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The ICA Real Estate Inspection Certification Program has compiled the largest online library of reference material in the industry, so that you have all the information you’ll ever need to build and grow your own successful home inspection and commercial inspection business.  On the home inspection side of things we train and certify you to the ASHI standards of practice.  For commercial inspections we train and certify you to the ASTM standards.  You’ll also be provided all the necessary information to enable you to perform radon testing, mold inspections, and even municipal code inspections.  Our online home inspection training course will teach you everything you need to know, from A to Z, to become a home inspector.

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Course Materials Include:

Home Inspection

  • 100% instructor-led streaming video
  • Inspection Reporting Software
  • Reusable HUD Inspection Form
  • Over 500 diagrams of home components
  • Over 4,000 hi-res photographs of defects
  • Over 4,000 PowerPoint slides (no PowerPoint program needed, can be
    viewed online in our easy-to-use Learning Management System

Code Inspection

  • International Building Code (701 pages)
  • International Residential Code (892 pages)
  • International Fire Code (503 pages)
  • International Plumbing Code (261 pages)
  • International Energy Efficiency Code (91 pages)

Environmental Inspection

  • Healthy Housing Inspection Manual (100 pages)
  • Radon Certification Course
  • Mold Certification Course
  • Mold Identification Guide (20 pages)
  • Mold Remediation Guide (56 pages)
  • World Health Organization for Indoor Air Quality (248 pages)
  • Building Radon Out (84 pages)
  • Radon Testing Protocols (47 pages)

Commercial Inspection

  • 2-Hour Instructor-led Video