Home Inspector Training Works for Busy Moms

Home inspector training

More than ever, busy mothers are deciding home inspector training is the path they want to take to a successful and prosperous future.

As real estate transactions continue to multiply, the need for home inspections does as well. Today’s Americans are constantly on the move, changing jobs, relocating to new cities, or retiring to warm climates. Even those who choose to remain in the same area often opt to move to a bigger house or a different neighborhood, or want to switch a house for a condo or vice versa.

Thus, the demand for home inspections is increasing, and those entering this burgeoning field can expect a busy schedule and a secure future.

Mothers Choose Home Inspector Training

One segment of the population gravitating toward home inspector training is moms.

Mothers who are the primary caregivers for their children can find it difficult to work traditional, full-time jobs. Between all the vacation days and half days, it can seem like school is never in session! And it’s not economically feasible to pay for daycare when you only need it a few times a month.

Thus, many moms search for ways to make extra money to help their family while staying available to care for and support their children. Home inspector training is a fantastic option because this rewarding career allows you to set your own appointments and make your own hours. With a home inspector job, you can more easily balance your work responsibilities and your obligation to your family.

Home Inspector Training is for Women Too

The field of home inspection used to be dominated by men, but this is no longer the case. More women are undertaking home inspector training, and they are enjoying the challenges and the flexibility of the job.

Being a home inspector is a dynamic career. Although you are checking the standards of the same home systems, every home is different. You get to meet different people and work in a different environment every day — sometimes several times each day! It’s the total opposite of a boring office job, and that’s one thing that attracts people to home inspecting industry.

Home inspector training

What Does Home Inspector Training Entail?

When you enroll in a home inspector training program, you will learn to evaluate many different home systems, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more. Even if you know little about these home systems now, when you train with ICA, you will become an expert in the field.

Everyone learns differently, and that’s what’s great about ICA training; you can progress through the course at your own pace. If you are busy with your current job or if you get sick and have to take a few days off, you can put your training on hold and resume when you have time again.

You complete your home inspector training at your convenience. And the hours you work are at your convenience as well!

Being able to study in your spare time and complete coursework online takes all the stress and uncertainty out of getting a certification. You don’t have to worry that a car breakdown or a sick child will cause you to miss a crucial class — you can just log on and learn when you want to, even if that’s after everyone else has gone to bed!

Is Home Inspector Training Right for You?

Finding just the right second career for you can be challenging. You need work that’s flexible, interesting, and that pays well, and that’s not easy to find. Home inspector training might be just what you’re looking for.

Take a look at our website, view our course demo, and get a taste of what home inspector training is all about. ICA provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to start your new career as a home inspector. Get started today!

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