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News and information about home inspection training

3 Brand Building Tips for Home Inspectors

Developing a brand for your home inspection business can mean the difference between it withering in obscurity and growing strong and claiming its rightful place in your community. Don’t give it short shrift. Whereas your home inspection business may not grow to capture the market share that Coca-Cola and Apple have, there’s no sense in […]

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Crawl Space Safety: Tips for Home Inspectors

When you undertake home inspection training, your study materials will include information about inspecting crawl spaces. The truth is that crawl spaces and attics can be fraught with danger. Inspectapedia recommends wearing knee pads, gloves, a Tyvek suit, goggles, a hard hat, a respirator with a HEPA filter and carrying a flashlight and cell phone […]

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FEMA Inspectors: A Day in the Life

When you were thinking of becoming a home inspector, you probably didn’t think about working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. You likely envisioned inspecting homes and perhaps businesses in your area as preconditions for sales. However, the unfortunate truth is that natural disasters are becoming more common. Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and other […]

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How to Become a FEMA Disaster Inspector Part Two: WSP USA Inspection Services

When you undertake home inspection training, your expectations are generally that your clients will be local home and business owners involved in property transactions. But if you decide to branch out into FEMA disaster work, you will need specialized home inspection training. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was created in 1979 and the organization […]

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The State of Home Inspection Part Two: Upcoming Changes to the National Home Inspection Exam

Home inspector training covers a wide variety of topics and skills. Although many areas of home construction are precise and leave no room for error, others are more a matter of opinion. What’s acceptable may depend on the differing experiences of each inspector. Because there are no federal laws governing home inspections or home inspector […]

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