Inspection Certification Associate’s online Real Estate Inspection Certification Program is exceptionally comprehensive, effective and available on various mobile devices. Using laptops, desktops, tablets and iOS or Android smartphones, students complete the classwork at their own pace. Each of the 28 streaming video home inspector training sessions is narrated by an instructor who is a home inspection industry professional. All students and graduates have continuous access to ICA’s extensive online library of home inspection e-books and other materials. Our online home inspector courses also include professional home inspection report software, which lets home inspectors complete their reports on smartphones or tablets.

$695 for Online Course and all Bonus Materials for Life!

Online Home Inspection Courses Taught by Experts

Instructor-led Home Inspection Classes

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ICA’s home inspection training instructors are knowledgeable and highly experienced industry professionals. Having personally performed thousands of home and commercial property inspections, they’ve seen and done it all. Through fully narrated streaming video classes, ICA’s instructors cover the entire home inspection process. Everything from the basics of home inspections to starting your new career as a certified home inspector and promoting your home inspection business is included. Below is a preview of ICA’s online video instruction.

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All home inspection training materials are available online 24/7, which allows you to proceed at your own pace. Using a tablet or other digital device, the classes can be taken any time that’s convenient and anywhere there’s an Internet connection available.

At ICA, we offer more than just the basics. Here’s some of what’s included with your one-time $695 tuition payment.

Additional Home Inspection Courses


Enrollment in ICA’s Home Inspection Training and Certification Program also gives you access to all bonus courses, including our Radon and Mold Detection Training and Certification Courses, which are a $200 value if purchased separately. These bonus courses round out our home inspector training by covering all the niche services you may be interested in offering customers. Created with industry best practices in mind, bonus course material can help you diversify your skillset and allow you to stand out from the crowd of local home inspectors. You will get free access to 8 hours of video marketing lessons for home inspectors. Convenient, easy to follow, and free with enrollment, there’s no reason not to take advantage of these excellent resources!

Home Inspection Report Software

As part of your $695 tuition, you will receive Report Form Pro Nitro from Home Inspection Report LLC. Considered to be the gold standard of home inspection report software, Report Form Pro Nitro is well worth enrollment in our home inspection classes. This is a $399 value included! And there is no catch. There aren’t any activation or on-going fees either. You can generate home inspection reports from an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet. No matter your preferred device, Report Form Pro Nitro allows you to quickly and easily share photos, videos, and notes you take during the inspection process. With just a click of a button, you can send your findings to clients. It’s never been easier to point out defects, highlight concerns, or provide evidence of an emerging problem than with this app!


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Marketing Training

We offer marketing education as part of our home inspector training. The course contains our Marketing for Home Inspectors Course. You get 8 hours of specific home inspection marketing techniques to build and grow your business. This includes “The Focused Marketing Plan”, social media marketing, grassroots marketing, micro-marketing, performance marketing, direct mailing marketing and daily business marketing, just to name a few. If you’re planning on starting your own home inspection business, these courses are a must. As an added bonus all ICA Home Inspection Course students also receive a free lifetime listing on, which is a website where real estate agents and homebuyers go to find certified home inspectors. This is a tremendous value as hundreds of qualified home inspectors pay $200 per year to be listed there.

Ongoing Industry Expert Support

At ICA, we partner with industry thought leaders to lead our home inspection training courses. These experts have thousands of inspections under their collective belt – they bring real-world experience as well as academic precision to the virtual classroom. The best part? Our instructors are available to help as well as our industry expert team. While you might expect to feel at arm’s length from the teacher of your online class, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our instructors and industry experts work diligently to answer questions, chat with students on the phone about their career prospects, and counsel ICA graduates long after they’ve finished their home inspection classes. Whether you’re an ICA home inspection training student or graduate or are interested in finding out more about a career as a professional home inspector, call us toll-free at 888-374-4096. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

Additional Inspection Learning Opportunities

ICA’s home inspector courses cover a broad range of topics that most of our competitors don’t. Examples are classes on inspecting commercial buildings and using drones to check out rooftops during inspections. We also provide more than 20 downloadable e-books covering diverse topics such as energy audits and termite inspections. Different from most other home inspection training programs, our graduates have lifetime access to all ICA courses and materials. All ICA home inspection graduates are also eligible for a free one-month membership to InterNACHI which provides home inspector continuing education and mentorship.

