Engineered Lumber – NC CE


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Course Number: CEC695
CE Hours: 4

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Course Details:
This 4 CE hour course looks at the use – and misuse – of engineered lumber in residential floor, wall, and roof framing systems. It addresses the North Carolina Building Codes for Residential Construction and amendments; in addition, it considers manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations. Recognizing and reporting on defects and damage to engineered components, as well as proper corrective action, is stressed throughout.

>We begin with a look at the various types of loads on residential homes, including an examination of load-carrying members. We also review allowable building materials and the stresses they experience.

Next we turn to a discussion of engineered lumber: first generally, then as it applies to floor systems specifically. The course looks at floor framing using engineered lumber, and explores holes, cuts, and notches – both those that are planned, and those that indicate a need for (allowable) repair.

Shifting gears, we move to roof systems, touching first on the functions of the components of a roof. The course then turns again to engineered lumber, reviewing frequently-damaged components and allowable repairs before focusing on truss bracing: both requirements and problem areas.

Finally, we spend time on defect recognition and report writing, while summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of using engineered components for floor and roof systems.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Floor Systems

  1. Types of loads on residential homes
    1. Distributed vs. concentrated loads
    2. Vertical loads
    3. Lateral loads
  2. Load carrying members
    1. Beams & girders
    2. Joists
    3. Rafters
    4. Columns
    5. Load transfers between members
  3. Quiz 1
  4. Materials & stresses
    1. NC Residential Code
    2. Pier and Columns
  5. Engineered lumber
    1. Types
      1. Ratings & grades
    2. Framing
    3. Holes, cuts, and notches
      1. Planned
      2. Allowable repairs
  6. Quiz 2

Section 2: Roof Systems

  1. Function of a Roof
    1. NC Residential Code
  2. Engineered lumber
    1. Manufacturing problems
    2. Damage
      1. Gusset plates
      2. Wood components
  3. Quiz 3
    1. Truss bracing
  4. Recognizing roof defects & report writing
  5. Summary & conclusion
  6. Quiz 4

Final Exam