Inspection Certification Associates provides high-quality education and hands-on instruction that prepares future home inspectors to pass state exams and the National Home Inspector Examination. We deliver the foundational knowledge learners require to launch their careers in home inspection and the life-long support they need to thrive.


Becoming an instructor for ICA enables you to build a wide network of industry peers, share your knowledge, and is a wonderful way to earn additional income.


As an instructor, your potential duties may include:

  • Lead in-person classes, webinars, and/or field training, including
    • Monitor attendance
    • Confirm classroom readiness
    • Locate and coordinate homes for field training
  • Administer assessments
  • Record webinars and/or voice-overs, referencing and expanding on course materials
  • Review and provide feedback on state-specific course materials, including, but not limited to, learning module, review exercises, and quizzes


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