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There’s more involved with a home inspection than physically examining the property. Just as it’s recommended there be a written pre-inspection agreement between a client and an inspector establishing the cost of the inspection and scope of the work before the job begins, the assignment concludes with the inspector issuing a comprehensive written report, accompanied with photographs of his or her findings. Home inspection report software can make this process more streamlined, straightforward and easier to share with clients.

In most states, licensed home inspectors are required by law to deliver a report to clients reflecting their findings after completing the physical portion of an inspection. The inspector’s report should be delivered no more than a week after the inspection is completed, and preferably much sooner. With the right home inspection report software, you can turn around these reports in a matter of hours. In turn, you’ll gain a reputation for reliability and speed – something prospective clients will be eager to learn about.

There’s almost nothing more important to your reputation and success as a professional home inspector than the quality of the report your client receives after you’ve finished inspecting a home. Clients expect a report that’s thorough, and they want to receive it as soon as possible. Home Inspection reports should always be given to the client promptly since they depend upon your findings as to the condition of a property to help them make what is probably one of the most important decisions of their lives. Free home inspection software can make your job easier while also easing the anxieties of your clients. It’s a true win-win for everyone involved.

About Report Form PRO Nitro

Inspection Certification Associates makes generating inspection reports fast and easy. We teamed up with to give graduates of ICA’s online Home Inspection Training and Certification Course a means of instantly creating and generating home inspection reports for their clients. The reporting software package is available for both iOS and Android devices, and includes Report Form Pro Nitro which is the industry’s premiere app for generating inspection reports directly from smartphones or tablets. Information can be input manually by typing or through the app’s voice input feature. This ease of use makes it possible for any home inspector to create thorough reports with the press of a few buttons. Regardless of how tech-savvy you may or may not be, Report Form Pro Nitro has the solutions you need to provide the in-depth report your clients expect.

The software also lets inspectors easily add digital images to the report using a smartphone or tablet’s camera during the inspection. Images are useful since they clearly point out defects or areas of concern, particularly in hard-to-reach areas such as crawl spaces or attics. Using Report Form Pro Nitro, it’s simple to instantly create, view, edit and deliver home inspection reports either by printing or emailing the completed reports to your clients.

Technology has made it easier than ever to alert clients to potential maintenance challenges a property may face. Nobody likes a surprise less than a new homeowner, and home inspection report software helps mitigate the number of unexpected repairs they’ll face in their new house. By quickly pulling up photos and videos to explain areas of concern, you can easily educate clients about what they’re purchasing. Insight into the health of the home’s overall systems can also provide much-needed intel about the ongoing maintenance needs of the property.

Every home inspector has their preferences – some like to chat face to face with clients immediately after an inspection, while others prefer to organize their findings and present them at a later time. No matter your inspection style, home inspection software is an excellent asset for client communication. The Report Form Pro Nitro package can also be used to generate reports from desktop and laptop computers as well smartphones or tablets. Both versions of the software allow the inspector to create pre-inspection agreements outlining the scope of the work and establishing the cost of the inspection. If the inspector prefers, or there isn’t a printer readily available, Report Form Pro Nitro will also generate blank forms that can be filled out by hand, although issuing handwritten reports isn’t generally recommended.

Home Inspection Report Form FREE to Students

If purchased separately, the Report Form Pro Nitro package would cost $400, but all Inspection Certification Associates students receive it free of charge. It’s included in the tuition, and is yours to keep after you complete your training. Unlike most other home inspection reporting programs, there are no renewal charges or other fees. You’ll also receive free, unlimited customer support from representatives, who are always available to resolve any issues and answer any questions you may have related to the home inspection report software. The National Home Inspector’s practice exam software, which contains more than 700 questions and normally retails for $75, is also included free of charge when you choose ICA for your home inspection training.

The bread and butter of any successful home inspector, this software is crucial for providing clients the level of detail they are expecting. As technology evolves, so do the expectations of home buyers and sellers. A thorough inspection report is no longer a preference – it’s a must.

Here’s a brief video demonstration of the Report Form Pro Nitro app highlighting its several unique features, along with instructional videos that show how easy it is to generate reports using iOS or Android devices with this outstanding home inspection software.

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Report Form Pro Nitro Instructions for iPad and iPhone

Report Form Pro Nitro Instructions for Android

What to Include in a Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report should cover all of the home’s components and systems, and clearly point out any defects found by the inspector, including pictures of areas of concern. Home inspection software can help guide you through the process of inspecting a property, but it can also help inform clients of your findings. Here are some of the more important areas that the report should cover:

  • Structural elements, including the home’s framing, foundation, beams, joists, and trusses
  • The home’s exterior, including the site and grading, siding and trim, porches, decks and patios, balconies, railings, walkways, and driveways
  • The roof, including shingles and skylights
  • The interior of the home, including all rooms, floors and ceilings, windows and doors, attics and crawl spaces, stairs and railings, kitchens and appliances, bathrooms and fixtures
  • Plumbing supply lines, drains, connections, faucets and fixtures, vents, water heaters, sump pumps, and the septic system if the house isn’t connected to a public sewer line
  • The home’s electrical system, including the main and subpanels, outlets and switches, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • The heating and air conditioning systems’ equipment and ductwork, along with fireplaces and chimneys
  • Insulation in the walls and ceilings

The inspector’s report should also include maintenance recommendations, along with safety suggestions. Using Report Form Pro Nitro makes it easy to include these, as well as any additional information the inspector feels will be helpful to the client. This report gives you the chance to really voice your opinion on a home’s condition, allowing you to warn prospective home buyers about their investment or give them the much-needed assurance that the home is in livable condition.

If you’re not especially tech-savvy, learning about inspection report software can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, ICA employs patient instructors who are experienced in the field and can walk you through any challenges you might come upon on your journey towards a home inspection career. Even after you complete our course, you’ll retain access to our library of resources, bonus classes, and of course, instructor guidance. This accessibility makes ICA a leader in our field.

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