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Looking to become a home inspector in Louisiana? It is a very straightforward process to become a licensed home inspector in the state of Louisiana.

How to Become a Licensed Home Inspector in Louisiana in Four Steps:

Step One: Complete a state-approved 90-hour home inspection course. (Note: Our online course is fully approved by the state of Louisiana to fulfill this requirement)

Step Two: Perform 30 hours of field training with a Louisiana Licensed Home Inspector

Step Three: Take and pass the National Home Inspectors Exam. We fully prepare all of our home inspection students for this exam and provide a 200-page online study guide along with 700 practice questions.

Step Four: Start your own business or go to work for an existing company!

We not only help you get licensed we help you supercharge your career and business with everything you need to be successful. ICA’s membership portal, Edcetera Home Inspection, provides you with ongoing support and training resources throughout your career. New students who enroll in a home inspection licensing course with ICA receive a one-year membership for free, a $99 value!

There’s no doubt about it: the future of the Louisiana housing market looks bright. A thriving economy has driven home buyers to flock to the Creole State to purchase properties at every price point. Anytime a home is bought or sold, an experienced Louisiana home inspector will be called out to assess the property’s condition.

It’s no surprise that these professionals are in high demand throughout the state. This lucrative career has a relatively low barrier for entry – no background in construction, real estate or home building is required for success. In fact, earning your Louisiana home inspector license is easier than you might imagine. Keep reading for insight into how to become a home inspector in Louisiana.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a home inspector in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles or Lafayette; our online home inspection course can be completed from anywhere. What are you waiting for? Enroll now and start your exciting career as a home inspector in Louisiana!

Included in ICA’s Louisiana Home Inspection Training

Completing our online and field training will provide you with everything you need to conduct home inspections and successfully operate your own home inspection business or work for an existing home inspection business. You’ll also be certified to perform inspections of commercial properties. Following your training, we’ll assign you a certification number that can be used on your business cards, website, reports and other materials to let prospective clients know you’re qualified to conduct inspections.

Here’s a summary of the topics covered in ICA’s Louisiana home inspector training:

  • Introduction to Home Inspections – Overview of the home inspection industry and the life of a licensed home inspector
  • Business and Legal Aspects – Starting a home inspection business, the importance of written inspection agreements, error & omissions and liability insurance requirements
  • Inspection Process – Home inspection methods and industry standards
  • Roofing – Roofing terms and roof types, roof materials, basic and advanced roof inspection techniques, detecting roof defects
  • The Home’s Exterior – Site grading and drainage, siding or stucco and trim, exterior defects, porches, decks, balconies and railings, paving and vegetation
  • Structural Components – Foundations and footings, beams, joists, trusses, framing, techniques for inspecting structures and detecting structural defects
  • Interior of the House – Interior rooms and walls, attics and insulation, windows and doors, bathrooms, kitchens and kitchen appliances, basements and crawl spaces
  • The Home’s Plumbing System – Water supply lines, waste piping, septic systems, connections, vents, drainage, bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures, water heaters, fuel storage tanks and lines, sump pumps and ejector pumps
  • Heating Systems – Heat sources, fossil fuel combustion, forced air heating, hydronic heating, space and wall heaters, fireplaces and chimneys, wood stoves and vents
  • Air Conditioning Systems – Basics of refrigeration, split cooling systems, ductless systems, geothermal and air source heat pumps
  • Wiring and Electrical Systems – Theory of electricity, service drops and distribution, wire gauges, main panels and subpanels, switches and outlets, ground fault interrupters (GFIs), electrical fixtures, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Marketing Your Business – Strategies, tips and techniques for starting, growing and operating a successful home inspection business
  • Conducting Commercial Inspections – How to perform commercial building inspections, understanding ASTM international standards (formerly American Society for Testing Materials)
  • Using Drones – How to inspect rooftops without climbing onto the roof

After passing the Louisiana Home Inspectors Exam and receiving your Louisiana home inspector’s license, you’ll be qualified to perform home and commercial inspections throughout the state.

Other Benefits of ICA Membership

Louisiana home inspector license requirements are fairly easy to meet once you’ve become an ICA student. Even better, ICA members gain lifetime access to all of our online content. That means you can revisit fundamentals after you’ve gotten some experience under your belt, or take one of our free bonus courses when you’re ready to expand your service offerings.

For instance, if you decide you want to offer wind mitigation inspection services alongside your basic inspection services, our bonus course on wind mitigation can come in handy. Since you learn at your own pace, and on your own terms, the additional course allows you to develop your professional skills in the most flexible way possible.

In addition to the most comprehensive home inspector training available, here are some other benefits you’ll enjoy when you train for your Louisiana home inspector license through Inspection Certification Associates:

  • Unlike most other home inspector training schools, Radon and Mold introductory bonus courses are included free of charge. That’s a $200 value if purchased separately.
  • Report Form Nitro for mobile devices used to generate inspector/client agreements and issue final reports. It’s a $399 value, but it’s free with your ICA Louisiana home inspector license training.
  • Unlimited lifetime ICA instructor support for all students and graduates.
  • Lifetime listing on the Hire an Inspector directory. The listing normally costs $200 per year, but it’s free to ICA graduates.
  • Lifetime online refresher training, including access to all the latest ICA course materials.
  • Free one-year access to our membership portal, Edcetera Home Inspection, a $99 value

See what some of our graduates have to say about ICA’s home inspection training.

Enroll now and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a certified Louisiana home inspector and opening your own Louisiana home inspection business anywhere within the state. ICA is here to support you throughout the lifetime of your home inspection career.

