Why Home Inspection Certification Matters in California

Home inspection

Train at home and become a certified California home inspector at your own pace.

When you train through ICA School, you’ll earn a certification after successfully completing the program. But although home inspection certification isn’t required in California, it’s really a good idea. That’s why the right training matters.

California’s home inspector regulations do make qualifying for the job a lot simpler. But if you’ve thought that formal training and certification weren’t important, you might be surprised to learn otherwise.

Here are just a few reasons why certification is important both when you’re starting out and all through your career:

Certified Inspectors are Easier to Insure

As an inspector, you’ll want to carry insurance to guard against errors, oversights and omissions in your reporting. This is typically called E&O insurance, which stands for errors and omissions. No human is perfect, regardless of how well trained he or she happens to be. And sometimes mistakes happen.

If you err in reporting on a customer’s home, that same customer could come back later and attempt to sue. E&O insurance helps protect you from out of pocket expense related to a lawsuit. But when an insurer issues a policy, they’ll want to know that they’re not taking on a problem. With certification, you’ve proven that you’re a safer risk.

Home inspection

You might work alone, but CREIA membership gives you a community.

CREIA Requires Certification

You may be aware of the different home inspection associations across the country. Some are national, and some are at the state level. In California, you have the benefit of a state-level association with national-level integrity. The California Real Estate Inspection Association has been around about as long as any of the national groups, and it’s widely respected.

Joining CREIA takes more than simply signing up, though. First, you’ll have to pass the National Home Inspector Exam. Are you ready to do that without taking a home inspection course? Probably not. But once you do, you can register as a candidate member of CREIA, and later become a CREIA Certified Inspector.

Home inspection

Customers search for certified home inspectors they can trust.

Certification Shows Your Commitment

Because the regulations in California aren’t very strict, you may find that some home inspectors haven’t been through training, and haven’t taken the step to be certified. That’s a good thing for you, because certification will set you apart.

When you build a website, have business cards made, and create your own promotional materials, you can proudly show that you’re an educated, certified inspector who knows how to do the job right. It gives customers more confidence in hiring you and helps put them at ease, which translates to more business for you. That’s something else ICA School can help you with. We devote some course materials to marketing your business and making it grow.

California allows the home inspection industry to regulate itself, at least to some degree. Regulations are minimal, but only if you decide to fly solo. Through CREIA, inspectors can help maintain a level of ongoing education and ethical practices throughout the industry, but only for certified members.

ICA School helps you prepare for the national exam, the rigors of home inspections, and membership in well-respected associations. We’re one of the country’s top-ranked schools, and for good reason.

Our teaching methods are different, our course materials are comprehensive, and you’ll receive support from start to finish. Enroll now, and you could be well on your way to a career as one of California’s certified home inspectors.

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