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There are few things as frightening as an odorless, colorless and tasteless poisonous gas invading your home. Hoping to keep their clients safe and alert to any potential dangers, many professional home inspectors take radon certification courses to ensure they catch warning signs of the radioactive gas. The U.S. Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, making this more than just a threat to a property’s safety – it’s a threat to the lives of homeowners everywhere. Radon courses online allow home inspectors to brush up on their knowledge of the gas and prepare them to spot it in the field. Radon training courses are a must for any professional working in the inspection industry.

Radon certification courses aren’t just good for keeping clients happy. A radon inspection and measurement course can make you a more knowledgeable – and therefore more marketable – home and commercial property inspector. Such classes offer convenient and affordable ways to diversify your professional expertise and give you a competitive edge over other local inspectors. When wavering between two home inspectors, clients will always choose the more qualified and knowledgeable option.

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How Our Radon Inspection Course Works

In our radon continuing education courses, participants learn how to detect the level of radon in the air, determine where the gas is coming from and educate clients about the risks associated with radon. Because all Inspection Certification Associate courses are routinely updated to reflect the latest best practices in the industry, you’re sure to stay on the cutting edge of radon detection procedures. Our radon certification courses are taught by respected thought leaders who are known for their expertise in the field. Their thorough instruction techniques and holistic support for students are second to none.

Radon courses online offer students the opportunity to educate themselves in their spare time. Unlike traditional classes, our radon training courses can be taken at any time of day and from the comfort of home. ICA courses are designed to be easy to follow, with easily digestible concepts and practices to master independently. Straightforward, informative content is delivered on your schedule, making this the best radon inspection and measurement course around.

What You’ll Learn in Our Radon Certification Course

ICA’s online radon certification course will teach you the fundamentals of radon detection. Learn about the hazards associated with this deadly gas while discovering how to measure and report your findings to clients. Unlike other radon courses online, our class includes a detailed analysis of how radon enters a home and ways to use inexpensive tools to record concentrations of the gas.

Industry standards inform our content. We look to the best practices and policies handed down by professional organizations and thought leaders when designing our curriculum. After completing our radon training course, you’ll be ready to perform a radon inspection, use the tools of the trade to detect its presence, understand readings and report your findings to clients. You’ll also be ready to advise clients on how to reduce radon in their homes and mitigate the impact the gas has on their daily lives.

Topics Included in ICA’s Radon Inspection Course

  • What is Radon?
  • National Standards for Radon Detection and Mitigation
  • Radon Inspection Terminology
  • Radon Detection Tools and Testing Equipment
  • Sources of Radon
  • Hazardous vs. Healthy Levels of Radon
  • Radon Measurements
  • How to Gauge Radon Levels
  • Writing a Radon Inspection Report
  • Radon Reduction and Mitigation Techniques
  • Radon Detection Checklist


The Perks of Online Radon Certification

Radon continuing education courses are always a smart investment for home inspectors. There’s no better way to diversify your skill set while offering a service that truly helps and protects homeowners. Many home inspectors opt to take classroom-based radon certification courses, but we recommend registering for our online class instead. Convenient, easy to follow and free with registration, the class is as flexible as it is useful.

From the comfort of your living room, you’ll learn the terminology, tools and techniques required to perform expert-level radon detection jobs. Because the course is self-paced, you’ll be able to pause, rewind and fast forward through the content at a speed appropriate for your learning style. Other radon inspection and measurement courses simply can’t compare.

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Improve your knowledge and elevate your career by enrolling in our online home inspection course. Access to the radon training course is included with enrollment, along with several other bonus classes critical for success in the industry. Just need access to our radon class? A $100 registration fee will get you the resources you need to become an expert.

To get started, enroll now or call 888-374-4096. The process is simple, fast and affordable. Once you’ve received your login for our student portal, you’ll have immediate access to our classes and resources. An incredible value, our course is a fiscally responsible option for those hoping to start their home inspector career or grow their knowledge of the field. With so much to gain, why not invest in your future with radon training courses?


Why Should I Take a Radon Course Online?

Clients will be eager to hire home inspectors who offer a wide array of services and inspection options. Considering how dangerous radon can be, you’ll want to be ready to act should your clients request readings on the gas. Since our radon certification course is included free with enrollment in our online home inspection class, taking advantage of this opportunity is a no brainer.

How Much Do Radon Courses Typically Run?

Radon inspection courses often begin around $200. At ICA, you’ll gain access to a number of bonus courses — including the radon certification course — as soon as you register for our online home inspection course.

How Much Can I Charge Clients for Radon Inspections?

The answer to this varies based on your location, but many home inspectors charge an additional $150 per home inspection when detecting radon levels.

When Does the Next Radon Course Start?

Our bonus courses are self-paced. Whenever you’re ready to begin learning about radon, you’ll simply hit play! It’s never been more convenient to learn a new skill and widen your service offerings for clients.