future makes the opportunity to make a living even easier. My biggest piece of adv ice to anyone taking this course is to take notes throughout the modules and utilize the downloadable copies for future reference. It not only helps with the quizzes following the modules, but, provides a wealth of resources for the final exams.” – John from Hemet, CA


“Excellent course! I would recommend this to anyone!” – John from Merrimack, NH


“It’s been a great journey of experience, which open my eyes and mind to heights…It packed with plenty of knowledge from the beginning to the end, lots of somewhat trick questions and many similar ones also. Thanks for every learning opportunity.” – John from Kingsland, GA


“Hello, my name is Jose. My home state is Florida, Miami area. I had a state of Florida General and Roofing certification but I never proceeded for licensing. This course is very good in that it covers homes in areas around continental U.S. These outside south Fla. areas are important and taught me other construction aspects seen in other parts our great country. I highly recommend the course to not only those pursuing a home inspection certification but to handy persons as well. Thank you for the highly detailed and very interesting and fun course. Regards.” – Jose from Miami, FL


“The course was set up to be easy to follow and informative. I enjoyed it and it was a great review for many things and I certainly learned a lot as well. Thanks.” – Joseph from Davie, FL


“Enjoyed learning thanks” – Juan from Naples, FL


“I have just completed this course and I am so glad I chose ICA School. I was debating between different courses that I researched and couldn’t decide on who to choose. After sending in my contact information to this website, I received a call back from ICA the very next day. I was left a detailed message and a contact number to call with any questions. This was ultimately what made my decision to go with this company. The fact that you all took the time to give me attention and see what I needed proved to me that you cared. This course was very informative and I have learned so much from these modules. Thank you all very much and I hope to have great updates about my business in the future.” – Karl from Pueblo West, CO


“This inspection certification program was very thorough, relevant, engaging and educational. A great experience!” – Keith from Jonesboro, GA


“Very informational!!!” – Kenneth from Healdsburg, CA


 “This is my first experience with on line education it was great and fit my style of learning. Thank you for this opportunity.” – Kevin from Mascoutah, IL


“Your course really opened up my eyes as to what’s really involved in a home inspection. I’ve just recently retired from the Bureau of Reclamation working as drilling manager / construction / inspector, construction lab and also assisted in building homes on days off for the past 40. I thought I would go into this knowing more than I did, wow was I wrong – I’ve learned a lot by taking your course. Thank You, Kev in (remember that the only person that knows it all, is a person that’s six feet under)” – Kevin from Meridian, ID


“I was very pleased with how the course is structured and felt the information was good and presented well! Also, the fact that the course can be accessed at any point in the future after completion and that you are constantly updating the material is a huge asset! Oh, and did I mention the price, I don’t think you could ask for a better value.” – Kevin from Delavan, WI


“Great class thanks” – Kyle from Bethlehem, PA


 “The course was very well presented and when necessary any emails or calls were returned quickly. Thank you for your class.” – Scott from Edmond, OK


“Thank you for making this course available to new inspectors. I especially liked the pictures from actual inspections that were incorporated into the modules. It made understanding the different scenarios easier and practical.” – Lee from Denver, CO


“Thanks for the wonderful journey. Thanks for all you do. I have just retired and this is my second calling.” – LH from Dixie, GA


“I never thought this course was so complete. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the knowledge provided.” – Marcos from Fort Lauderdale, FL


“Just want to say thank you for being so thorough and clear. I now have the confidence to become a great home inspector” – Marcus from Weed, CA


“Very informative course, and thorough break down of each section.” – Marty from Albuquerque, NM


“The Instructor’s expertise and knowledge (being a Professional Home Inspector himself) of the Home Inspection Process made the course! I liked his instructions concerning the Proper Home Inspection Process, Top to Bottom – Outside to Inside. Showing pictures of correct items and pictures of actual defects with explanations of why they were defects was very helpful. He kept it simple and easy to understand which was a big deal for me since I have no background in these areas!” – Max from Brunswick, GA


