Smart Homes – NC CE


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Course Number: CEC634
CE Hours: 2

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Course Details
Traditional residences are a thing of the past and there are more smart homes now than ever before. This has presented a challenge to the home inspection industry and this is the course that will help you learn the intricacies of the technology that powers these new homes. Inspection Certification Associates 2 CE hour Smart Homes course will allow home inspectors to learn everything they need to know in these technologically advanced homes so they can accurately and quickly complete a satisfactory home inspection.

Course Outline

  1. Part One
    1. Smart Homes Module One, 25 minutes
      1. What is a Smart Home?
        1. Smart devices
        2. Wi-Fi necessity
        3. Why knowing about Smart Homes is important for home inspections
      2. What is needed for a Smart Home?
        1. User interfacing
        2. Digital interfacing
        3. Types of interface
          1. Smart Phone, Tablet and Computer
          2. Location Based
          3. Biometric
          4. Voice
          5. Gesture
          6. Biomechanical
    2. Part One Quiz
  2. Part Two
    1. Smart Homes Module Two, 30 minutes
      1. Digital Interfacing
        1. Radio Frequencies
        2. Wifi
        3. Types of Device to Device Interfaces
          1. X10
          2. Bluetooth
          3. Zigbee
          4. Z-Wave
          5. Insteon
          6. Lutron’s Clear Connect
          7. Google’s Thread
          8. Rubee
      2. Smart Home Automation
    2. Part Two Quiz
  3. Part Three
    1. Smart Homes Module Three, 30 minutes
      1. Smart Home Hubs
        1. What does a Smart Home Hub do
        2. Types of Smart Home Hubs
      2. Smart Devices
        1. Types of Smart Home Devices
          1. Entertainment
          2. Security, Safety, and damage control
          3. Lighting and Power
          4. Appliances
          5. HVAC
    2. Part Three Quiz
  4. Part Four
    1. Smart Homes Module Four, 15 minutes
      1. Smart Home and Information Protection
        1. Vulnerabilities
      2. How to inspect Smart Homes
        1. What to look for
        2. What to include in your report
    2. Part Four Quiz

Total Time: 100 minutes