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Marketing for Home Inspectors is designed to teach home inspectors how to successfully build and market their home inspection business. This course is applicable in all states and provides both a foundation for new home inspectors to start their business and advanced techniques to allow experienced home inspectors to grow their business for years to come. Marketing for Home Inspectors totals eight hours of instructor-led streaming video, broken up into multiple sections to make it user-friendly.

ICA Marketing for Home Inspectors Course Preview



New home inspectors will learn many different marketing techniques including how to market to real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and many other individuals who play a role in the real estate transaction. How do you go about getting a website? Should you design your own brochures for your home inspection business or have someone else do that? These and many more questions that new home inspectors ask themselves will be fully answered in Marketing for Home Inspectors.

After completing the marketing course and building your business you may decide to expand by hiring additional inspectors to work within your business. A successful home inspector who finds himself in that situation would be wise to follow-up by completing our course titled Building a Multi-Inspector Business which teaches home inspectors the best way to expand their business by getting more inspectors in the field.

All eight hours of Marketing for Home Inspectors are included free of charge to students who enroll in the ICA online course or any of our classroom courses.