“Good course enjoyed it” – Michael from Suffolk, VA


“The tutorial was very good’ – Patrick from Indian Head Park, IL


“This course really helped improve my knowledge about home inspections, I am currently a project manager for a commercial construction company and learned more from this course than any other trainings I have had in the past. I recommend this course to anyone that is seeking to become a home inspector.” – Patrick from Albuquerque, NM


“Even though I have been in construction all my life, I’ve learned a lot from this course, and the instructor was great.” – Patrick from Riverview, MI


“The course was very thorough and easy to follow. I feel very confident that once I get my business set up and running that I will do fine after taking this course. Thanks a bunch!!” – Randall from Holiday, FL


 “I thought the course was presented in a great way. I was concerned about the online format, but it exceeded my expectations.” – Raymond from Valparaiso, IN


“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in the home inspection business!!!” – Rex from Thornville, OH


“I found the course easy to understand and work through.” – Richard from Sandpoint, ID


“Chuck is awesome Very relatable and I have been in residential construction for 30 years” – Rob from Cumming, GA


“This course was easy to navigate and use. I appreciate the library of documents!” – Robert from Los Alamos, NM


 “I found the course very helpful in preparing me to become a Home Inspector able to inspect both Residential and Light Commercial properties. Current pictures and bulleted points is very helpful in the learning process. I look forward to starting to do inspections and being able to continue to keep relationship with ICA. As a footnote, I will proudly display my certification of completion.” – Robert from West Chester, OH


“I highly recommend ICA to anyone. This coarse was the comprehensive training I needed to confidently get started. They did not cut any corners nor did they leave any stone unturned.” – Bob M. Philadelphia, PA


“Absolutely amazing course!  Thank you for this opportunity to build a better life for my family.” – Ryan from Littleton, CO


“I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace. The format was simple and user friendly.” – Ryan from Salina, KS


“I will recommend any of my friends to take this course” – Samuel from Savage, MD


“Thank you for all the information in this course, it was very helpful and informative.” – Sarah from Berkeley, CA


“The course was very in depth” – Steven from Aylett, VA


“It was easy to follow and the instructor made it very simple to understand” – Sybele from Haines City, FL


“I recently retired from Federal Civil Service with 37 years as an Marine Craft Inspector working in the Marine Industry. I have built several houses during my life time and I have worked as an Industrial Maintenance Engineer and Handyman. I had to take numerous courses to stay abreast of changing trades requirements and materials. Before I took this class, I thought it would be a breeze with my background. I soon found it was VERY detailed and informative. I would and have recommended this class to my friends and anyone interested in the home inspection industry.” – Terry from Jacksonville, Florida


“Course was detailed in practices & easy to follow at a pace you can adapt to your available time.” Tony from Knoxville, TN


“Great course” – Tony from South Jordan, UT


“I enrolled in the class to obtain my real estate inspection certification. I have experience with fire equipment inspections but have limited knowledge regarding building construction. The class was informative and demonstrated many aspects of building construction and building utilities. I would recommend the program to anyone looking to gain more building and utility knowledge, or someone looking to become a real estate inspector.” – Travers from Saint Clair Shores, MI


“Great course! I feel very comfortable beginning my career as a home inspector.” – Wes from Mableton, GA


“Very informative, very thorough, very time consuming (for me), but worth every minute and dollar spent!!” -William from Whittier, CA


“Great Course a must for the exam!” – William from Saint Amant, LA


“I thought that the information provided was direct and precise. Good examples are given for easy understanding (The electrical examples are spot on). I liked being able to do this course at my own pace.” – William from Wellford, SC


“Was an awesome course, been in the construction industry for over 23 years and this course still taught me new things.” – William from Sacramento, CA


“A wealth of additional verbiage and definitions of component systems not briefed or explained in the other real-estate course I took. Easy to digest and recall. Very well put together program, I will use it forever and for continuing education.” – Willis from Prosperity, SC


“The course that I have just gone through is one of the most complete courses I have taken. I’m CPO certified and CAMT certified and this hands down was the best course I have taken. To have someone take the time to explain marketing to you that was not expected but an awesome plus. Thanks ICA and Chuck was great when I needed help” – Zachery from Thorton, CO


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