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How does Inspection Certification Associates’ home inspection training measure up when compared to the competition? Check out the chart below to see why ICA’s home inspector training is the best choice.

Tuition $695 $595 $695 $978
Instructor Led Video Yes No Yes No
100% Downloadable Yes No No No
Report Software for Life Yes No No No
Commercial Inspection Yes No Available At An Additional Cost No
Thermal Imaging Yes No No No
Lifetime Course Access Yes Yes No No
Inspecting with Drones Yes No No No
Radon Course Yes No No No
Mold Course Yes No No No
Multiple Classroom Locations Yes No Yes No
Updated for 2022 Yes No No No
Smart Homes Course Yes No No No
Mobile Homes Course Yes No No No
BBB A+ Rating Yes No No No
Hud Inspection Yes No No No
Well Water & Septic Courses Yes No No No
Termite Inspection Course Yes No No No

– Included for FREE with course tuition

Available At An Additional Cost– Available at an additional cost

– Not available through the provider

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Unlike other home inspection training schools, ICA goes well beyond the basics. Our all-inclusive program is the most thorough and effective home inspector instruction available anywhere. It’s also incredibly affordable – home inspector course costs don’t need to break the bank! After your initial enrollment fee, you’ll gain access to all of ICA’s resources, including bonus course materials to help prepare you for the market in which you plan to work. For example, a Southern California home inspector might benefit from our pool inspection course, while a coastal Floridian home inspector will want to brush up on wind mitigation inspection best practices. Regardless of where you live or plan to practice as a home inspector, we have the course materials necessary to inform your business.

ICA students are trained to strict American Society of Home Inspector (ASHI) practice standards through online courses taught by instructors who are all professional home inspectors. These industry leaders are patient and careful to explain the principles behind home inspection with care. Our 28 fully narrated streaming video class segments cover topics ranging from the basics of home inspection to starting and marketing a career as a certified home inspector. You’ll love the chance to pause, rewind and fast forward through course materials to learn at your own pace. It’s never been easier to train for a new career!

What’s Included in the Home Inspection Training Program?

Our training is all-inclusive. Anyone wondering how much it costs to become a home inspector will be pleasantly surprised by all you receive for your dollar. For a one-time low tuition payment of just $695, students enrolled in ICA’s online home inspection training also receive radon and mold instruction and certification free of charge. Our Real Estate Inspection Certification Program includes training ICA students to American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) standards. This additional instruction qualifies our graduates to conduct inspections of commercial as well as residential properties. Many of our competitors charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for these and the other valuable extras that come with ICA training. These additional benefits are what make ICA such an appealing option for aspiring home inspectors. Home inspection license costs can be quickly recovered after you begin working with your first clients!

Your one-time $695 tuition payment also includes Report Form Pro Nitro software that generates professional home inspection reports. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and works with desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. If purchased separately, the reporting software would cost $400, but it’s free to ICA students. Since it can be used to conduct practice inspections during training, graduates will know how to use the software to create inspection reports by the time their home inspection instruction is completed. The added value of this software is impossible to understate – it essentially offsets the initial startup costs you’ll need to begin working as a home inspector. Incredibly useful and incredibly valuable, Report Form Pro Nitro is a must for any working professional in the industry.

Most home inspection training schools also charge their students for refresher training, but not ICA. Home inspector training costs include the bonus material available on our website. Our graduates are given lifetime free access to our online refresher training materials. They’re also given free use of the ICA online library, which is perhaps the single largest collection of commercial and residential reference materials in the home inspection industry. All e-books and other materials in our library can be downloaded to your computer, so you’ll be able to refer to them even after you’ve completed the coursework and received your home inspector certification. ICA training materials are continually updated, which means you’ll always have access to information covering the latest home inspection industry standards, trends and techniques. Although it’s hard to believe, some of our competitors haven’t updated their training materials in more than five years.

Why is ICA the Best Home Inspector Training Program?

Flexibility: Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Inspection Certification Associates is our approach to instruction. Unlike schools that teach home inspection in classrooms, ICA students complete training at their own pace. All instructional and reference materials are available online 24/7, so students can easily access them using laptops, tablets, smartphones or PCs any time and anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

This flexibility is incredibly helpful for anyone considering switching careers. Rather than take time off of work to sit in a classroom, you can easily learn about home inspection procedures from the comfort of your own home. Because the courses are self-paced, you’ll also be able to proceed at the speed that feels right for you. Whether you prefer to binge the material in a matter of a few weeks or take your time to slowly digest the content, the choice is yours.

Because all ICA home inspection training is online, there’s no missing out on important class instruction due to illness, scheduling conflicts or other unforeseen events. Unlike classroom training, you won’t need to take time away from your current job while you study for a new career as a certified home inspector. Check out our short video demonstration typical of our fully narrated online training classes.

Affordable Training: ICA is also incredibly affordable. Home inspection certification costs can add up quickly, but our program is all-inclusive, giving you the wraparound support you need to launch your new career. Rather than pay for each class or online resource, ICA students make a one-time enrollment payment and gain access to all of our tools, courses and bonus material. Compared to what the average career switcher college program costs, our program is both affordable and convenient.

Lifetime Support: We also provide ongoing support. Whether you’re an ICA home inspection training student, graduate or want to know more about starting a career as a professional home inspector, call one of our instructors toll-free at 888-374-4096. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions. This remote support is part of what makes ICA so helpful – you’re never more than a phone call away from the answer to your most pressing questions. While other online classes may be limited to what’s available online, our home inspection courses are just the beginning.

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Don’t let home inspector course costs stop you from pursuing your new career. Affordable and easy to start up, our classes are a no brainer for anyone hoping to become a home inspector. Enrolling in Inspection Certification Associates’ online training is the most efficient means of starting a career as a professional home inspector, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what ICA graduates say about ICA’s online home inspection training.

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