Is Radon Testing Typically a Part of the Home Inspection Process in Florida?

The purchase of a new home is exciting. After an offer is accepted, the due diligence period that follows is filled with inspections, quote-gathering, and moving plans. As new homeowners kick the metaphorical tires, they’ll want to work with a certified home inspector to determine if their new house is safe. In Florida, all home inspections include radon testing. This odorless, colorless gas can lead to serious health problems, which is why so many Florida home inspectors opt to take radon training courses as part of their education.

Though not limited to the Sunshine State, radon is a class A carcinogen found in 20 percent of Florida homes. It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer in the country. A radon inspection and measurement course can teach aspiring home inspectors more about this deadly gas, but professionals and homebuyers should educate themselves about the dangers associated with radon, too. Radon is a challenge for single-family homes, multi-family communities, and even high-rise condominiums.

What is Radon?

Radium is a naturally occurring chemical found in Floridian soil. As it breaks down, radon is released. The gas then seeps into foundations, flooring, and can even become trapped inside a home when levels become concentrated enough. Though sellers must warn buyers if radon has been a problem in the past, they’re not required to anything more than notify interested parties of the issue. Florida law demands radon testing be conducted as part of any home inspection before the sale of a property.

Though naturally occurring, the impact radon has on humans cannot be underestimated. The risks of lung cancer are especially high for smokers living in homes with radon present. Studies have also shown that children are especially susceptible to the dangers of radon. Their rapidly dividing cells and higher rate of respiration leads to more radiation damage from radon. Because there are no immediate symptoms to alert you of the presence of radon, a person can be exposed to the gas for years before problems surface. For these reasons, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Surgeon General and American Lung Association all recommend having properties inspected for radon before they’re purchased.

Is Radon Testing Necessary?

Though most professional home inspectors in Florida will have taken a radon inspection course, not all of them are certified in this area. Homebuyers are required to have radon testing done before they purchase a property, though, so it makes sense to hire a home inspector with experience in radon. It is up to the buyer to ensure this testing is conducted, though – not all standard home inspections include radon testing. In fact, it may require an additional inspection process. Self-advocacy is key to protecting your family from the dangers of radon.

While it might be tempting to cut corners and save some money on inspections by opting out of radon testing, doing so could be deadly. The only way to know if a home is safe is to conduct thorough radon testing. While you might save some cash upfront by avoiding a radon inspection, the potential costs could be devastating. Considering the high rates of radium found in the Florida soil, it’s extremely necessary to have an inspection conducted before moving into a new home.

Where Can Home Inspectors Get Certified to Conduct Radon Testing?

Professionals considering taking radon continuing education courses should take the plunge and expand their repertoire. This is especially true of home inspectors working in Florida. Clients will be quick to request radon testing, so anyone hoping to become a home inspector in this region should take a radon inspection course in anticipation of such demands. While radon testing is typically a part of the home inspection process in Florida, not every inspection training course will include radon testing in their curriculum. Aspiring home inspectors should be sure to look out for such classes when considering which training program to go through when getting certified.

Next to termite inspections, radon inspections are some of the most frequently requested home inspection services. Don’t miss out on potential earnings: get certified to conduct radon testing as soon as possible. Radon training courses will prepare you to conduct measurements, install radon mitigation systems and pass the certification exam.

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