Septic Inspection Course

Included Free with our home inspection course!

The ICA Septic Inspection Course is designed to teach home inspectors how to inspect septic systems as part of the home inspection process. Septic systems are very common in rural areas of the United States and Canada, although they can be found anywhere. Home inspectors who complete this course will learn about the critical components that make up traditional septic systems, how those components work, and how to report on the condition of those components.

Septic systems typically fall outside of the standards of practice for a common home inspection. That said, in rural areas you will have home inspection clients from time to time who will ask questions about the functionality of their septic systems so it is a good idea to have a working knowledge of those systems. Below you’ll find a sample of our online Septic System Inspection class.


Septic Inspection Course Demo Video



The Septic System Inspection Course is included free of charge for students who enroll in our online home inspection course or any of our classroom home inspection training courses. Individuals not enrolled in our home inspection course can purchase the online Septic Inspection Course separately for $100 by calling us at (888)374-4096.