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One of the primary goals of home inspectors is checking for damage done by critters unseen by the naked eye. Wood destroying organisms, also known as WDO, can wreak havoc on homes and businesses. WDO inspector training is a must for anyone hoping to provide thorough inspections for clients. Our WDO course is a good option for home and commercial inspectors who want to learn more about termites, ants, bees and other creatures that commonly cause property damage. A bonus class available free to anyone enrolled in ICA’s inspection certification program, the course is a real asset to anyone hoping to hone their inspection acumen.

A WDO inspection course can bolster burgeoning home inspector careers. In competitive markets, you’re only as valuable as your last inspection. With the right amount of preparation and knowledge, you’ll be ready to provide thorough reports on WDO damage for your clients. Inevitably, this kind of reliability will prove incredibly rewarding. After all, clients are eager to find inspectors who are hard-working, trustworthy, reliable and, above all else, knowledgeable.

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Your Guide to WDO Inspections

A wood destroying organisms study guide is a great start to your education, but nothing beats a self-guided course on the subject. Our WDO class is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Led by highly respected industry thought leaders, ICA courses offer you the detailed lessons you need with the convenience of online access. While other classes on wood destroying organisms might require you to take time away from your work day, our course is accessible any time you prefer to study.

WDO inspector training covers everything you need to know about spotting these pesky organisms. The class offers a deep dive into the warning signs that WDOs are present and a guide to the potential damage they can do. Because these insects are so common, no home inspector should consider their training complete until they’ve successfully passed a WDO course.

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Whether you’re new to the field or have years of experience as a home or commercial property inspector, WDO inspector training is a must. Even if you think you know all there is to know about termites and ants, ICA’s lessons are updated with the latest techniques, procedures and best practices recognized throughout the industry. You can be sure you’re getting the newest and most complete information available when you sign up for our WDO course.

Our WDO inspector training is included free with enrollment in our real estate inspection certification program. Don’t need access to the complete course load? You can also purchase access to this class a la carte for just $100. There’s no better value out there, considering how affordable and convenient our classes are. You can even get started right away! Your login will be sent via email, allowing you to sign into our student portal and access everything you need to become a home inspector.

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