Could Maintenance Inspections Help Build Your Business?

Maintenance inspections

Everyone rests easier when a home is safe and sound.


Home maintenance inspections could be an overlooked tool in your business-building arsenal. When the real estate market is thin or local competition is high, adding this service to your roster gives you one more way to market your business and help it grow.

Are you ready to up your game? Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea:

Homes Need Checkups, Just Like People

The good condition of a house at the time of an inspection is no more permanent than a clean bill of health at your family doctor. As time marches on, problems can emerge. In fact, home inspections can be compared to the ritual yearly physical checkup, says Reuben Saltzman of Structure Tech Home Inspections.

Just as an annual checkup helps give peace of mind and also warns about health problems, a maintenance home inspection either lets home owners know that everything is OK, or gives them a heads up that there’s a problem.


Maintenance inspections

Your investigative skills help save customers money in the long run.


Maintenance Home Inspections Protect Investments

A home is a major investment, so it only makes sense to protect it. With a maintenance home inspection, owners can learn about problems and potential problems before they require expensive repairs, and long before they lead to extensive structural damage.

Most home owners address problems such as a plumbing leak or a faulty outlet as they arise. But by the time a home owner sees mold on a bathroom wall or notices a few missing shingles, the property will need a lot more attention than if it had been detected sooner. Annual home inspections allow you to help home owners take care of what they’ve worked so hard to keep.


Maintenance inspection

Maintenance home inspections cost pennies when compared to repairing a longstanding problem.


The Cost is Minimal Compared to Potential Risks

Another reason maintenance home inspections are a highly marketable tool for you is because the cost is so small for home owners. This is especially true when compared to what they might pay for repairing a creeping problem that has worsened for years.

For a few hundred dollars, the home owner either learns that he’s in good shape for another year, or he’ll find out about a condition that really needs to be tended to. Peace of mind is priceless. But when you think about it, so is learning about a problem in time to prevent widespread damage or a safety threat to everyone living in the home.

Most home owners have a home inspection just before buying a house. This gives the buyer and finance company some peace of mind about the condition of their investment, which makes you, as a home inspector, a vital part of the real estate world. But if you want to grow your business, you can nudge that along on your own. You don’t have to wait and hope for a real estate market boom.

Maintenance home inspections are one more way for you to provide a service to your community. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a home inspector, click here to get a demo for free and see one of our courses up close and personal.

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