The Importance of Wind Mitigation Inspections in Florida  

Coastal living has a lot of benefits – gorgeous weather, stunning shorelines and delicious seafood are never in short supply in Florida. Unfortunately, though, with those beautiful shores comes an increased risk of severe weather. Florida home buyers will be eager to learn how their future home will stand up to hurricane-force winds, which is why it’s important for local home inspectors to undergo Florida wind mitigation inspection training. Thankfully, ICA offers a course that professionals can complete on their own time and at their own pace. It’s never been easier to up your expertise and diversify your services as a home or commercial property inspector.

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Florida home inspection licensing bodies and clients alike will look kindly on inspectors who have taken wind mitigation inspection training courses. While not necessary in every state, this kind of training is incredibly important in hurricane-prone areas like the Sunshine State. Wind mitigation inspections help homeowners identify the features and additions to a property that will limit the amount of damage a storm might cause. A home’s wind mitigation inspection can help property owners purchase insurance and save them money in the long-term.

In a wind mitigation inspection, professionals look for features like water barriers, roof to foundation anchoring and window and door covers. All of these elements help to seal, protect and prevent water from intruding into the home. They also help ensure a home can withstand strong winds and limit the impact of flying debris. While wind-related perils may not be at the forefront of the minds of home buyers, they’re certainly a top concern of the banks financing homes and the insurance companies providing coverage.

Why Train in Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Not all home inspection training programs include wind mitigation courses. For those aspiring home inspectors who live in especially hurricane-prone regions, though, wind mitigation inspection training is a must. Clients expect you to be knowledgeable about their property’s wind mitigation features, especially when their mortgage lender or insurance company asks about them. Many companies will give home buyers a discount if they have wind mitigation inspections conducted, making this particular service incredibly in-demand.

Your training can help clients save money, but a wind mitigation inspection certification can also help save lives. Hurricanes and severe thunderstorms aren’t just minor annoyances – they can do real damage to the homes of families. By understanding the most common threats to resident safety in a storm, you’ll be able to make more informed recommendations about preparing a home for high winds and rain.

Bonus Training – Free of Charge

ICA offers all students a number of bonus training courses on our website. Our vast library includes training videos on all kinds of areas of expertise, including wind mitigation inspections. Like all the other course materials included in our student portal, the training is self-paced and easy to follow. Led by industry thought leaders who have hands-on experience in the field, these classes are as engaging as they are informative. The best part? Wind mitigation inspection training comes free with enrollment in our home inspection course.

There’s never been an easier way to learn an entirely new set of skills. Whether you’re experienced in the real estate or construction field or are brand new to the industry, ICA has the tools you need to begin your home inspection career. These bonus courses allow you to tailor your education to your precise interests and needs. Wind mitigation inspections are ideal for anyone hoping to inspect homes in Florida, but additional course materials on pool and spa inspections and wood destroying organisms may also come in handy in your home inspection training.

Save Your Clients Serious Money

Homes that have wind mitigation elements installed are less risky to insure than those without such features. To encourage homeowners to be proactive about storm damage, many insurance companies offer significant discounts to those with a recent wind mitigation report. The savings far outweigh the cost of the report, making it a no-brainer for new and existing homeowners to order. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to protecting a property you’ve invested real money into!

If you’re eager to diversify your skill set and offer clients a highly in-demand service, take advantage of ICA’s Florida wind mitigation inspection training. From the convenience of your living room, you can begin learning everything there is to know about wind, rain and storm damage and what features can prevent it. Since this course is free with enrollment in our home inspection training, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity. Don’t wait until hurricane season to get certified – wind mitigation inspections are needed right now!

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