ICA School March 26 Podcast Review: Self Improvement

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Maybe it’s time to earn your living doing something that makes you happy.

What have you done for yourself lately? That’s the subject of ICA School director of education, Steve Preins’, latest podcast. And it’s a timely one. Spring is here, and the real estate market has done well for the past few years. That’s the ideal scenario for doing something genuinely beneficial for yourself by making the move into your new career as a home inspector.

Is a Career Change Right for You?

Sometimes the path that you’re on just feels wrong. Maybe the pay is okay, but the work leaves you feeling hollow. Or maybe you like what you do, but you’d also like more control over what you earn. Forbes offers up a few earmarks of a career path that’s in need of revamping:

    • You’re always tired with no end in sight
    • The work that you do seems to fit all wrong
    • Even with a good salary, you’re chronically bored
    • You followed the correct path but your career is nothing like you expected
    • You believe that your skills, talents or aptitudes are under-appreciated or underutilized

Each of these indicators boils down to one thing: your job no longer fits the life that you want to lead. That feeling of restlessness and the lack of fulfillment might not be a plateau or a temporary stage. Maybe it means that your path is due for a sharp right turn.

ICA school

A year from now, you could be wrestling with the same decisions, or you could be a year into your new career.

If Not Now, When?

There’s an old saying that goes, “Better the devil you know than the one that you don’t.” Even if you know that it’s time to do something important for yourself and your career, it’s not always easy to make that leap. In fact, leaving what’s known, even if it’s not exactly pleasant, can be downright scary. But every day that you wait is a day that you haven’t moved ahead.

Steve explains that home inspectors who have committed to making a change from an unfulfilling career email him regularly to tell their stories. Overwhelmingly, those stories are positive.

Some of ICA School’s former students start slow, working up their business part time with the security of a day job in the background. And some make the leap into home inspecting with both feet and never look back. It’s your choice. You can approach it any way that you like as long as you commit.

The March podcast takes on some of the most common concerns about changing to a career in home inspecting. It answers them with real-world experiences from real ICA School graduates. You can listen to the recording in full here. With the housing industry experiencing measurable growth and home inspectors – even new ones – earning well and growing their business, there really is no better time than now.

What have you done for yourself lately? A month from now, you could be joining the ranks of successful home inspectors across the country.
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