Inspecting Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning – NC CE


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Course Number: CEC630
CE Hours: 4

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Course Details
The purpose of this four-hour continuing education course is to provide an understanding of heat pump and air conditioning operation. This course will also cover the inspection process for each.

Course Outline

  1. Part One
    1. Standards of Practice, 15 minutes
      1. NCHILB’s standards of practice regarding residential heating and air conditioning
    2. HVAC in Residential Homes, 20 minutes
      1. Discuss types of heat, psychrometrics, comfort zones, coefficient of performance, energy efficiency ratios, and SEER
    3. Part One Quiz, 1 minute
  2. Part Two
    1. System Parts
      1. Discuss HVAC system parts, 15 minutes
    2. Ducts and Other Systems, 25 minutes
    3. Part Two Quiz, 2 minutes
  3. Part Three
    1. Expansion Valves & Outdoor Compressor Units, 10 minutes
    2. Air Conditioning in Residential Homes, 25 minutes
      1. Discuss the refrigerant cycle of air conditioning systems
    3. Heat Pumps, 30 minutes
      1. Discuss the heat pump cycle, modes, and operation
    4. Testing Emergency Heat with a NEST Thermostat Video, 2 minutes
    5. Testing Emergency Heat with an ECOBEE Thermostat Video, 1 minute
    6. Part Three Quiz, 2 minutes
  4. Part Four
    1. Geothermal Heating and Cooling, 10 minutes
    2. Multi Zoned Systems & Report Writing, 10 minutes
    3. Case Studies, 30 minutes
      1. Discuss defect recognition and how to properly report defects
    4. Part Four Quiz, 2 minutes

Total Time: 200 minutes