How to Market Your Home Inspection Business

You’re an expert on HVAC systems. You know the difference between three-tab asphalt and asphalt fiberglass shingles. You can spot a grading defect a mile away. If you’re clueless about home inspection marketing, though, your business can only grow so much. It’s a common challenge home inspectors around the world face when scaling their businesses. Thankfully, learning how to market a home inspection business is easier than you might expect. With a strong foundation, you can set your marketing plan on autopilot, leaving you with more free time to dedicate to clients. Follow these tips to create a home inspection marketing plan that’s as hands-free as it is effective:

Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Smartphones have forever changed the way we search the web. While finding a home inspector online once meant firing up a desktop computer and logging online, smartphones make it easier than ever to search for service providers any time and place the idea might strike. This means home inspection marketing tools, like the humble website, must be updated for modern times. Mobile-friendly websites are no longer considered optional – they’re the standard.

If you built your website before smartphones became ubiquitous, you may need to update your page. Many all-in-one website builders offer this service for free, but you may have to opt into mobile optimization. New websites built after the smartphone revolution are often already optimized for mobile access. If you’re not sure of how mobile-friendly your existing site is, play guinea pig. Pull the site up on your own phone – is it easy to click buttons and access information? If you run into any speed bumps, you’ll know precisely where to begin work.

Many home inspectors work with marketers to build professional websites for their businesses. While this is certainly a great option for the less tech-savvy among us, professional web design can be incredibly expensive. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all-in-one website building tools online. It may be easier than you expect to create a mobile-friendly website that represents your brand!

Create a Meaningful Social Media Presence

Depending on your local market, there may be serious competition in the home inspection industry. To stand out from the pack, try building a meaningful social media persona. By connecting with the general public over real estate news, home maintenance tips, and home inspection advice, you’ll create a community that trusts you with their properties.

Look to public figures like HGTV’s Property Brothers for a model. Entertainers first and foremost, Jonathan and Drew Scott have built an empire by educating viewers on real estate and home renovation projects. As a result, their brand is plastered all over hardware stores nationwide. By becoming synonymous with polished DIY projects, the Property Brothers have carved out a lucrative, untouchable niche in the market.

You don’t need an HGTV show to emulate this model. Instead, author helpful blog posts and share them on social media. Make short videos about your business. Start conversations about your local housing market and become a resource that homeowners look to when hunting for their dream home. Whatever direction you take your social media, make sure you prioritize authenticity above all else. While the strategy might look different than your typical home inspection advertising ideas, social media has proven to be an incredibly effective tool for connecting with new clients.

Ask Clients for Reviews

Reviews can make or break a new home inspection business. While bad reviews are undeniably harmful, a lack of reviews can be just as telling. If you avoid ordering a pizza from a spot with no online presence or reviews, imagine how nervous home buyers must feel about working with a home inspection business without reviews.

The good news? Reviews are easy enough to request. New businesses should prioritize this home inspection marketing strategy in particular. If you’re new to the area, stress the importance of these reviews after each inspection appointment. Most clients will be more than happy to help you build your reputation – just be sure to ask for an honest review.

Ultimately, you want good reviews, but the onus lies on you and your team to earn such a reputation. Customer service is key for all service industry companies, but when much of your business is based on referrals, it’s especially important to provide stellar customer experiences. Put in good work and you’re certain to see an uptick in the number of positive reviews received by your business.

Make Networking a Priority

There are a million home inspection advertising ideas worth trying, but if you’re not networking, you’re going to fight uphill for long-term success. Homes are typically inspected when they’re bought and sold, making real estate agents natural allies of home inspectors. Befriend realtors in your area and prove your worth as a professional connection. Given how frequently real estate agents recommend home inspectors to their clients, networking with them is a no-brainer.

Professional organizations like InterNACHI can also help you forge meaningful connections with local service providers. It’s part of why we extend a free, one-year membership to InterNACHI to all ICA members. By connecting with other home inspectors, industry thought leaders, and real estate professionals, networking becomes a natural way to build your business.

Register for ICA’s Home Inspection Training

If you’re curious about home inspection marketing best practices, consider enrolling in our online home inspection training course. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of home inspection techniques, ICA helps new business owners understand how best to market their services. Our “Focused Marketing Plan” offers unique insight on how to market a home inspection business, making ICA membership a smart investment in your company’s future.

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