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A home’s septic system is among its most vital components. When functioning as intended, a septic system goes largely unnoticed. When repairs are needed, though, a septic system becomes impossible to ignore. For home inspectors, septic system inspection training is necessary to learn both the fundamentals and latest techniques used to spot problems. Inspection Certification Associates’ septic tank inspection training course is an excellent opportunity for both new and experienced inspectors to delve deeper into the intricacies of septic inspection.

A septic tank inspection course can give you the insight you need to perform your duties at the highest level possible. Because word-of-mouth referrals are the bread and butter of so many home inspection businesses, your reputation for thorough inspections will no doubt attract more clients. Making homeowners aware of their property’s overall condition is important, but identifying specific septic tank problems can be especially helpful.

Expert home inspectors know how risky it is to perform a visual inspection of a septic tank. Skipping over the septic system altogether is even riskier. No matter the age of a home, it’s worth conducting a full inspection of the septic tank.


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Our septic system inspection training covers industry-regarded best practices for both visual and full tests. While visual inspections are more common, full tests are often necessary for a complete picture of a home’s septic tank. Septic tank inspection training will help you identify common problems, including leaks, overflows and corrosion. Because septic systems only have an average life expectancy of about 25 years, inspectors find problems more often than you might expect.

Like all the courses offered by ICA, our septic tank inspection course is led by experienced home inspectors who keep abreast with evolving techniques, strategies and tools for the job. The material is delivered in an approachable, easy to understand manner. Those who need extra support also have the option to reach out to instructors for additional guidance. Because our courses are offered online at your convenience, there is no limit on how slowly (or quickly!) you complete the material.

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If you’re looking for septic system inspection training to bring your skills to the next level, ICA is an affordable and convenient option. While other courses might require you to sacrifice valuable business hours to attend class, our material is accessible any time of night or day. Even better, our septic system class is available for free for those who enroll in the online home inspection course – it’s just one of the many bonus classes available to those who pursue their certification through ICA.

Get your home inspection career started today by registering for the course online. If you’re already a certified home inspector and just need a septic system training class to stay updated on the latest techniques, the class is available à la carte. For just $100, you’ll gain access to the septic system resources you’ll need to perform quality inspections. Call 888-374-4096 to get started – there’s never been an easier way to educate yourself!