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Mold is among the scariest discoveries a property owner can make. The fear of such a discovery is what makes certified mold inspector certification so attractive to clients. While more common in older homes with poor ventilation, mold can become a problem in virtually any house or commercial property. By taking mold inspection certification courses, you can be sure you’re spotting the not-so-obvious signs that a property has a mold problem. Our mold inspection course will teach you the strategies and techniques you need to provide as thorough an inspection as possible for your clients. While no one likes to be the bearer of bad news, your discovery can save clients thousands of dollars – and a lot of stress!

Home inspector mold certification is incredibly beneficial for anyone hoping to pursue or expand their career in this field. Not only will this certification add credibility to your services, but you’ll actually deliver inspections that go further in-depth than clients might expect. Certified mold inspector certification can bolster your business, giving you a competitive advantage over other less qualified inspectors.

Make no mistake: Clients will demand this service sooner or later. Even early career home inspectors owe it to their customers to offer this service as an addition to their comprehensive home inspection. Don’t delay training for your certified mold inspector certification. Sign up for our Home Inspector Training Course, and you’ll receive instant access to this valuable learning opportunity. The best part? You’ll retain lifetime access to the material, giving you the freedom to both learn at your own pace and return to the content when you want to brush up on the fundamentals.

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About Our Mold Inspection Course

Like all Inspection Certification Associates’ online courses, our mold inspection certification courses are an extensive learning experience. While some home inspector courses may touch on mold, this course is a deep dive into why mold grows, common warning signs of its development and the techniques you should use to spot it. The mold inspection course is ideal for anyone hoping to hone their expertise on this ubiquitous substance.

Taught by inspection industry thought leaders, the material covered in our course can help inform even the most experienced of inspectors. This up-to-date, best practices approach to learning ensures all students have the most useful techniques to mold inspection available to them. While our course is thorough, certified mold inspector certification doesn’t have to be complicated. Our lessons are easy to follow and include only the most important information necessary for students.

Technology is evolving fast. Detecting mold is a lot easier than it once was, but you’ve got to know how to use the tools and equipment required for the job. Our mold inspection course is designed with the latest techniques and tools in mind. It’s this commitment to progress that makes ICA so popular in the home inspection training industry!

Included in ICA’s Certified Mold Inspector Certification

In our mold inspection course, you’ll gain the fundamental knowledge necessary to perform extensive mold inspections for clients. Learn how to identify possible mold infestations and recognize different species of fungi. Gain a better understanding of the health risks associated with mold infestations, and get trained on the tools you’ll require to conduct your inspection. We’ll teach you the proper way to sample mold for further testing and how to interpret the results you get from the lab. If you’re hoping to add mold inspections to your list of service offerings, you won’t want to miss this valuable learning opportunity.

Topics included in our mold inspection certification course include:

  • Characteristics of Mold and Fungi
  • Controlling a Mold Infestation
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Testing Best Practices
  • Your Legal Duties
  • Lab Result Interpretation

Further Your Inspector Career

Take your home or commercial property inspection career to the next level with certified mold inspector certification. Our four-part mold inspection course is available for free to anyone who registers for ICA’s home inspection classes. A comprehensive yet efficient resource, the class is a great option for new and experienced home inspectors alike. The best part? You can start learning as soon as you’d like! You’ll gain access to course materials after receiving your login information for our student portal.

Want to register for just the mold inspection class? For just $100, you’ll get access to the videos, resources and instructor support you need to master the art and science of spotting mold. In addition to growing your knowledge of the profession, you’ll also gain a competitive leg up in your local market. Don’t be surprised to see your business grow as you catch warning signs other inspectors might miss!

Get started with your mold inspection course today by calling 888-374-4096 or by enrolling in our home inspection course online.


Why Should I Take a Mold Inspection Certification Course?

Moisture frequently works its way into the drywall of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. This moisture inevitably leads to mold growth. This incredibly common challenge is bad news for homebuyers, and the mere threat of fungi can inspire a client’s call for a mold inspection. Certification is a smart way to invest in yourself and your burgeoning home inspection business!

When Does the Next Mold Inspection Course Start?

ICA bonus coursesare self-paced. This allows each student to learn at a speed that fits their lifestyle. Study up on mold inspections from the comfort of your living room — with the ability to pause and rewind the material, you’ll master the content in no time.

How Much Does ICA’s Mold Inspection Course Cost?

If you’ve signed up for our online home inspection course, access to our mold inspection course is free! All ICA members receive this bonus course upon enrollment. Should you prefer to focus only on mold inspections, though, you can register for $100. Either way, you’ll retain lifelong access to the material, allowing you to return to the content any time you want to refresh your memory!

What Do Home Inspectors Charge for Mold Inspections?

The answer to this question varies based on your location. Many home inspectors charge an additional $100 for mold inspections when conducting a comprehensive home inspection.