One Home Inspector in Denver Gives Back to the Community

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Home inspectors give back to the community in many ways, but some build a career on it.

Home inspectors come from all walks of life, possess a wide range of previous experiences, and have varying opinions about why home inspecting is a great career choice. For Denver, CO’s Lee Krastberg, it was all about earning a good living while being of service to his community.

You don’t need construction experience, and there’s more than one path to a successful business in this industry. Here is how he did it, and why he believes he made the right choice.

Humanitarian Service Created Kastberg’s Foundation

Like a lot of younger people, Krastberg spent a bit of time searching for his path and then finding it through humanitarian work with Habitat for Humanity, and later, AmeriCorps. These two organizations are non-profit, service-oriented, community-focused and help bring a diverse group of workers to where their efforts are needed most.

With such a philanthropic background that began at a young age, he knew, says the Denver Post, that giving back would remain important in future businesses dealings. After opening his Pillar to Post home inspection business, he continued his history of giving, this time with regular donations to organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research foundation and the Home Builders Foundation, a group that helps homeowners correct accessibility issues.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit Made Home Inspections the Right Choice

Sometimes an entrepreneur is born, and such is the case with Krastberg. He explained to the Post that his parents owned a business of their own, so “entrepreneurship runs in my blood.” But even with a family of entrepreneurs, he didn’t see himself as a business owner at first.

Looking back on his non-profit experience, starting his own business complete with employees “was a 180.” But what he soon realized was that he did possess the tools to be his own boss. His previous experiences helped him build a business, and a business philosophy, that’s uniquely his.

Home inspector

It takes all kinds of inspectors to make a well-rounded industry.

This Inspector Continues to Give Back to His Community

Lee Krastberg might be several years out from Habitat for Humanity volunteering and working for a stipend with AmeriCorps, but this family man holds true to his roots. He supports St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which is an organization for children with cancer. And his home inspecting business offers discounts for people such as active military, veterans, teachers and non-profit employees. “Every little bit helps,” he says.

Helping people who need it most is part of his life’s work, and he’s only just getting started. He opened his home inspecting business in 2011, after sourcing a means to support his family with one income. Through communicating with other inspectors in his area and researching a franchise, he found what he was looking for.

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