Start Training to Become a Louisiana Home Inspector Today

The ICA Louisiana Home Inspection Licensing Course will give you all the knowledge you’ll need to perform a home inspection and own/operate your own successful home inspection business, along with teaching you all about commercial inspections as well as mold, radon and code. Upon completion of the course, you will be an ICA Certified Real Estate Inspector. Sign up for our online course to get started on the path to your new career today.

You’ll also get a free one-year membership of Edcetera Home Inspection, designed to help you develop all the skills you need to succeed in your home inspection business. Join a community of home inspection professionals, master new skills, and find ongoing support to succeed in every stage of your career. Our industry-leading training is delivered through live webinars, on-demand course videos, Facebook community, downloadable PDFs, podcasts, quizzes, Q&As, business templates, and more.

Louisiana Home Inspector License FAQs

Need more information or still have questions about ICA’s Louisiana home inspector training? Browse through the FAQs below, or call us at 888-374-4096. We’ll be glad to help you get started on your way to a new and rewarding career as a certified Louisiana home inspector!
Louisiana home inspection licensing

How do I become a home inspector in Louisiana?

After you complete our online course, you become an ICA certified home inspector. Upon completion of the course, we mail out your home inspection certification and issue you your certification number. That number is what you will want to put on your business cards and home inspection reports. In addition to the 30 hours of field training mentioned above, you will also need to take the Louisiana home inspectors exam, for which we prepare you.

How do I get my 30 field training hours?

The Louisiana state home inspection board has a list of folks on their website with whom you can do the field training.

How much money do home inspectors make in Louisiana?

The average salary for a home inspector in Louisiana is approximately $71,500 per year.

How much does a Louisiana home inspection pay?

The average fee for a home inspection in Louisiana is $365. The amount you charge for a home inspection will vary based on age and square footage of the home. You will learn all about that during the course.

Is your Louisiana home inspection training course recognized by InterNACHI?

Yes. We work very closely with InterNACHI. In fact all of our graduates receive a free one month membership to InterNACHI.

Is your Louisiana home inspection training class affiliated with ASHI?

Yes. We work closely with the American Society of Home Inspectors. In fact, we train you specifically to the ASHI standards of practice and our home inspector school is a Gold Level Member with ASHI.

Is your Louisiana home inspection training class recognized by NAHI?

In 2016 NAHI merged with ASHI, so NAHI no longer exists as a home inspection membership organization.

Do you mail me a certification?

No. We’ll email your home inspection certification upon completion of our online course.

What should I use for my inspection report when I perform a home inspection?

We have an arrangement with wherein our graduates receive a free copy of their Report Form Pro Nitro home inspection reporting software. That is the report that most of our graduates start with since it is so easy to use. Normally selling for $400, the Report Form Pro Nitro home inspection report can be printed and filled out by hand or filled out on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can even put in photos easily. They also have a mobile app version of their home inspection report that can be used on an Android or Apple mobile device. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have a home inspection report form that you’re comfortable with, and these are both good home inspection report options.

Is there a time limit for the online home inspection course for Louisiana?

No. There is no time limit on our course, so you can take as much time as you would like to complete it.

Does this online home inspection course certify me in mold inspection and radon inspection?

We include our mold and radon introductory bonus courses free of charge to students who enroll in our online home inspection course. We also offer mold and radon certification courses. Through our partnership with ECAN, LLC, we offer a Mold Assessment Technician certification course, and a 16-Hour Radon Measurement Technician certification course. This course is also approved by the National Radon Proficiency Program (AARST-NRPP) or National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).

Do you provide a list of tools that I need for performing a home inspection?

Yes. We provide you with a list of tools needed and where to get the best deals. The cost of tools comes out to just about $200, including the non-invasive moisture meter.

What is included in ICA's membership portal, Edcetera Home Inspection?

Starting and running a successful home inspection business requires more than just a home inspection license. ICA’s membership portal, Edcetera Home Inspection, empowers home inspectors to start and grow their careers by connecting them with experts and providing content on topics not covered by other home inspection training. Delivered via live webinars, on-demand videos, video courses, Facebook community, blogs, and podcasts, members can gain:

  • Business Management Skills
  • Advanced Home Inspection Training
  • Marketing & Networking Training
  • Access to Tools & Templates

Join a community of home inspection professionals, master new skills, and find ongoing support to succeed in every stage of your career. New students who enroll in a home inspection licensing course with ICA receive a one-year membership for free!

What about marketing materials?

We provide resources that will help get your business up and running. Our membership portal, Edcetera Home Inspection, contains everything you need to start and grow your business, including live webinars, business templates, downloadable PDFs, and more.

Do you offer my state test?

No schools are allowed to give the home inspection exam in Louisiana. That test is given by a third-party testing company. You can take that test any day of the week. You just need to schedule it a week in advance.

Do you send my certificate to the Louisiana Board of Home Inspectors?

Actually, the way it works is once you complete our course and pass the Louisiana exam, you will send the board a copy of your certification from us along with your score sheet from the Louisiana exam. Then you will be issued your home inspection license.

Can I start my own home inspection business after taking your online home inspector course?

Yes. In fact, the majority of our graduates will start their own successful home inspection business after completing our course. We also train you on the whole marketing and business start-up side of things.

What if I have questions during my course?

We have full support for all students and graduates, both during and after the course. Even if you have questions when you are on a home inspection, we can assist via email, text, or phone.

Do I need to have a background in the building trades to be a home inspector?

No. We train students from all different backgrounds to be successful home inspectors. A building background is not mandatory in Louisiana to become a licensed home inspector.

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