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Experts Weigh in on Solar Roofing Inspections

Homeowners want their houses to be safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. For many modern homeowners, though, being eco-friendly is just as important as creating a beautiful, cozy home. As solar roofing options become more popular, home inspectors must evolve with the green trend. Understanding the standards, installation process and maintenance concerns associated with solar roofing […]

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New Additions: The Importance of Permits When Improving Your Home

The prospect of building an addition onto your home is an exciting one. Whether you’re dreaming of an extra bedroom, a screened-in porch or an extension of your living room, additions can provide much-needed space to a home you already love. Before you begin daydreaming of how you’ll decorate your new addition, though, it’s important […]

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Worth It: Certification Beyond Home Inspection Licensing Requirement

When it comes to buying a house, there are a million regulations to follow. Whether dictated by the lender extending the mortgage, the homeowner’s insurance company, or by the state, it seems there are countless hoops to jump through before closing. Of course, the requirements differ slightly for every home that is bought or sold […]

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Architects and engineers examine the interior of the home to create a successful building plan before delivering quality housing to the customer.

When Is a Home Inspection Required?

There are a lot of non-negotiables when it comes to homeownership. Property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and regular mortgage payments are all fairly mandatory. In many states, home inspections are another non-negotiable process that buyers and sellers must go through. There are other times, though, when home inspections are recommended but not required. If you’re confused […]

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Is Radon Testing Typically a Part of the Home Inspection Process in Florida?

The purchase of a new home is exciting. After an offer is accepted, the due diligence period that follows is filled with inspections, quote-gathering, and moving plans. As new homeowners kick the metaphorical tires, they’ll want to work with a certified home inspector to determine if their new house is safe. In Florida, all home […]

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