When a hurricane blows through town, homeowners want to rest easy knowing that their house can withstand the breeze. In areas where storms are especially dangerous, like Florida, a home’s stability is routinely tested for its storm worthiness. Home inspectors in the Sunshine State should consider taking a Florida wind mitigation inspection training online. Not only will the information provided help inform your future inspections, but the certification will make you that much more marketable to new clientele.

Inspection Certification Associates, America’s number one home inspection training provider, has partnered with PDH Academy to offer Florida home inspectors the three-hour Florida Wind Mitigation Course. This course will allow Florida licensed home inspectors to perform wind mitigation inspections on homes. Students will learn everything they need to know in order to successfully fill out the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form that Florida Insurance companies require. The Florida DBPR Construction Industry Licensing Board course approval number is 0612277.

ICA Florida Mitigation Inspection Course


Why Take a Florida Wind Mitigation Course?

With the help of a certified inspector, Florida homeowners can save significant amounts of money on their insurance by having a wind mitigation inspection performed on their home, provided their home’s construction meets certain criteria as determined by the inspector. With your guidance, homeowners will save money on insurance and gain the peace of mind that their home could survive a storm.

Wind mitigation inspection certification can make you more marketable to such clients. The average fee that an inspector charges for a wind mitigation inspection in Florida is $100 – $200. Although this is lower than the fee for a standard home inspection, the wind mitigation inspections take less time than a traditional home inspection. Because the wind mitigation inspections take far less time (usually less than an hour compared to two to three hours for a home inspection), some home inspectors actually make more money performing the Florida wind mitigation inspections. Of course, you can’t conduct such inspections without first taking a wind mitigation Florida course.

Begin – or Boost – Your Home Inspection Career Today

We offer a wide variety of classes in addition to our Florida wind mitigation inspection training. Our online home inspection training course is a great option, whether you’re brand new to the field or have years of experience in construction. Classes are available online 24 hours a day, making this an easy and affordable way to train for a new career. Our teachers are industry experts who have earned stellar reputations throughout their years in the field. They’ll guide and support students throughout their lessons, helping you master our Florida wind mitigation course.

Course Name  Price
Florida Home Inspection Master Package with Bonus CoursesBest Value
(Includes 120 Course hours plus Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspection Courses)

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FL 120 hour Online course only(Does not include Wind Mitigation and 4-Point Inspection)

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FL Wind Mitigation Course

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FL 4-Point Inspection Course

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After enrolling in the Florida Home Inspection Master Package, you’ll gain access to bonus classes like Florida wind mitigation inspection training. Already a certified home inspector with no need for our library of resources? Our the wind mitigation course can be purchased separately for $200. If you wish to purchase the wind mitigation course separately or have any questions, you can call us at 888-374-4096.