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Home Inspector License Requirements By State

Researching about earning your home inspector license in your state? When you complete your home inspection certification through Inspection Certification Associates, you’ll have met the home inspector requirements to receive a home inspector license in almost any region of the country. ICA’s home inspector training goes beyond just the basics. Students who enroll in our Home Inspector Certification Program receive both radon and mold training and certification courses at no extra cost. You’ll also receive the $399 Report Form Pro Nitro inspection reporting software that lets home inspectors create professional Home Inspection Reports directly from an iPad, iPhone, smartphone or PC. All this and more is included for a one-time tuition payment of just $795!

Enrolling with Inspection Certification Associates

Too often, people stay stuck in careers they’re not happy with because it costs too much time and money to switch jobs. With ICA, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently master new concepts at an affordable price. Unlike schools that teach home inspection students in classrooms, an ICA student can work at his or her own pace to complete their home inspector certification training. Since all instruction and reference materials are available online 24/7, students have direct access with laptops, tablets, smartphones or PCs anywhere and any time they can connect to the Internet. That means there’s no chance of missing important class instructions due to unforeseen events, such as illness or a scheduling conflict. It also means there’s no need to take time away from your current job while studying for your new career as a licensed home inspector. Check out a short video demonstration of our fully narrated online classes!

ICA’s online Home Inspector Certification Training also means that if you’re having trouble understanding portions of a lesson, you can revisit and go over any segment of the training as often as needed to absorb what’s being taught. As an example, if you’re having trouble with some parts of the electrical training instruction, simply replay the segment as many times as needed until you fully grasp what’s being taught. The ability to pause, take notes, rewind and fast forward through the curriculum is ideal for all learning styles. You’ll never feel rushed during an ICA course!

If you’re still having problems, don’t worry. Just give us a call or drop us an email. One of our instructors, all of whom are themselves professional home inspectors, will be pleased to answer your questions and give you all the help you need. This valuable personalized support doesn’t end with graduation from ICA training – it will continue to be available to you even after you’ve received your home inspector certification and license and are actively conducting actual home inspections. This level of support is unparalleled and is part of why ICA has become such an industry favorite. Our staff will be with you every step of the way to getting your home inspector license and stick around to help guide you through any professional challenges you might face.

Convenient Home Inspector Licensing

No matter your background, you can earn your home inspector certification in a matter of a few weeks. Even the most novice of professionals can master the concepts covered in our courses quickly. The learning doesn’t stop once you’ve earned your home inspector license, either. Most other home inspection training schools charge their graduates for refresher training, but not Inspection Certification Associates. Graduates of ICA’s home inspector training receive free lifetime access to online refresher training classes. Our training materials are constantly being updated, which means you’ll always be current on the very latest home inspection trends, standard, and techniques. Given how quickly technology and tools change in the home inspection field, these resources will be immensely helpful throughout your career. Rather than pay for expensive training and webinars on evolving trends, you’ll simply log in to your ICA account to stay in the loop.

You’ll also have lifetime access to our extensive online library, which is one of the largest collections of reference materials to be found in any home inspection training school. All e-books and other training materials in ICA’s online library can be downloaded to your computer, so you’ll always have access to them, even after you’ve completed your home inspector training and received your certification. This tremendous value is factored into your one-time tuition payment, making it easy to stay abreast of changing trends and technologies in the field.

Our online library of bonus course materials is another perk available to ICA students. These extra classes allow you to hone in on specific subject areas where you might need more in-depth knowledge, like pool and spa inspection procedures. Since the homes our students inspect are as varied as the United States itself, it’s important to have this additional material ready and waiting for aspiring home inspectors. Easy to refer back to at any time, these bonus classes offer real value and a way to gain an edge over competing home inspectors in your area.

Offering Certifications to All Regions

Home inspector license requirements vary by state, but ICA offers course materials for every market in the country. Our online home inspection course can be completed anytime anywhere.

No matter where you live or dream of working as a home inspector, our classes will prepare you for the daily practices required of the job. Use our bonus courses to supplement the primary class material so you can specialize in the aspects of home inspection that are most common in your region.

Regardless of what state you live in, enrolling in Inspection Certification Associates’ online training will start you on your way to a new and exciting career as a licensed home inspector. Affordable, convenient and engaging, our courses are a great way to switch up your career path and open up the door to new opportunities. No matter your background, ICA can help you understand the foundations and practical procedures necessary to work as a home inspector.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what ICA graduates say about ICA’s online home inspection training. We’re proud of the satisfaction our students report and are committed to serving future home inspectors with the same degree of support. Other training programs may offer similar features, but only ICA has the wraparound assistance and guidance necessary to ensure students are successful in their new careers.

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