Online Home Inspection Certification

By completing the online home inspection course with Inspection Certificate Associates, you will fulfill the home inspection training requirements in nearly every state. No matter where you’re from or where you hope to establish your home inspection business, we’ve got a roadmap for you to follow to success. Earn your ICA home inspector certification while satisfying state-level requirements for licensure. Not only will our course prepare you to obtain your home inspection license, it will also equip you for the real world. Don’t just take our word for it, take a listen below to what some of our customers have to say. You can also view more testimonials.

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Unlike some other home inspection training schools, our course materials are consistently updated to include the latest guidelines and techniques. We work with professional organizations like InterNACHI and the American Society of Home Inspectors to design coursework that follows industry best practices.

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$695 for Online Course and all Bonus Materials for Life!
Updated for 2023!

ICA’s Home Inspection Course Outline

  1. Overview of Home Inspections
    Provides an introduction and review of the home inspection industry
  2. Legal and Business Aspects
    Forming a business, pre-inspection agreements, insurance, marketing
  3. The Inspection Process
    Method of inspecting a house, Standards of Practice
  4. Roofing 1
    Roofing terms, materials, shingles types, roofing inspection process
  5. Roofing 2
    Roofing inspection process continued, roofing defects
  6. Exterior 1
    Site as it affects the home, grading, siding materials, defects
  7. Exterior 2
    Trim, porches, decks, stops, steps, paving, vegetation, defects
  8. Structure 1
    Structural basics, beams, joists, trusses, roof and wall framing, foundations
  9. Structure 2
    Structural inspection and defect recognition
  10. Interior 1
    Attics, insulation, interior rooms, walls, windows, doors
  11. Interior 2
    Bathrooms, kitchens, household appliances, basements, crawl spaces
  12. Plumbing 1
    Supply and waste piping, cross connections, vents, drainage
  13. Plumbing 2
    Fixtures, faucets, water heaters
  14. Plumbing 3
    Water heaters continued, fuel piping and storage, sump and ejector pumps
  15. Heating 1
    Combustion air requirements, forced air heating inspection process
  16. Heating 2
    Hydronic heating systems inspection process
  17. Heating 3
    Space heating, fireplaces, wood stoves, chimneys and vents
  18. Air Conditioning 1
    Refrigeration theory, split systems, ductless split systems, high-velocity
  19. Air Conditioning 2
    Air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps
  20. Electrical 1
    Electrical theory, service drops, wire gauges
  21. Electrical 2
    Wire material and types, electrical panels
  22. Electrical 3
    Main panels, sub panels
  23. Electrical 4
    Outlets, switches, fixtures, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors
  24. Report Writing
    Providing a proper written report for the client
  25. Marketing 1
    Strategies for building your home inspection business
  26. Marketing 2
    Strategies for building your home inspection business
  27. Commercial Inspection
    Inspecting commercial buildings, covers ASTM standards
  28. Inspection with Drones
    Using a drone to complete roof inspections

You’ll also get full access to our online reference library which includes:

  • Mold – Introductory mold course along with over 800 pages of downloadable e-books and online reference material
  • Radon – Introductory radon course along with over 600 pages of downloadable e-books and online reference material
  • Indoor Air Quality – over 200 pages of downloadable e-books and online reference material
  • International Building Codes – over 5,000 pages of downloadable e-books and online reference material

When you complete Inspector Certification Associates’ online home inspector training, you’ll have met the home inspector training requirements for just about every state across the country (see State Licensing). You’ll also be qualified to begin conducting real life home inspections. But don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our graduates say about ICA home inspection training.

Enroll today in ICA’s fast and affordable online home inspector training program to get started on your way to an exciting and rewarding new career as a certified home inspector!

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