Are There Too Many Home Inspectors in Today’s Market?

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A successful career in the home inspection field is possible in almost every market. So long as homes are being sold at a steady pace, anyone with a home inspector certification can create a thriving business. Some professionals straight out of home inspection training, however, may find themselves asking: are there too many home inspectors in my area?

While it’s true that competition can be stiff in certain regions, that’s no reason to get discouraged. The reality is that even the most successful home inspector can typically only squeeze in one or two appointments per day. Distance between homes and the overall size of the region often leaves plenty of room for multiple home inspectors to do business.

Home inspection training teaches you how to conduct a thorough examination of a home, but such a class can also help you understand the business fundamentals required to stay competitive in crowded markets. A little marketing education can go a long way to boost a new home inspection business. If you’re concerned about the local real estate market being overwhelmed by too many home inspectors, follow these tips to success:

Do Your Homework

While professionals who have just earned their home inspection certification might be initially intimidated by competition, seasoned inspectors know there’s plenty of room for everyone. In order to fully understand your corner of the market, you’ll want to do some serious homework. Context is everything. Without a complete understanding of your competitors, local supply and demand, and the real estate market at large, finding clients will be an uphill battle.

Before you launch your home inspection business, look into the average number of homes sold in your region each year. Then, take a look at the number of property inspection businesses actively working in your area. While it’s impossible to know the exact number of inspections these companies perform each day, the ratio of homes sold in relation to the number of area residential property inspectors can be incredibly revealing.

Drive Business

The thrill of being your own boss is what drives many people to home inspection training courses. The industry rewards those who are self-motivated. While it might seem as though your business relies on the ebbs and flows of the housing market, there are ways for home inspectors to grow their fledgling company.

One easy way to bring in more work is to diversify your offerings. Extra qualifications, like disaster and hazard inspections, can open up entire new segments of the market. Rather than wait for the phone to ring, use your slow periods to refresh your home inspection training. Online courses can often be completed in a few hours and from the comfort of your own home.

Not sure what kind of skills you’d like to add to your repertoire? Chat with colleagues and trusted realtors about gaps they’ve identified in the market, then work to fill them. Successful inspectors never stop learning, so don’t rest on your home inspection certification without diversifying!

Embrace Referrals

Connecting with clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of starting a home inspection business. While search engines and social media have made it easier for people to find home inspectors in their area, it’s difficult for new homeowners to trust just anyone with the job. Home inspection training can help you understand the value of referrals and how to get them.

Many new home inspectors get into the field because they’re passionate about construction, real estate, and helping homeowners learn about their property. While these are all certainly important aspects of the job, networking is perhaps the largest driver of business. Because homeowners are typically reluctant to hire just anyone for the job, it’s important to connect with realtors and ensure your name is at the top of their mind when clients need an inspection performed.

Enroll Now in Comprehensive Home Inspection Training

At ICA, we’re passionate about preparing the next generation of home inspectors for successful careers. While other schools focus solely on the principles of inspection, we take a more holistic approach. It’s important for students to get a well-rounded home inspection education before they begin working in the field. Our home inspection training covers business management concepts and practical applications of the most successful kinds of marketing and advertising.

While it’s important to know your local market and understand your role in it, competition shouldn’t scare away prospective home inspectors. With the right training, you can find success in virtually any region. If you’re still feeling unsure about your next steps, try out our training for free. Our demo materials can help you understand what makes ICA so different from other schools. We go far beyond the surface level to prepare you for a long career in home inspection!

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