Swimming Pool and Spa Inspection Course

Included Free with our home inspection course!

No matter where you’re located, chances are good you’ll be called to inspect a swimming pool or spa at some point in your home inspector career. When they occur, you’ll be glad you went through swimming pool inspection training with Inspection Certification Associates. Our pool inspection course is a great way to ensure you’re prepared to inspect any kind of home. While swimming pools and spas may be more common in some areas of the country like California and Florida, there’s not a state in this country that doesn’t have them.

In most cases, swimming pools and spas go beyond the accepted standards of practice and defined scope of a home inspection. Clients who are buying a home that includes a swimming pool or spa would prefer (and in many cases expect) their home inspector to at least perform a cursory inspection on those home components. The swimming pool or spa may be an important motivating factor in the buyer’s decision to purchase that property, and the more important that pool is to the client, the more likely they will want information regarding the condition of the pool.


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Our swimming pool inspection course is designed to teach home inspectors what they need to know in order to perform swimming pool and spa inspections as part of a typical home inspection. Students will learn about vital components to the swimming pool such as pumps, heaters and filters. We also cover safety standards such as fences, locks, covers and safety glass. Most importantly you’ll learn how to report on swimming pool safety issues and educate your clients about the condition of their pool or spa and any defects associated with them.

ICA courses are led by industry thought leaders who stay current with the evolving standards and best practices associated with pool and spa inspection certification requirements. Because our swimming pool inspection training is available online, students can quickly and easily access their course materials at any time of day or night. There’s never been a more convenient – or affordable – way to expand your home inspection knowledge!

The Perks of ICA Classes

Swimming pool inspection training is a must for anyone who hopes to routinely inspect homes for clients. The class is included free of charge for students who enroll in our online home inspection course  or any of our classroom home inspection training courses. Enrollment is easy, and can be done with a few pieces of information and mouse clicks. You’ll not only gain access to our pool inspection course, but you’ll have the entire ICA library of resources at your fingertips!

Once registered, you can dive right into training. Because our online classes are self-paced and easily digestible, you can determine the speed at which you complete each course. In many cases, those with little or no construction experience can become certified home inspectors in a matter of weeks. With qualified teachers to help you through the material, there’s no limit to how quickly you can finish the class.

Have you already received certified home inspector training but want access to swimming pool inspection training? No problem. ICA is recognized as a leader throughout the inspection industry, with professionals returning to our site for continuing education efforts throughout their career. Individuals not enrolled in our home inspection course can enroll in the swimming pool and spa inspection course separately for $100 by calling us at 888-374-4096.