Inspecting the Exterior – NC CE


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Course Number: CEC579
CE Hours: 4

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Course Details:
The purpose of this 4 hour continuing education session is to look at the inspection process for home exteriors. Home inspection Standards of Practice (SOP) are covered for the home inspection professional. Materials and defect recognition are discussed and case studies offer students the opportunity to test their own problem-solving/inspection skills and knowledge.

The idea behind this course is to explain the importance of all details involved in inspecting the exterior of a home as well as learning to recognize issues. The course emphasizes:

  1. The importance of understanding and adhering to the Standards of Practice (SOP) related to home exterior inspection.
  2. The importance of being able to explain exterior issues, knowing how to describe materials used in home exteriors, knowing what to check for proper operation (garage doors), and how to probe exterior materials for deterioration.

Course Outline:

  1. Part One
    1. Introduction
    2. Review of SOP for Exteriors
      1. Home Inspector Guidelines
    3. Board Suggested Statements
      1. EIFS
      2. Stone Veneer
      3. Deck Connections
    4. Proper Installation of Brick Veneer
      1. Requirements
      2. Flashing
    5. Common Problems with Brick Veneer
      1. Defect Recognition
      2. Case Study
    6. Part One Quiz
  2. Part Two
    1. Proper Installation of Wood Siding
      1. Fiber Cement Cladding Systems
      2. Fiber Cement Defect Recognition
      3. Case Study
    2. Proper Installation of Hardboard Siding Cladding System
      1. Overview/Requirements
      2. Typical Hardboard Findings
      3. Siding Ground Clearances/Defect Recognition
      4. Common Problems Found with Hardboard Siding
    3. Wood Siding
      1. Overview/Requirements
      2. Defect Recognition
      3. Common Problems with Wood Siding
    4. Vinyl Siding
      1. Overview/Requirements
      2. Recommendations from Vinyl Siding Institute
      3. Defect Recognition
    5. Part Two Quiz
  3. Part Three
    1. Proper Installation of Synthetic Stucco – EIFS
      1. Overview/Requirements
      2. Defect Recognition
      3. Common Problems Found with Synthetic Stucco
    2. Culture Stone Cladding Systems
      1. Overview/Requirements
      2. Importance of Details
      3. Failure Examples
      4. New Construction
      5. Repairs
      6. Proper Installation Examples
      7. Common Problems Found with Stone Veneer
    3. Part Three Quiz
  4. Part Four
    1. Exterior Interfaces
      1. Window Types
      2. Door Types
    2. Flashing Concepts for Exteriors
      1. Windows and Doors
      2. Inspecting Exterior Windows
      3. Inspecting Exterior Doors
    3. Garage/Carport
      1. Garage Door Openers
      2. Garage Door Inspections
      3. Garage/Carport Floors and Drainage
    4. Driveways, Patios, Walkways
      1. Landing Stoops
      2. Stair Railings
      3. Steps/Risers
      4. Guard Railings
      5. Decks
        1. Footings
        2. Attachments
        3. Supports
        4. Flashing
      6. Retaining Walls
    5. Part Four Quiz