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2019  Events

2019 Home Inspection Events

Regardless of the industry, professionals look forward to conferences, seminars and similar gatherings as an opportunity to get away for a while to learn about the latest industry trends and techniques. Conferences and conventions also provide a chance to meet new people, exchange ideas and just relax and have fun for a few days. The […]

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Which Career Backgrounds Make the Best Home Inspectors?

A home inspector’s job is to evaluate the soundness and safety of a house before it’s purchased or while it’s being built or remodeled. To be competent at their jobs, inspectors need to understand the basics of foundations, structures and a home’s plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems. Home inspection was an occupation once dominated […]

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4 Tips for Better Home Inspection Photos

Photos are an important part of home inspections. That being said, many older home inspectors who have been in the business for many years might forego taking pictures, just because they never have before. This is the kind of attitude that can put a company out of business. With the dawn of smartphones, photos changed. […]

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6 Tips for Sump Pump Inspections

Many homeowners who have basements or crawl spaces that suffer water infiltration opt to install sump pumps. They’re not cheap, but they’re cheaper than the water damage that can result from a flooded basement. What should you look for when inspecting homes with sump pumps? The connection — Where is the water being discharged? Some […]

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The History of Electrical Wiring in the U.S.

Electricity has been a standard part of almost every U.S. home for nearly 100 years. Significant strides have been made over the years to make electricity in homes safer and more reliable. However, as a home inspector, you will likely encounter some old electrical systems that do not conform to modern codes. While these may […]

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