Wood Destroying Organisms Course

Included Free with our home inspection course!

Termites and other wood destroying organisms are very common throughout the United States. Even though in most cases termite and wood destroying organism inspections go beyond the accepted standards of practice and defined scope of a home inspection, some clients who are buying a home would prefer (and in many cases expect) their home inspector to at least perform a cursory inspection on those home components. Repairing and mitigating the damage caused by termites or other wood destroying organisms can be an expensive proposition.

Wood Destroying Organisms Course Demo Video


This course is designed to teach home inspectors what they need to know in order to perform wood destroying organisms as part of a typical home inspection. Students will learn about different varieties of wood destroying organisms, why wood is susceptible to damage, and how to identify that damage. Students will also learn how to educate their clients about potential remediation in the event that the inspector does find evidence of wood destroying organisms.

The wood destroying organisms course is included free of charge for students who enroll in our online home inspection course or any of our classroom home inspection training courses. Individuals not enrolled in our home inspection course can enroll in the wood destroying organisms inspection course separately for $100 by calling us at (888)374-4096.