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Interested in learning how to become a home inspector in Washington, DC? Washington, DC is one of about 20 states that have no licensing requirements for home inspectors.

How to Become a Certified Home Inspector in Washington, DC

  1. Register for the ICA online Real Estate Inspection Certification Program. This program will not only give you all the knowledge you’ll need to perform a home inspection and own/operate your own successful home inspection business, but you’ll also learn all about commercial inspections, as well as mold and radon inspections and building code. Upon completion of the course, you will be an ICA Certified Home Inspector, and we will issue you a certification number that you can use on your business cards and inspection reports.  If you plan to inspect in either Virginia or Maryland you will want to enroll in one of our classroom courses.  Those dates are below.
  2. Start your own business or go to work for an existing company!

Upcoming Classroom Training Dates

Rockville, MD 8 day Classroom Course

  • June 6 – 13, 2020 ($1,395) Register
  • August 8 – 15, 2020 ($1,395) Call to Register

Baltimore, MD 8 day Classroom Course

  • May 31 – June 7, 2020 ($1,395) Register
  • July 18 – 25, 2020 ($1,395) Call to Register
  • Sept. 19 – 26, 2020 ($1,395) Call to Register

All of Virginia – Webinar

  • April 16 – 19, 2020 ($1,395) Register
  • April 30 – May 3, 2020 ($1,395) Register
  • May 14 – 17, 2020 ($1,395) Register

Chesapeake, VA

  • April 16 – 19, 2020 ($1,395) Register

Manassas, VA

Richmond, VA

Roanoke, VA

  • April 30 – May 3, 2020 ($1,395) Register

Inspection Credentials for Our Washington, DC Home Inspection Course

While Washington, DC home inspection requirements are virtually non-existent, consumers will expect their home inspector to be educated through qualified programs. We’ve partnered with several professional organizations for precisely that reason. Approved by both InterNACHI and the American Society of Home Inspectors, our Washington, DC Home Inspection Course is the best way to prepare for a long career in this lucrative field. 

Included Free in Our Washington, DC Home Inspection Course

Once an ICA student, always an ICA student. Even after you’ve completed our Washington, DC Home Inspection Course, you’ll have lifetime access to our course materials. This allows students to learn at their own pace and return to the content any time they want to refresh their memory. While your immediate goal might be to earn your Washington, DC home inspector license, ICA allows you to continue learning and diversifying your offerings throughout your career.

Additional Perks of Becoming an ICA Student

Lifelong access to our content is huge. Also big? The freebies included in enrollment in our Home Inspection Course. Upon registering, you’ll receive immediate access to resources including: 

Learn More About ICA Now

Begin your new career and earn your Washington, DC home inspector license from the comfort of your own home. It’s never been easier to learn a new trade! Check out our FAQ section for more information about ICA’s offerings, or register now to begin your training!

Got More Questions?

Need more information or still have questions about ICA’s Washington, DC home inspector training? Browse through the FAQs below, or call us at 888-374-4096. We’re here to help you get started on your way to an exciting and rewarding new career as a home inspector in Washington, DC.

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How do I become a home inspector in DC?

Once a student completes our online home inspection course they have now become a certified home inspector. Upon completion of the course we mail out your home inspection certification and issue you your certification number. That number is what you’ll want to put on your business cards and home inspection reports. At that point you’re ready to go!  Our training is also approved in Virginia and Maryland.

Does a home inspector need to get on the roof of the home?

No. Home inspectors should not go on the roof of the home. Per current standards of practice, the proper way to inspect a roof is to stand back and use binoculars. A few home inspectors have even started using small drones to inspect a roof, but that is not very common yet. Over ninety percent of home inspectors use the binocular technique for inspecting the roof of a home.

How much money do home inspectors make?

The average annual salary for a home inspector in DC is approximately $75,000 per year.

How much does a home inspection pay?

The average fee for a home inspection in DC is $440. The amount you charge for any given home inspection will vary based upon age and square footage of the home. As part of our course we teach you how to calculate a proper home inspection fee.

Is your home inspection training course recognized by InterNACHI?

Yes. We work very closely with InterNACHI.  In fact all of our graduates receive a free one month membership to InterNACHI.

Is your home inspection training school affiliated with ASHI?

Yes. We work closely with the American Society of Home Inspectors. In fact, we train you specifically to the ASHI standards of practice and our training school  is a Gold level member with ASHI.

Is your home inspection training class recognized by NAHI?

In 2016 NAHI merged with ASHI, so NAHI no longer exists as a home inspection membership organization.

Does DC require continuing education for home inspectors?

No. Continuing education is not required for home inspectors in DC.

Do you mail me a physical copy of my certification?

Yes. We mail out your home inspection certification out to you upon completion of our online course. We also mail out a laminated copy of your credentials that you can carry in your wallet.

What should I use for my inspection report when I perform a home inspection?

We have an arrangement with www.homeinspectionform.com where our graduates receive a free copy of their Report Form Pro Nitro home inspection reporting software. That is the report that most of our graduates start with since it is so easy to use. Normally selling for $399 the Report Form Pro Nitro home inspection report software can be printed and filled out by hand, or filled out on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can even put in photos easily. They also have a mobile app version of their home inspection report that can be used on an android or apple mobile device. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have a home inspection report form that you’re comfortable with and these are both good home inspection report options.

Does the online home inspection training course for DC have a time limit?

No. There is no time limit on our home inspector course so you can take as much time as you would like to complete it.

Do you provide students with a list of tools needed for performing a home inspection?

Yes. We provide you with a list of tools needed. Total cost for the tools including your moisture meter and combustible gas detector comes out to about $200.

What about marketing materials?

We suggest using www.vistaprint.com for your business cards, brochures, and company website if you set one up. They are very affordable and even have templates specific to home inspection businesses.

Do you offer my state home inspection test?

There is no state exam for home inspectors in DC.

Do you send my certificate to the board?

There is no home inspection licensing board in DC.

Can I start my own business after taking your online home inspection course?

Yes. In fact the majority of our graduates will start their own successful home inspection business after completing our course. We also train you on how to market yourself as a home inspector and how to set up your own inspection business.

Will I be able to do commercial inspections after taking this course?

Yes. You’ll be certified for both residential inspection and commercial inspection. On the commercial side of things we train you to the ASTM standards.

What if I have questions during the course?

We have full support for all students and graduates, both during and after the online home inspection course. Even if you have questions when you are on an actual live home inspection in the field we can assist via phone, text, or email.

Do I need to be a home builder or a contractor to be a home inspector?

Absolutely not. We train students from all different backgrounds to be successful home inspectors in DC.  A contractor background can be helpful but is not necessary to become a home inspector.