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Profitable Ancillary Home Inspection Services by Region

Some home defects and homeowner concerns are fairly universal. Whether you live in Oregon, Kentucky or South Carolina, termites could invade or your 20-year roof might not survive that long. But every region in the States has a few concerns that either aren’t covered in a general inspection or could use additional attention. If you’re […]

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Here’s What the Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors Can Do for You

The Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors, also known as VAREI, isn’t the oldest association in the country, nor is the largest. But it’s a busy one. Founded in 2000, association leaders and members have worked diligently to promote the industry and support issues that affect home inspectors and homeowners throughout the Commonwealth. With so […]

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If You Live in Wisconsin, Here’s How to Become a Certified Home Inspector

Home inspectors in the great state of Wisconsin are registered or licensed. Unlike many states, pre-licensing education isn’t required. If you can fulfill the state’s requirements, which include two home inspector examinations, you’re in. How does the whole process work? Read on to find out. #1: Pass a National Home Inspector Exam and a State […]

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