Arizona Home Inspection Licensing

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Arizona requires classroom home inspection training and parallel inspections with a state-licensed home inspector to become licensed as a home inspector in Arizona.

Get started with the following steps to become a licensed home inspector in Arizona:

  1. Complete an approved 80-hour home inspection course. (Note: The Inspection Certification Associates Arizona Home Inspector Course is not currently approved in Arizona.  To see a list of approved schools, please visit the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.)
  2. Perform 30 parallel inspections with an Arizona licensed home inspector.
  3. Take and pass the National Home Inspectors Exam. If you need help passing the National Home Inspectors Exam, we suggest this exam prep app –
  4. Start your own business or go to work with other experts in the industry!

Perks of Becoming an ICA Student

Although ICA’s Real Estate Inspection Certification Program is only the first step toward Arizona’s 80-hour training requirement, completing our program will give you the background knowledge necessary to start your own commercial and residential property inspection business; in addition to teaching you all about commercial inspections as well as mold, radon, and code. A thorough education in the foundations of home inspection is far from the only benefit of becoming an ICA student, however. 

ICA is partner of the International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the nation’s largest professional association of certified home inspectors. After completing your home inspector training through ICA, you’ll receive a complimentary one-month InterNACHI membership, and ICA will give you free access to several additional certifications, including radon, mold and wood destroying organism (WDO) detection training.

Begin Your Arizona Home Inspection Course Now

A career in Arizona’s home inspection industry is a smart choice for recent graduates, career-switchers, or anyone eager to change fields. ICA makes it easy to obtain your Arizona home inspector license, with convenient online classes to help aspiring inspectors of all backgrounds learn the ropes. Get started now by registering here!

Got more questions?

Read on for more information about Arizona home inspection courses.

How do I become a certified home inspector in Arizona?

It’s a straightforward process beginning with an 80-hour course that includes both classroom and field training. The required field training consists of accompanying a house inspector licensed by the State of Arizona on 30 actual home inspections. Pease note that Inspection Certification Associates’ online classroom training isn’t officially recognized by Arizona. For a list of approved home inspector training schools in Arizona, visit the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration.

Although ICA’s Real Estate Inspection Certification Program won’t fulfill Arizona’s 80-hour training requirement, completing our program will give you the background knowledge needed to start your own commercial and residential property inspection business. Check out our website to see everything that’s included with our program.

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll need to pass the National Home Inspectors’ Exam to become an Arizona home inspector. If you need help preparing for the exam, we recommend Home Inspection Report’s National Home Inspectors’ Practice Exam, which contains more than 700 multiple choice practice questions. Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll be ready to start your own house inspection business or work for an established inspection business.

How much money do home inspectors in Arizona make?

As of October 2018, home inspectors in Arizona were earning between $18,000 and $94,000 annually. The average Arizona home inspector makes $49,295 per year, which is 7% higher than the national average

Is ICA’s Home Inspector Training affiliated with ASHI?

Yes. Inspection Certification Associates is a longtime affiliate of both the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI), which in 2016 became a part of ASHI.

Is your home inspection training course recognized by InterNACHI?

Yes. ICA is partner of the International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

Is ICA training recognized by NAHI?

ICA has a long standing association with both NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors) and ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). As mentioned above, the two organizations merged in 2016.

Does Arizona require continuing education for home inspectors?

No, the Arizona Board of Technical Registration doesn’t require home inspector continuing education at this time. If, however, you completed ICA’s Home Inspector Certification Training to prepare for the National Home Inspector’s Exam, you’re entitled to lifetime free refresher training. You’ll also have free access to ICA’s extensive online training materials library, which means you’ll always be able to keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies in the home inspection industry.

What special skills do I need to become a home inspector?

To become a successful home inspector, a variety of skills are required, but they’re not difficult to obtain or improve. The three most important skills needed to become a home inspector are:

  • Self-Motivation. As with most professions, your success – and therefore your income – is directly related to the amount of effort you put into promoting and advancing your career.
  • Interpersonal Skills. Professional home inspectors need to be comfortable working and speaking with the general public, which requires proficiencies in listening and communicating.
  • A Working Knowledge of Construction. Although many inspectors come from related fields, anyone willing to learn can acquire the needed construction industry knowledge. ICA’s Home Inspector Training Program will provide the background for you to succeed as a home inspector.

Is there a demand for home Inspectors in Arizona?

House inspectors are always in demand in Arizona and elsewhere. As long as there are buyers and sellers who exchange residential properties, home inspectors will always be needed. Once you become a certified home inspector, chances are you’ll enjoy a lifetime of job security.